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The First Season (Holiday Travel Remix)

We've released a nearly three hour remix of the first season that contains the entire ten episodes, including some new material, new cues, new sound design, and a few other modest bells and whistles. Consider this the "movie" version of the first season designed for listeners who may be stuck in an airport or those who haven't yet taken the full plunge. Happy holidays!


6. Buddies for Hire

In our season finale, a once celebrated and now fading actor Jack Penderton desperately needs a job. His agent, Jill Swanson, lands him a strange gig involving a lonely scrapbook-loving eccentric, an unusual approach to free trade, a sinister salesman who moves uncommonly fast, America's Next Top Model, and an odd scam that causes Jack to reconsider his long abandoned principles about friendship, loyalty, and connection. (Running time: 25 minutes) Written and directed by Edward...


5.5. Hatch

Four men stand at the beginning of an important interdimensional journey. But while their personalities are different and the portals seem attracted to their identities, their voices are the same. What is their connection? And why is the journey so important? (Running time: 4 minutes) Written and directed by Edward Champion CAST: The Receptionist: Zachary Michael Sound Design and Editing by Edward Champion Image: Chris Bradford Thanks for listening!


5. Compassion Fatigue

Emma is a top-notch psychiatrist who can change the lives of the most difficult patients imaginable. But there's a great personal cost to her formidable talents that she's not telling anyone about, an internal torment eating away at her inner life that she's hiding from her patients and her professional peers and that a quiet survivor of an abusive relationship may just have the answer for. (Running time: 25 minutes) (This story contains intense and emotionally disturbing scenes that may...


4.5. The Waiting Room

Virginia Gaskell finds herself on the other side of the portal that lured her in, greeted by a very exuberant (and strangely familiar) receptionist, some squawking avians that aren't quite okay with her love of chicken fajitas, and further mysteries about how the universes rupture into each other. (Running time: 7 minutes) Written and directed by Edward Champion CAST: Virginia Gaskell: Chris Smith Receptionist: Zachary Michael Demon: Pete Lutz Ed Champion: Edward Champion Bird...


4. Loopholes

As a thriving empire faces war with ferocious barbarians, a mischievous scholar named Minerva hopes to bring law and civilization to a great realm populated by talking birds, giant rats, gregarious knights, elemental gods, and menacing malasanders. An unanticipated dispute among the knights gives Minerva an opportunity to uphold the doctrine of moral principles, but Minerva finds herself testing her loyalty to her aide-de-camp while helping others to learn what honor, empathy, and...


3. Fuel to the Fire

An artisanal mustard retailer from Astoria finds herself in a strange realm with the ability to set things on fire. Meanwhile, Ed Champion continues his investigation into Miss Gaskell's disappearance, meeting a woman in mourning who may hold the answer to his own strange curse. (Running time: 19 minutes) Written and directed by Edward Champion CAST: Maya: Noelle Lake Fire: Samantha Cooper The Knight in Several Universes: Austin Beach The Disgraced Villager: Pete Lutz The Vengeful...


2. Brand Awareness

Joanna loves Eclipse Ale. It's the best beer in the world. She has boxes of Eclipse memorabilia. She regularly wears Eclipse baseball caps. But on one rainy night, Joanna discovers that this happy relationship (along with the relationship with her boyfriend) is not what it seems. Why can't she remember what her boyfriend gave her on their second anniversary? And why doesn't anybody know about Eclipse Ale? (Running time: 28 minutes) Written and directed by Edward Champion CAST: Joanna:...


1.5. Dissociation

Greg Sutton, a fidgety young man who is a little too fixated on selling himself, sees his psychiatrist for the first time in months, hoping to find answers about his lost childhood and how to get back the woman he loves. But his own quick fix solution to his problems is not quite what the psychiatrist had in mind. (Running time: 6 minutes) Written and directed by Edward Champion CAST: Greg: Charlie Harrington Emma: Colette Thomas Edited by Edward Champion Foley: Edward Champion Art:...


1. Hello

A man wakes up in his apartment with a hazy memory of the night before. He's greeted in bed by a mysterious woman who keeps saying, “Hello.” But she seems to know far more about his life than he ever could have told her in one night. And as the rats gnaw mercilessly from within the walls, she has a few bold and shocking answers as to why he's so afraid. (Running time: 22 minutes) Written and directed by Edward Champion CAST: He: Tim Torre She: Emily Carding Gordon: Michael...



Virginia Gaskell, an underappreciated 66-year-old cult writer forced into a rest home, contends with mysterious voices summoned from her typewriter and an obscure literary interviewer named Ed Champion. (9 minutes) Written and directed by Edward Champion CAST: Virginia Gaskell: Chris Smith Ed Champion: Edward Champion Orderly: Zachary Michael Demon #1: Greta Christie Demon #2: Pete Lutz Edited by Edward Champion Foley Sources: Edward Champion, Superex1110 (CC license, slight...


Season One Trailer

Strange voices, agitated psychiatrists, giant rats, magical couriers, mysterious women, and loud and disheveled men. This 90 second trailer serves as a teaser for The Gray Area's first season.