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GLD 101 - The Perfect Profile

Top Confidence Specialist Kim Seltzer & Albert's List founder Albert Qian join The Debate Team to create the perfect dating profile in real time! Learn how a mindset makeover can make all the difference, why perception matters, the best way to sell yourself, and the exact formula to finding love online - and off!

Duration: 00:56:44

GLD 100 - How To Break Up

Everything you need to know about getting out and moving on! Comedians Allison Goldberg & Jen Jamula and Underground Unattached CEO Christina Weber join The Debate Team to share the benefits of breaking up, the secret upside of ghosting, the challenges of texting, avoiding bad endings, the best ways to transition to the next, and much more! Plus, Brian reveals the perfect solution to get out of any relationship!

Duration: 01:01:22

GLD 099 - Couples Questions

Brian & The Debate Team answer questions from current couples - and gives you answers to everything you need to fall into a new relationship, stay in a great relationship, and get out of the wrong relationship! Learning to share, the value of counseling, the art of compromise, the challenges of curiosity, ignoring the noise, and much more!

Duration: 00:55:41

GLD 098 - Krista Allen

Actress Krista Allen joins The Debate Team to dish about dating famous men, finding yourself as a woman, gaining confidence in Hollywood, the differences between performing scripted and unscripted, handling unwanted attention, and the best way to attract a celebrity!

Duration: 00:41:38

GLD 097 - Alison Haislip

TV personality Alison Haislip ("The Voice", "BattleBots", "American Ninja Warrior") makes an encore visit to talk about the importance of pop culture compatibility, finding a match through music, the importance of compromise, why wine matters, and what it's like to be a "Price is Right" Showcase Showdown Winner!

Duration: 00:55:08

GLD 096 - Family Matters

"Mom vs Matchmaker" star Carmelia Ray and "Making Love Great Again" author Deanna Lorraine join The Debate Team to discuss the challenges of family in relationships, do parents really know best, bridging the generational disconnect, overcoming meddling moms and dads, the motivations of in-laws, and why Brian isn't dating Charlize Theron!

Duration: 00:58:01

GLD 095 - The Minds Of Men

"Talking To Crazy" Author Dr. Mark Goulston joins The Debate Team to take a deep dive into the male mind, why men don't trust, key ways that guys can learn to open up, and how to avoid the intersection of fear and anger. Plus, listen in to a little live therapy on Brian and media personality James Michael Sama!

Duration: 01:02:11

GLD 094 - "The Bachelorette" Desiree Hartsock & Chris Siegfried

Happy couple Desiree & Chris from ABC's "The Bachelorette" join The Debate Team in Seattle to share the keys to discovering a connection, compartmentalizing emotion, beating the odds, embracing confidence, learning to love, maximizing opportunities, and winning in the world of reality tv!

Duration: 00:59:25

GLD 093 - Listener Letters

The Debate Team dives into the mailbag with the help of top relationship blogger James Michael Sama and media personality Lauren Leonelli to reveal the absolute best first date idea, which movies accurately showcase the reality of love, the one thing a woman should never worry about, why the friend zone is a dead zone, and more! Plus, Brian details the best way to get the GLD tour to come to your city!

Duration: 00:54:16

GLD 092 - The Best Men Ever

Brian reveals his controversial new theory on the dating disconnect, and The Debate Team is joined by personal growth guru Traci Porterfield to dig into the state of the modern man, the rise of the independent woman, the first steps to love, the barriers to romance, the importance of owning your energy, and how everyone can transform their dating destiny!

Duration: 00:57:14

GLD 091 - How To Be Loved

The Debate Team wraps up its three-part “How To Be…” series by revealing How To Be Loved! Why we all deserve love, how to get ready to receive it, cultural obstacles to obtaining it, changes to make to attract it, the unique challenges of introverts, the fears of men, the wishes of women, and the one single word that is the key to everything!

Duration: 00:53:14

GLD 090 - How To Be Married

Best-selling author Jo Piazza joins The Debate Team to talk about her new book “How To Be Married” and reveals what she learned from real women on five continents about making love last, the changes she had to make to find happiness, and the biggest differences between dating someone and being married to them. Plus, Jo’s husband Nick Aster shares how to calm rocky relationship waters, their wildest wedded adventure, and why you can find love where you least expect it!

Duration: 00:48:12

GLD 089 - How To Be Happy

Legendary love guru Julie Ferman joins The Debate Team to explore the pursuit of happiness, the business of love, why the best catches are in their 40s, the most significant dates, and how one smile can change everything.

Duration: 00:56:32

GLD 088 - Women's Writes

The Debate Team is joined by TV personality Julie Alexandria and matchmaker Erin Davis to take on Listener Letters from the ladies! Find out all the answers on the dangers of settling, the reality of manifesting, the importance of chemistry, and why the dream might not match the reality!

Duration: 00:55:00

GLD 087 - Real Naked Love

We strip it all down as VH1’s “Dating Naked” host Amy Paffrath, Fox Sports’ Julie Alexandria, and matchmaker Erin Davis join The Debate Team to talk first date deal-breakers, the best part of getting naked, the lost art of phone calls, how to make a long-distance relationship last, the challenges of pursuing a performer, and more!

Duration: 00:52:09

GLD 086 - The Greatest Love Of All

What does Self-Love really mean? Christina Weber from Underground Unattached joins Brian and The Debate Team to take on the trickiest of topics - why it's important, where to start, how to find it, the keys to creating it, the best way to define it, and why the journey is as important as the discovery!

Duration: 00:39:23

GLD 085 - Pat O'Brien

Legendary TV host Pat O’Brien joins The Debate Team to talk about life in the spotlight, how to get up from a fall, the art of being confident, the road from addiction to sobriety, and how to become the ultimate insider!

Duration: 00:57:59

GLD 084 - Great Love Coaching

You asked for it, you got it! Brian & celebrity dating coach Laurel House debut an exciting and innovative new series of products designed to kickstart your heart, jump start your love life, increase your confidence, and get you back in the game!

Duration: 00:16:32

GLD 083 - The State Of The Online Date

The Debate Team tackles the current online dating landscape with help from Laurel House (E!’s “Famously Single) and Lauren Leonelli (AfterBuzzTV’s “Its Complicated). Find out how to get the most from your online dating experience – all the biggest and best sites and apps, which ones to completely avoid, obstacles to finding success, how to jump in as a first-time user, and much more!

Duration: 00:54:56

GLD 082- The Male Room

In an all-male episode of the GLD Mailbag, Men's Dating Gurus Deanna Lorraine & David Wygant join The Debate Team to give answers on how to get out of the friend zone, the best way to kiss a woman, how to approach serious relationship issues, pursuing a co-worker, the best ways to create a memorable date, and more!

Duration: 00:59:03

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