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How to Be a Good Mother

Introduction of how to be a good mother, why we are in such a big problem, how to move forward, how to truly/really change the world, but only if you have enough courage to gather evidence, compare it with an open mind, and admit your conclusions. The answer is rooted in love, but real love is altruistic and wise. Real love will prepare children to be successful adults. So the way to be a good mother is to love your children enough to prepare them to be successful adults. Yes, but that is...

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Kids Stories by Carl Sommer for Character Development

This is the last in our 3 part series about Carl Sommer's character building children stories. Today a real treat: he tells us, in brief a couple of stories. Even better are the little books. And this month we have the special favor of a discount just for my listeners: 25% discount. Go to and enter the promo code "great". Do it now or the best deals might be taken. Buy for Christmas! Buy for your church nursery! And Sunday School department! And your local favorite...

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New Books for Children With Character Development

New discovery for me and for many people I hear from: a set of better books, all with themes that develop character for children: Carl Sommer at Advance Publishing. Not long ago, in a group of women one said, "I have been looking everywhere.. and I just can't find good books for my grandchildren." Everyone nodded. Yes, I knew that for 40 years stories with morals were not welcomed in the publishing industry. Then I received, as a gift for joining the Christian Educators Association...

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Eclipse – Meaning and Application

This was the week of the great eclipse. Probably you and friends enjoyed seeing it. Perhaps you have had a chance to enjoy the science around it. How about now considering possible spiritual import? Okay, balance, here. No unusual predictions. On the other hand, yes, some realistic talk about already dire situations. Important for parents, teachers, pastors and anyone who deals with youth. Book: Learn at Home for Great Shalom I was recently told that homeschoolers often wonder what to do...

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Testimony of Shelby Ring

I want to have you hear Shelby's testimony. She gave this December 2008. What amazes me is how deeply she was into trouble - even though her parents were right there. And they are great people! Last week I met a woman who has done some work on the streets with kids. She says she wants to start talking with parents to let them know that we are in an emergency situation. I know that there is a new initiative with pastors in this area to fight sex trafficing -- AMONG CHILDREN WHO LIVE AT...

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Start School Off Right — With a Good Breakfast

Dr. Don Colbert MD, and Mrs. Mary Colbert were so sweet talk about how to feed our children. They dropped by the studio via telephone in 2009. Texan children will be beginning their school year next week, some states later, and Canada not until September. Nevertheless, it is time get right.

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End of Summer Spark Toward School: Critical Thinking

Don't let the enemies of your child's future be in charge of their thinking. You lead them into critical thinking. And connect that to faith. And do it now, in the summer. Make your children ready for school and life. Thinking is a good thing. And don't let anyone tell you that it is anti-thetical to faith.

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To do this Summer with your kids – Give the Key to Success

Big reveal: What is the single most important key to success? Etiquette! I know families who have spreadsheets for each child, ticking off academics and sports achievement, yet forget to teach and model even so much as saying "Good morning" or "Please." How likely is this to work? Unfortunately, the majority of children today have even less training! They arrive to the workforce thinking they are the king of the universe -- just like a two year old does. Then they wonder why they can't...

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More Things to Do with Kids This Summer

You all like the first episode of our "Things to do with Kids (er or children) this Summer" so here is more. By the way, if you need something to cool down, relax, settle in, chill, as they say, try Wholetones. Instrumental music, with the science behind the binaural beat craze, but also with a connection to King David -- a different key! I really do think it is healing. I recommend you check it out. For the whole family. Grandmother who says she is getting nervous will like it. Those...

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To Do This Summer: Learn the Bible! Here is How!

If you have to look something up in the Bible, would you know where? Or would you have to turn to the table of contents? Would you resort to flipping pages? Oh no! This short intro will give you a basic orientation. This is a great activity to do with your children while staying inside, out of the heat, and in the air conditioning -- which is what we are doing in Texas right now. Have fun!

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Young Man Says He Was Delivered from Gaming Addiction

Today we have a rerun from our first summer, when a young man tells how he was delivered from gaming addiction. Amazingly, he was home educated, active in church, and yet slipped into a gaming addiction. This is happening right under our eyes and we don't see. Eventually he did. And he shares his story. We now know that not only can gaming be an addiction, but often it is de-sensitizing young men to killing. In fact, they are practicing killing over and over. Even the fast rides are...

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Definitive List of Secret “To-Do” to Fruitful Life

Overlooked, but tested traits for a fruitful life that really counts. From a letter written by St. Peter -- yes, that guy -- the walking on water, denying Jesus guy. Sounds good to me to know the list of things to do in order to never stumble, to have your life work, right? So let's go through this list.

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Summer Activity Ideas For the Kids

I've brainstormed some things that might be done with kids -- heavy on those needed but less often thought about. Don't forget Vacation Church School. And for the high schoolers: why not a job?!?! Also announce upcoming episodes. Write in! Comment below on this episode and email for questions or request. Happy Summer!

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Testimony of Miraculous Healing – 10 Year Anniversary

Today, June 8, 2017 is the 10 year anniversary of the first day The Great Shalom Broadcast went on the air. So, please hear the story again! When my dad questioned whether I should stop working for a semester to home educated my grandsons after their accident, I explained that I could work a lifetime and not earn enough money to pay for the kind of therapy I could give them. Furthermore, there was no point in saving for their college if they could never read. He understood. Then my pastor...

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Pray in Faith

Rerun from 2012. Next, I will run a series preparing families for summer and then after that some health news to support developing brains and retaining memory and cognitive functions.

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Pray In Authority

In our current 4 part series, we are discussing how to pray better. Did you know you have authority over demons, devils, and even satan? Yes! Why not use that authority? Hear our lesson. BTW, we have a longer, fresh new series on how to pray, with brand new insights, all to mail out to you on CDs and with lessons to work through. Make a real change in your life. $97 P.O. Box 971 Cedar Park, Texas 78613

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Praying in the Name of Jesus

In John 14:13 Jesus is recorded as telling us to pray in His Name. I don't really think this is a magical talisman word. I don't think the exactly formula of how you say it is the big deal. I think it is about the fact that we are identified with Jesus and ideally, in His nature. In any case, that is what he told us to do: to pray to the Father in His name. Let's don't waste time is silly arguments. The conversation Jesus had with the disciples and John's recording of it is clear. Let's...

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The Basis of Education is…… Character Training. Do We Do that?

There is robust, if almost unknown, scientific evidence that the single biggest predictor for academic achievement is church or synagogue affiliation. Even controlling for the income in the home or the money spent on schooling. Researchers think that the explanation for this is that all congregations and their schools aim for character development. If the research is this clear, why is this finding suppressed? Why are we not putting any emphasis on character development in our schools. Are...

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Be the Village

One side says, "It takes a Village to Raise a Child." The other side said, "NO! It takes 2 parents!" Well, here is the truth about rearing children. Leaders know that we need to help children and help parents rear children. However, all out efforts are resulting in worsening statistics. So maybe we need a new plan. Let's first get some correct, scientific facts. Then let's consult some time-tested wisdom. If we keep wandering around in "left field" or "gridlock" our kids will continue to...

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How to Avoid Roadblocks to Healing

There are lots of stories about why God doesn't heal -- all just made up nonsense. Healing was bought at the whipping and crucifixion, as we have seen from our study of Isaiah 53 and Matthew 8. The question is why we are not receiving it. The Bible gives us a list of reasons. Let's go to James 4 to find out what this fellow, the brother of Jesus and respected leader of the early church, had to say. ******** Thanks to the people who signed up for the free information about starting...

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