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Ep 47: On Norman Mailer and Marshall McLuhan

Ron and I discuss a 1968 television debate/discussion between Norman Mailer and Marshal McLuhan. We/them talk about the stuff that's important to the age we live in. Globalism, traveling, the internet, violence, handjobs, you know, that stuff. Check out the whole 1968 discussion here:

Duration: 00:59:03

Ep 46: Storytelling and Us w/ Anthropologist Tok Thompson

Prof. Tok Thompson from USC joins me for a fascinating conversation about our storytelling nature as humans and the consequences of this (political or otherwise) for our present, past, and potential future. Topics include aliens, the Slenderman, Posthumanism, the election, and our relationship to earth. Strap in and check out Prof Thompson's work at:

Duration: 00:51:47

Ep 45: On Punching Nazis

Matt joins me to talk about punching nazis, the left, keeping your eyes on the prize, and generally how to keep a level head in a world full of distraction.

Duration: 00:36:40

Ep 44: Identies and Histories w/ Fiori Berhane

Fiori Berhane joins me to talk about Eritrea, Memory, Identity, History, and Charleston.

Duration: 01:03:49

Ep 42: Dat Neopragmatic Tactic

Ben Deeb joins me again to talk about the philosophy Neopragmatisim informs his worldview. This somehow devolves into a conversation about Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and our scars. Check out Mr. Deeb at:

Duration: 01:01:12

Ep 41: On Garbage and Violence

Adam Zahller is a composer, musician, teacher and now janitor. He joins me to talk about garbage and violent revolution. You can check out more of Adam's wonderful work here:

Duration: 00:51:36

Ep 38: Where the Alt-Right Dwells - w/ Jordan von Manalastas

Camillia and Jordon von Manalastas return to talk about the worrisome links between Silicon Valley, Libertarianism, the Alt-Right, and fascism. Don't worry, we also offer some thoughts on what a proper response to this movement would look like. For more on Jordan check out:

Duration: 00:59:05

Ep 37: Frat Boy Panel (feat. Jesse Ventura)

A panel of very nice frat boys from my alma mater Chapman University talks with me about toxic masculinity, breaking laws, and growing up.

Duration: 00:38:54

Ep 35: Ouroboros With Us - Feat. Ben Deeb (and God)

Ben Deeb is a writer of all kinds of stuff and my friend. He joins me to talk about the futility of talking, his time working for Chuck Hagel, and what effective political protest might look like in our day and age. Check out more of his stuff here: Beats and additional acting by Ryan Hedden

Duration: 01:02:21

Ep 34: Christoph Waltz / Peggy Sinnott

First, Academy Award Winning Actor Christoph Waltz drops in to talk about his upcoming film and what we did last night. Then, comedienne extraordinaire Peggy Sinnott joins me to talk about life, depression and stand up in a post-election world. Follow her: @PeggySinnott

Duration: 00:48:19

Ep 33: We're Conservative Now - Feat. Optimus Prime

Patrick joins me to talk borders, language and culture with the newest edition to the White House Communications team and leader of the Autobots: Optimus Prime. We also talk to a Trucker about the road. I am not actually a conservative.

Duration: 00:45:02

Ep 32: We Can't Save You - Feat. Jordan Von Manalastas

Camillia and special guest Jordan Von Manalastas drop in to discuss liberal pathologies, ComeyGate and Jordan's awesome article in Jacobin this month: You can follow Jordan's work here: I'm sick and sound bad. Also Camillia ducks out like a ghost halfway through this episode because life happens.

Duration: 01:13:21

Ep 31: Teaching, War and Other Stories - with Richard Berg

Richard Berg joins Ron and I again to talk teaching, the stories we tell ourselves, and the stories others try to tell to us about us. Topics include Vietnam, Saving Private Ryan, Phil Ochs, Capitalism, Forrest Gump, The Dirty Dozen, Trump (of course) lies, truth, and more.

Duration: 01:18:02

Ep 30: Is Trump a Fascist? w/ Robert O. Paxton | & Alex Jones Update w/ @Porkside

Robert O. Paxton joins me to answer the question, Is Trump a Facist? Check out his article in Harper's Magazine this month here: Plus my asshole roommates, aka Tales From the Porkside drop in to talk about Alex Jones and my favorite topic, me. Listen to them here, or wherever you receive porkcasts:

Duration: 00:42:32

Ep 29: The Way with Anoa, and Words Matter with Prof. Richard Berg

Anoa Changa joins me to talk about her show, to talk about shows, and to talk about talking. Also my buddy Ron joins me in conversation with Professor Richard Berg from USC. We talk about reading, politics, and teaching. Check out "Words Matter" on Facebook:

Duration: 00:56:59

Ep 28: Russia Phobia with Prof. Robert D. English

Professor Robert D. English from the University of Southern California joins us to talk about Russia, the problems in the U.S. news media, and the tricky intersection between our domestic politics and geopolitical reality.

Duration: 01:23:51

Ep 27: Dating and Geopolitics in the New American Century

Corey and Jesse here with some new news and some twitter beef and some philosophizing before we throw on an interview with Matt the reptile handler discussing Yemen, Dating, Commerce, Chemtrails, and the deteriorating social contract. Clips before and after with some great stuff.

Duration: 01:10:44

Ep 26: Misremembering the Boston Marathon Bombing - with Mikey the Buff

Philosophy/History buff and professional educator Mikey joins us to discuss literature, the human experience, and the Boston Marathon bombing. IF YOU LIKE THE SHOW, JUST SHARE WITH A FRIEND $♡ლ(-༗‿༗-)ლ♡$

Duration: 01:24:52

Ep 25: Irony is a Joke - with @RedKahina

In a special community episode, Corey and Jesse address some voicemails from listeners and then connect to a twitter prophet Red Kahina to discuss the Ironic left and hipster doofuses like Chapo Trap House.

Duration: 01:23:25

Ep 24: World War III Explained - with Reptile Matt and Illuminati Mic

In this two part special episode we document the initial actions of World War 3. First we consult with Matt, an expert in Lizard thought and politics, to analyze Trump's recent escalation in Syria. In the second half of the show we are joined by economist and DC local 'Illuminati Mic' who shares with us some intel from the highest tiers of power.

Duration: 01:36:39

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