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Episode 17 - Getting into the Science of Dosing with David Sutton, the President & COO of NanoSphere Health Sciences.

This week on The Green Rush, Nick is back in the host chair as he fills in for Lewis as he and Anne chat with David Sutton, the President & COO of NanoSphere Health Sciences. NanoSphere is a biotech company that has the first and only commercialize nanotechnology platform that essentially allows for the precise dosing for cannabis. During the conversation, Anne and Nick get into the weeds (pun intended) with David on exactly what nanotechnology is and how it is making waves in how cannabis...


Happy Valentine’s Day from The Green Rush

In honor of Valentine’s Day - we are taking a moment to step back and reflect on the love we have for this industry…. Just kidding. We are doing another “Host Full” episode! In this episode, Anne & Lewis take stock - so to speak - of what’s going in the great state of New Jersey, what’s really “different” in the California market and how language is so important when we are talking about cannabis advocacy.


Episode 15- Talking Lighting with David Friedman, President .

This week The Green Rush team is joined by Associate Producer Nick Opich as they welcome the President of VividGro, David Friedman. David is a veteran executive with a track record as a thought leader in the indoor agriculture and cannabis industries. During the conversation, Lewis, Anne, and Nick discuss with David a number of subjects including David’s introduction to the cannabis industry, whether cannabis farming can be done in a “green” way and how sunny California will affect his...


Episode 14- The Steve Jobs of Cannabis with Josh Haupt, Chief Cultivation Officer at Medicine Man Technologies

This week The Green Rush team welcomes into the studio Medicine Man Technologies’ Chief Cultivation Officer, Josh Haupt. Most well known for his grow strategies and line of nutrients, Josh has literally written THE book on cannabis cultivation called Three A Light, a comprehensive guide detailing all the steps from beginning to end to maximize your yield. During the conversation, Lewis and Anne chat with Josh about his introduction to growing cannabis, the medicinal benefits of the plant...


Episode 13- Changing Lives Through Medicinal Cannabis with Jason Cranford

Episode 13- Changing Lives Through Medicinal Cannabis with Jason Cranford, Founder of Flowering H.O.P.E. Foundation and South Park Farma


Wall Street & Cannabis with Vivien Azer, Managing Director and Senior Research Analyst at Cowen

In this week’s episode of The Green Rush, Lewis and Anne are joined by KCSA Managing Director Phil Carlson as they speak with Vivien Azer, the Managing Director, and Senior Research Analyst specializing in the beverage, tobacco and cannabis sectors at Cowen & Company. Vivien is the first senior Wall Street analyst to cover the emerging cannabis sector and her reports have become must-reads for C-suite executives and investors in the industry. During the conversation, the Green Rush team...


Largest And Most Respected Distributor Of Cannabis Packaging

Today on Green Rush our Hosts are joined by Nick Kovacevich and Ben Wu from Kush Bottles. Nick is a seasoned entrepreneur who has built several successful businesses, including Kush Bottles, a leading compliant packaging solutions provider for the legal cannabis industry, where he currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Ben’s background covers a broad range of industries including manufacturing, distribution, branded consumer products and packaging. In addition to serving as...


Rohrabacher Urges Lawmakers to Keep Medical Marijuana Protections

Today on Green Rush our hosts are joined by Caolifonira Senate Republican Dana Rohrabacher about the legalization of Cannabis and the laws moving forward in the United States. Rohrabacher and Earl Blumenauer, D-OR, led a bipartisan group of lawmakers urging House and Senate leadership to continue state medical marijuana protections in any legislation to fund the government beyond Dec. 8, 2017. The Rohrabacher-Blumenauer provision prevents the Department of Justice from interfering with...


Combining Proven Communication Strategies With The Power Of New Media

Today on Green Rush our hosts are joined by Phil Carson, the Managing Director in the investor relations department at KCSA. Phil has developed proactive investor relations and communication strategies for several multi-national micro and small cap companies in diversified industries such as healthcare, alternative energy, oil and gas and technology. Phil is a Wall Street and Investor Relations veteran having worked at such firms as JPMorganChase and Merrill Lynch. His experience includes...


The Biggest Issue Facing The Cannabis Industry Today

Today on Green Rush our hosts speak with Patrick McManamon, the managing director of Cannasure Insurance Services, LLC. Patrick is a leading voice at the intersection of cannabis and the insurance industry and has most recently been quoted in outlets like Bloomberg and The Cannabist on the Northern California wildfires that affected cannabis growers across the area. Prior to Cannasure, Patrick was the president of McManamon Insurance, a third-generation insurance agency. He started his...


The Most Recognized Brand In The Cannabis Industry

Today on Green Rush our hosts speak with Adam Levin. Adam is the CEO of High Times and Founder and Managing Director and CEO of Oreva Capital. High Times is the most recognized brand in the cannabis industry - transcending the cannabis community and known to people outside of the community. In June of this year, Adam’s LA-based investment firm Oreva purchased the 43-year-old cannabis magazine High Times in a deal valued at $70 million. It was also announced in early 2017 that the magazine...


Episode 6 - Oregon’s Golden Cannapreneur - William Simpson...

In this week’s episode of The Green Rush, Lewis and Anne speak with Oregon’s own William Simpson, CEO of Golden Leaf Holdings (OTCQB: GLDFF) and Founder of Chalice Farms. During their conversation, William discusses Golden Leaf’s innovative, vertically-integrated platform, the national debate around opioids, why cannabis may be a potential solution and the challenges of taking over a public company in a highly regulated industry.


Episode 5 - The Cannabis Correspondent - Aaron Smith, Report...

In this week’s episode, Lewis is flying solo for his conversation with one of the premier journalists covering the cannabis industry in Aaron Smith of CNNMoney.


Episode 4 - High Above the Canopy - Bruce Linton

Broadcasting from the MJ Biz Conference in Las Vegas, Lewis and Anne speak with highly-respected cannapreneur Bruce Linton, Chairman and CEO of Canopy Growth Corp.


Episode 3 - The Weed Wordsmith - Debra Borchardt, Founder of Green Market Report

In episode three, Lewis and Anne invite cannabis financial reporter Debra Borchardt onto the podcast to discuss why she believes one of the biggest stories of the next decade will be the legalization of cannabis. They also chat with Debra about the launch of her new venture - Green Market Report, how she talks to her kids about marijuana, being one of the first full-time financial reporters in the cannabis space as well as her brief appearance on one of the most memorable SNL sketches of...


Episode 1 - Lights, Camera, Action - Alan Lien, Founder/President at Solis Tek

In the inaugural episode Lewis and Anne speak with cannapreneur Alan Lien, Founder and President of Solis Tek, a vertically integrated technology innovator, developer, manufacturer and distributor focused on bringing lighting and nutrient products and solutions to commercial cannabis growers in legal markets across the U.S. to help growers ‘Grow Better.” Alan Lien leads the manufacturing, development, and sourcing of SolisTek products, as well as manages the Company’s sales and operational...