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Mark Lawrence, Part 1

For the first time ever on a podcast, we bring you part one of our interview with Mark Lawrence! Mark drops by to discuss the inspiration and path to publication for his wildly popular Broken Empire trilogy. We talk a bit about some of the controversy surrounding the series’ lead character Jorg Ancrath; we discuss the transition into the Red Queen’s War and the challenge of carrying readers along with a new series; we preview the new series Book of the Ancestor and what readers can expect...


Book Cover Design Panel

It’s a special panel episode of GTP! Cover art has been a rather hot topic as of late, and we recently had the chance to chat with an author and two top fantasy cover artists to discuss the ins and outs of commissioning a popping book cover! Past guest Peter Fugazzotto recently commissioned Shawn T. King and John Anthony Di Giovanni to compose the cover for his new grimdark fantasy novel THE RISE OF THE FALLEN, and we talked with all three about the collaboration process, how much an...


Geeking Out with Myke Cole

It’s a new episode of GTP, and we’re joined by Myke Cole, author of the new Grimdark novella THE ARMORED SAINT! Myke is well known for his military fantasy Shadow Ops series, as well as for having an epic beard and being rather jacked. We talk about the new Sacred Throne series (spoiler-free) and how Myke got hooked up with publishing. We chat about tackling the novella story length and how writing the main character of the new trilogy was so significant for Myke. Of course we dive...


Interview with Daniel Polansky

We’re back with a new episode, and this time author Daniel Polansky drops by! Daniel is the author of the Hugo nominated novella The Builders, in addition to Low Town, Those Above, A City Dreaming, and more. During our chat we discuss the ups and downs of Daniel’s publishing experience since his debut in 2011, including his favorite and least favorite book releases. We take a look into Daniel’s writing process, and even get some solid advice including how to read like a writer. Find Daniel...


Interview with Django Wexler

In the latest episode of GTP, Rob and Phil chat with Django Wexler! Django is the author of The Shadow Campaigns series of flintlock fantasy novels, including the latest concluding volume in the series THE INFERNAL BATTALION! During our chat we discuss the foundations of Django’s writing career, finding an agent and publication, Django’s thoughts on Grimdark, branching out into other genres and publishing models, his top two favorite anime selections, we discuss cool authors names, board...


Grimdark Gaming - Battle Brothers

Resident Gamemaster Philip Overby kicks off the new year highlighting the tactical RPG for PC known as BATTLE BROTHERS! Joining us is Jan Taaks from Overhype Studios, the independent game developer based out of Hamburg, Germany. During our chat we find out what inspired the creepy Germanic folklore setting, we examine the Grimdark elements that make the bloody and brutal game stand out, we get some inside tips on game strategy for early success, and much more. Download Battle Brothers for...


Interview with R.J. Barker

The British Invasion comes to an epic conclusion as we’re joined by R.J. Barker! During our expletive laden (not really) and completely serious (also not really) interview, we talk all about R.J.’s epic fantasy debut from Orbit Books titled AGE OF ASSASSINS! We discuss the appeal of assassins, what inspired R.J. to give the lead character a disability, musical influences in writing, antlers, taxidermy, badgers, and much, much … much more. We’ve also included a super cool reading from AGE...


Interview with Anna Stephens

It’s a new episode of GTP! The British Invasion continues as we highlight some of the coolest debut authors emerging from the UK! Today Rob and Phil are joined by Anna Stephens, author of the Gridmark fantasy debut novel GODBLIND! During our lively chat we discuss Anna’s ten plus year to publication, we’ll chat about mythology and religion, what aspects make her fantasy debut Grimdark, how Anna got an agent and her transition into full-time writing, and more! Find Anna online at...


Ross E. Lockhart with Word Horde

It’s Halloween and host Rob Matheny spooks it up with author, editor, and publisher Ross E. Lockhart to talk about the latest Word Horde anthology TALES FROM A TALKING BOARD. We’ll chat about what inspired the horror anthology, we’ll talk about the foundations of the small California-based press, the appeal of creating a well composed anthology, some of Rosses favorite anthologies, the impact of publishing award winning fiction like the Bram Stoker Award-winning Mr. Suicide and The...


Interview with Ed McDonald

We’re joined by Ed McDonald, author of the Grimdark fantasy debut BLACKWING! Ed Skypes in from his hometown of London to chat about the new novel and what creepy monsters and Grimdark elements readers will find within its pages. We chat about the significant six figure deals Ed received after rights were auctioned to publish the gritty trilogy. Plenty of writing discussion as well as we hit on what to consider when writing realistic weapons that makes sense, and why maybe debuting with a...


The 100th-ish Episode

We celebrate the 100th-ish Episode of The Grim Tidings Podcast! Rob and Phil look back on two years and 100 episodes of podcast magic, give some updates on past guests of the show, present the first ever Grimmie Awards, as well as the first ever 30-Second Geek-Out with host Rob Matheny! Thanks to this week’s sponsors: DEMON FREAKS by J.R.R.R. Jim Hardison ARCHIVOS story software, online at Archivos.Digital!


Author Thunderdome 2 - Phipps V Hayes

We’re back with another exciting edition of Author Thunderdome! In one corner representing the US-of-A, it’s multi-genre author, blogger, and reviewer C.T. Phipps, known for such titles as Cthulhu Armageddon, Lucifer’s Star, The Rules of Supervillainy, and Straight Outta Fangton (not to mention a sweet elbow-drop from the top rope). His opponent, hailing from the U.K. and wearing the (rather snug) Union Jack singlet, it’s Rob J. Hayes, author of multiple fantasy series’ including The Ties...


LANDFALL Kickstarter with Omnicide Publishing

We’re joined by the team at Omincide Publishing to talk about the forthcoming occult grimdark serial fiction anthology LANDFALL! Our panel of guests include Adrian Collins, Jinx Strange, Jesse Bullington / Alex Marshall, Michael R. Fletcher, and Angela Meadon! Listen to find out how this unique serial fiction project came together, what awesome authors, artists, and worldbuilders will be a part of the series, get all the details of the Kickstarter including stetch goals and add-ons, and...


Interview with Anna Smith Spark Part II

In part II of our conversation with Anna Smith Spark, author of the Grimdark fantasy debut THE COURT OF BROKEN KNIVES, we conclude our chat by talking literary influences and what sort of fiction is too extreme for the Queen of Grimdark; we delve into Anna’s past as a goth and what her favorite pair of shoes look like (hint: they’re covered in spikes); we’ll talk about Anna’s struggle with dyslexia, dyspraxia, and Aspurger’s Syndrome, and what advice she has for creatives who struggle with...


Interview with Anna Smith Spark Part I

In part one of this queen-sized two part episode, Rob and Phil are joined by debut Grimdark fantasy author Dr. Anna Smith Spark! Anna is the author of the new novel THE COURT OF BROKEN KNIVES, book one of the Empires of Dust Trilogy. It’s clear that 2017 has been a big year for Grimdark, and Anna stops by to talk about her ultra-violent and dark fantasy debut and the pressures of being a new author, and being the queen of Grimdark, we get her thoughts on the ever-evolving sub-genre and...


Completing the Series with Sebastien De Castell

Rob and Phil are joined once again by Canadian author and Celtic Whistle extraordinaire Sebastien De Castell! During our chat we talk about TYRANT’S THRONE, the fourth and final volume of The Greatcoats Quartet, the challenges of completing the wildly popular series, what it was like working with editor Jo Fletcher, we’ll see if there’s any more stories to be told in the Greatcoats universe, we’ll cover the global release for Sebastien’s new fantasy YA series SPELLSLINGER, and a super...


Grim Panel: SPFBO 2016

It’s the Grim Tidings Podcast Grim Panel: SPFBO 2016! What happens when top book bloggers read and review the best self-published fantasy novels of the year? It’s the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off, an annual contest hosted by author Mark Lawrence. Hundreds of books and manuscripts were read and reviewed, and we’re joined by the top 3 finalists, Jonathan French, Phil Tucker, and Dyrk Ashton. We’re also joined by Laura M. Hughes, a blogger and reviewer for Fantasy Faction. We discuss what...


The Malice with Peter Newman

In this episode we check in with author Peter Newman! Pete drops by for a civilized chat about his latest novel THE MALICE, sequel to Gemmell Award winning fantasy debut THE VAGRANT! We talk short stories, the latest Tea & Jeopardy news, a sneak preview of his newest series titled THE DEATHLESS, and a round of The Best of Newman! We had a couple technical issues when we recorded the episode a few months back, but thankfully we were able to salvage the audio! Be sure to check out Peter...


Manifesting Michael R. Fletcher

One of our favorite grimdark authors returns to the show! Michael R. Fletcher is back to discuss THE MIRROR’S TRUTH (which just so happened to win the 2016 r/Fantasy Stabby award for best self-published novel)! We check in with Mike about the latest happenings in the Manifest Delusions universe and what readers can expect from the BEYOND REDEMPTION sequel, we’ll talk about forthcoming short fiction set in the same story universe, the steps Mike took early in his writing career to make sure...


The Writer’s Pit - Ben Galley

In this episode Rob and Phil step into The Writer’s Pit with author and self-publishing consultant Ben Galley! We talk about Ben’s latest dark fantasy novel THE HEART OF STONE, the challenges of writing a standalone novel versus a sprawling multivolume series, the trend in fantasy of linking multiple series together in the same universe, creating an eye grabbing cover, when an author should consider hiring a consultant, how Ben made the transition from a professional musician to a...


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