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The premier podcast for Maine business – conversations about starting, running, and growing a business in Maine.

The premier podcast for Maine business – conversations about starting, running, and growing a business in Maine.
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The premier podcast for Maine business – conversations about starting, running, and growing a business in Maine.








Kate Dickerson of Maine Science Festival

Kate Dickerson is the founder and director of the Maine Science Festival. Featuring Robert Krulwich of Radiolab as keynote speaker, this three-day event attracts 12,000 plus students to Bangor's Gracie Theatre. This episode is brought to you by The Dunham Group, commercial real estate brokers. If you're an entrepreneur, one of the best ways to control your own destiny is to own your own building. If that's not an option, structure the best lease you can. Get started with The Dunham Group....


Listen to Bisson

Keith Bisson is president of Coastal Enterprises, Inc. (CEI) in Brunswick. If you've heard of a startup in Maine, they probably had a hand in getting it going. They are willing to take a risk on early stage innovators that conventional lenders and investors won’t, calculating good jobs and environmental benefits in addition to dollars, as core to return on investment. He's pictured here with ceo Betsy Biemann. Together they lead this organization that is core to Maine's entrepreneurial...


Kevin Cain of MaineSole

MaineSole is bringing handcrafted shoemaking back to Dexter, Maine. It is a remarkable startup story of founders that had no factory, no customers, and nothing but the idea that the proud heritage of a Maine town deserves to be handed down to the next generation. It's like we entrepreneurs do, jump off the cliff and put the airplane together on the way, right? Enjoyed this episode? Please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here, ....or Stitcher here.


Ben Davis of True Course Yachting and Portland Container Co.

This is our second time having Ben Davis on. His first visit was one of our most popular episodes ever and we're glad to have him back to talk about his new venture Portland Container Company. What I think is amazing about Ben is that he seeks advice and counsel, and he listens to it, and pivots. Frankly, I don’t think I did that well enough as an entrepreneur, so it makes me really appreciate it when I see it. Ben has been relentless in seeking out advice and wisdom, and has done it in an...


American Author Howard Mansfield, on home and community

Howard Mansfield is an American author who writes about history, preservation, and architecture. He has a particular understanding of what makes a house a home, and a town a community. Learn more about Howard at and purchase his books on Amazon. You can ask a question or leave a comment for a future show at (207) 423-8260. Subscribe to the podcast feed right here using your favorite podcasting app or subscribe using iTunes.


Singer-Songwriter Sara Trunzo

Sara Trunzo is an independent singer-songwriter who was Maine food famous before she became Maine singer famous. She was the director of the Veggies For All program, part of Maine Farmland Trust, and she worked hard on that career for many years before she decided to make a big change and dedicate herself to her music full time. I was very interested in that change and how and why she went about it. Before I forget: be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play. By subscribing,...


Angela Ferrari of Story Spectacular

Have you ever wondered if you could go for it, and make a living as an artist? Angela Ferrari is a children's book author & illustrator based in Portland Maine, and the host of the of Story Spectacular podcast. We discuss how she got her business off the ground, what the first steps were, and Maine business resources like CEI and Small Business Development Centers. I loved the ‘finding your routine’ advice. Here's a link to the Simple Habit app. Find out more about Angela and listen to her...


PJ Rose and Haj Carr of TrueLine Public Relations

Do you know why you do what you do? Have you found your why? We've had Haj Carr on before. Through his entrepreneurship journey he has pivoted away from purely focusing on making money to running a business with a purpose. He creates believers, naturally and intuitively. That partnership has been part of TrueLine Publishing, which tends to work with national clients. But how can Maine businesses amplify their online presence? That's the intention of his new venture, TrueLine Public...


Steve Woods, CEO of TideSmart Global

Steve Woods is CEO of TideSmart Global, a Falmouth, Maine based experiential marketing company. Seems like someone in marketing could come up with a shorter term for the field, but anyway, it's a growing and important area of marketing – actually experiencing and interacting with a product, in a live setting in which you have to put down your phone. It's what many CMO's in the world of automotive and retail are looking for, and TideSmart Global provides it, all over the world. The company...


Adam Burk of Treehouse Institute

Adam is a social innovator and cultural architect. His life and work is dedicated to living well in this place with others. He creates spaces – physical and programmatic – that raise the level of resilience, and improve communication in communities. Adam made a big leap by launching TEDxDirigo in 2010 and hasn't stopped since, also producing MaineLive and other events in conjunction with his nonprofit Treehouse Institute. Listen to the episode for an offercode to register for TEDxDirigo...


Helping people with big ideas to know where and how to start: Mike Sobol, CEO of Venture Hall Startup Accelerator

Mike Sobol has been growing businesses of all kinds, everything from SEO to dog training, for close to 20 years. Together with Jess Knox and Elizabeth Buckley (local startup/venture legends in their own right), he recently launched Venture Hall, a new educational nonprofit in Maine. It's built on the premise that no one owns the best ideas. Here's the concept: the power to innovate and create rapid, large-scale change is not a magical quality of the chosen few. It’s a process that can be...


Lucas St. Clair of Elliotsville Plantation

Lucas St. Clair of Elliotsville Plantation is one of Maine's most remarkable entrepreneurs. He's taking on a different problem than most entrepreneurs - he wants to create a national park in Maine's north woods. We explore how he did it, and the decisions he made along the way. Whatever you may think of the idea (which I support), Lucas' efforts and approach are a model for taking on a big challenge. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did, and if you want to support a fund for...


Sara Whalen Shifrin of the IDEAS Center

Got an intractable problem you need to break loose? Looking for some fresh ideas and new approaches? Design thinking could be the tool you need. My good friend Sara Whalen Shifrin, Director of the IDEAS Center, is your guide and expert. Rather than the solution you think might work, get to the innovation that your customers actually want. Sara's design thinking camp, known as Field Guide, is coming up. You can arrive on Tuesday morning June 27 with a formless, empty darkness of an idea...


Jess Knox of Maine Startup and Create Week

Jess Knox is the co-founder and chair of Maine Startup and Create Week, an amazing and visionary convening of everything startup for the week of June 19-23 in Portland, Maine. Jess has a long background with startups and economic development, having worked for President Obama's Small Business Administration. He's a big thinker and not afraid to swing for the fences. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did! MSCW is full of opportunities. If I had to pick just one (besides my talk),...


Margo Walsh of MaineWorks

Margo Walsh is the founder and CEO of MaineWorks, which provides day labor to industrial construction sites. The company is growing quickly, not just in spite of - but because - it has a developed a specialty in working with people in recovery. Finding success by helping to solve a difficult, pressing problem. Remarkable. I hope you enjoy this episode.


Janine Cary of the Maine International Trade Center

In 2016: 2,264 Maine companies exported $2.8 billion in goods and services to 168 countries. International trade supports nearly 1 in 4 Maine jobs. The Maine International Trade Center, led since 2005 by my guest Janine Cary, makes it all happen by advising Maine companies on both the technical and the operational sides of exporting. If your growing business is looking to begin exporting, Maine International Trade Day on May 25, 2017 presents a unique opportunity to get a rocket start....


The Importance of Engineers in Growing Maine’s Economy, recorded at Maine State Chamber of Commerce Engineering Workforce Summit

A little self-aggrandizing here, since I'm a chemical engineer myself, but I very much enjoyed this talk by Charles "Chuck" Lawton, well known newspaper columnist and consulting economist. The take is that engineers create jobs, and moving engineers into the Maine workforce is a good thing. Special thanks to the Maine State Chamber of Commerce, who always put on good events, and Headlight Audio Visual, for the great work on the audio for the event.


Three Rural Maine Businesses Succeeding Because of Broadband Internet

John Hafford of DesignLab, Rick Levasseur of 5 Lakes Lodge, and Sean DeWitt of Our Katahdin addressed a group of State Legislators, including myself, back in January. During lunch in a pine paneled room at the Northern Timber Cruisers snowmobile club in Millinocket - at an event curated by the Maine Development Foundation - they made a good case for rural broadband expansion, and maybe made fun of each other a little bit too. In a nice way.


Rural Maine’s Next Economy

I carried my podcast recorder to the Rural Maine’s Next Economy Envision Maine conference at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor on Friday February 10. The temperature outside was in the single digits, but inside the ideas were flowing. I captured two segments - the Rural Sparkplugs segment of four minute talks, and the One Minute Big Ideas, an off-the-cuff opportunity to pitch the crowd on your idea. Here the guests in order of appearance: Amanda Beal, President of the Maine Farmland...


Haj Carr, CEO of Trueline Publishing

Salsa dancing CEO Haj Carr is on his fourth startup and his fast growing Trueline Publishing in Portland is a breakout digital success. I rolled out some new questions for 2017, like 'what mistake don’t you make anymore', and 'what’s the toughest problem you’ve ever taken on'. (Haj’s response to this one genuinely surprised me.) This was a very rewarding interview. I hope you’ll feel the same way. Find TrueLine Publishing online and on Facebook. They’re growing, hiring – get involved. Sign...


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