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Beyond Meat’s Mission to Convert the Hardcore Carnivore

Innovation is great when it’s in an iPhone. But is it something you want to put inside your mouth? We rarely think of technology’s impact on our taste buds. But one company is on mission to use tech as a way to shift the entire food culture. That’s right, meat industry. Your days are numbered. Ethan Brown at Beyond Meat is hoping his company’s mission of sustainable, plant-based protein will convert even the most hardcore carnivore. Lofty goals, but he tells us how you too can evolve your...

Duration: 00:25:43

The Future Workforce Is Human to the Bot Power

There’s the hype. Sure. But there’s also the hysteria. For most, bots are either the thing that’ll carry our companies into the future, or they’re a skip away from subjugating the entire human race. Today, we’re talking to Adelyn Zhou, CMO of TOPBOTS. She advises a wide range of companies on how they use AI and machine learning. She gives us her take on companies using these technologies successfully, how you can build a AI or machine learning team yourself (if you really need one), and...

Duration: 00:32:52

Your office is built for extroverts. Here’s why that’s a problem.

When we look for leadership characteristics, are we really building a workplace made for extroverts? We look for leaders to constantly speak up, network, and think on their feet. But what are we missing by excluding the strengths of introverts? Today on the show, we’re talking with Amma Marfo, a speaker, writer and editor, who thinks that we can do better. And she has a good idea of where we can start.

Duration: 00:34:00

Grief Is Inevitable. Why Aren't We Preparing for It at Work?

Four years ago, Karen Millsap’s husband was shot and killed in the gym they co-owned. There was no warning. No response manual. What followed was a time of immense hardship, struggle, and reinvention. Karen joins us to talk about the importance of creating a psychologically safe work environment and the importance of building a culture of empathy and compassion. She offers ways you can ready your company to respond to even the toughest of life experiences.

Duration: 00:31:38

Is Your Company Ready for PR 2.0?

PR hasn’t really changed since we invented email. And it’s a problem. Companies have great stories to tell, but they’re being drowned out by thousands of low-quality messages that journalists receive each day. Ricky Yean and his team at Upstart realized that the problem is one of coordination. Journalists getting way too much of what they don’t need, and not enough of what they do. In this episode, Ricky talks about his solution, the increasing role of influencers in PR, and whether...

Duration: 00:19:27

How ClassPass is Getting Rid of Your Excuses [Rebroadcast]

When Payal Kadakia quit her job at Warner Music Group, she didn't have a backup plan. She knew she wasn't happy in her job, but she wasn't sure what she wanted to do next. After a few weeks of soul-searching, she decided on her next move: She was going to start a fitness membership to help people uncover new classes in their area. Five years, and a few business models later, ClassPass is helping hundreds of thousands of people ignore any excuse to not exercise.

Duration: 00:13:30

Why Chubbies is Tired of Being Called a “Bro”

Not long ago, men’s shorts were long, with as many pockets as possible. But these days, they’re shrinking. And we can trace it all back to four friends with one simple idea. Today, we’re talking with Tom Montgomery, a co-founder of Chubbies, a men and women’s clothing company. Tom tells us what it’s like to bear the “bro” stereotype and sell a product that no one was asking for at the time.

Duration: 00:25:01

Should Everyone Have an Executive Coach?

To Jerry Colonna, accepting leadership means accepting to work on yourself. Because if you’re struggling personally, your company is probably struggling as well. Jerry is the founder of Reboot, a coaching company that’s helped some of the tech industry’s most well-known leaders. In this episode, he tells us the first step he takes with all of his clients, how he got into this industry, and where he thinks we’re headed when it comes to mental health in the workplace.

Duration: 00:32:34

Why a Side Hustle Shouldn't Actually Take That Much Hustle

Projects fail. Side-projects fail even more. A lot more, in fact. But every once in awhile, a project comes along that shatters expectations (and maybe even a Google Sheet in the process). Yet all too often, we’re left wondering the same question: Why Mikael Cho, the CEO and founder of Unsplash, knows the answers to this question. And why shouldn’t he? Unsplash was once a side project itself. In today’s episode, Mikael explains which signs to keep a sharp eye on when you’re exploring side...

Duration: 00:20:23

Stop Looking up to Workaholics Who Look Down on You

When did working 100 hours become the banner for success? And worse, when did it become so damn cool? Luckily, not everyone thinks so. David Heinemeier Hansson is the creator of Ruby on Rails and the founder and CTO of Basecamp. David believes this type of workaholism starts at the top and quickly trickles down to your employees. He tells us why we need to change the narrative and stop thinking that all-nighters make us better employees.

Duration: 00:36:26

There’s More to Empowering Young People of Color in Tech Than Coding

Tech has a diversity problem. And in recent years we’ve seen a wave of programs aimed at teaching young people of color to code. But the reality is that addressing the diversity problem is about much more than just teaching kids how to code. Brandon Nicholson is the founding executive director of the Hidden Genius Project, an organization that teaches engineering skills, but also equips students with leadership skills. Brandon is working to build a community that will help the next...

Duration: 00:25:11

How Pepsi and SheaMoisture Lost the Heart of Their Brand

Remember Pepsi’s tone deaf Kendall Jenner ad? SheaMoisture’s “Break Free from Hair Hate” campaign? After seeing these, you may have how in the world these campaigns were created. Amanda Spann is a serial entrepreneur, and after seeing these and other major judgement errors, she launched the site She meant it as a joke, but it’s rooted in a much larger issue. On today’s episode, Amanda explains how rapid growth and groupthink can poison a company’s better...

Duration: 00:21:49

Why Slow Fashion Doesn’t Have to Mean Slow Growth

For years, the pace of everyday work has been increasing. But Kathie Sever’s company is a good example of why the future may not be faster. Kathie owns Fort Lonesome, a custom chain stitching outfit in Austin, Texas. After witnessing first hand the unsustainable practices of the garment industry, she wanted to change the way we all think about clothing. And she’s doing just that. One stitch at a time.

Duration: 00:28:27

Taking The Lean Startup from Silicon Valley to the State Department

Why does innovation come so naturally to startups - but not to larger companies or governments? That’s a question that Steve Blank is working to answer. More than a decade ago, Steve helped lay the groundwork for The Lean Startup movement. Instead of innovating in a vacuum, he told entrepreneurs they needed to get outside and talk to customers. In this episode, Steve explains why innovation is fundamentally different in startups, how the Lean Startup can be applied almost anywhere, and...

Duration: 00:44:24

Turning the Worst Day of Your Life into Your Life's Work

Six months after Karen Aiach’s daughter Ornella was born, she was diagnosed with Sanfilippo syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. Doctors told Karen her daughter would likely live for just over a decade, and there was nothing Karen could do about it. Left with no option, she created one herself. After only three weeks of receiving the news, and with no medical background, Karen cofounded Lysogene, a biotech company targeting the syndrome. In this episode, she reminds us why “no” or “never”...

Duration: 00:30:02

Rewiring Our Big Dumb Brains (and Culture) for Goodness

In a world of unicorns, Anthony Tjan is an investor looking for sea turtles. He watched first hand as his company went bust the same day the Dotcom bubble burst. And he realized that good, steady growth powered by teams of good people is really the only thing that matters. In this episode, Tony tells us how to learn from standout companies that promote goodness, how to surround yourself with good people, why you may want to cook dinner with more of your potential employees.

Duration: 00:28:20

The $21 billion niche Stefania Mallett caters to

If you’ve ever had to cater a meeting, you know the panic that comes along with it. The type of panic that sits deep in the pit of your stomach. Will the food be late? Will it be the same as you ordered? Or even worse, will it show up at all? Stefania Mallett heard these concerns first hand. Thousands of these concerns, in fact. All from customers at her previous company. And when that company went under? She knew exactly what problem to solve with her next company -- EzCater.

Duration: 00:24:22

Your productivity app isn’t the problem. You are.

On Monday, you download a new productivity app. On Tuesday, you load it up with all the tasks you need to accomplish. By Friday? You’ve abandoned that list -- and you’re in the market for the next new app that’s sure to change your life. This cycle happens to pretty much everyone. That’s why Amir Salihefendic, the founder and CEO of the productivity startup Doist, says his company is out to solve a psychological problem, not a product problem. In this episode, Amir tells us how his most...

Duration: 00:25:43

How $500 Checks Helped Bring a Manufacturing Titan Back From Bankruptcy

Jim Cline was only a few months away from retirement. That is, until a former colleague of his offered him a job most people would run far away from: CFO of a company $134 million in debt. In today’s episode, Jim tells us why he took on that challenge, how he helped realign his team, and how he’s changing course now that he’s stepped up to be the CEO. This episode is presented with HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2017.

Duration: 00:27:55

Who's in Control When Everything On Earth is Connected? [Rebroadcast]

If everything on earth is connected, what does that mean for humanity? This week we’re digging out one of our favorites from the archives. In this episode, Linden Tibbets, CEO of IFTTT, outlines a vision of the world where everything is so connected, that moving across the different systems in your life is as easy as rearranging books on a shelf.

Duration: 00:30:22

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