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#24 Chris Coyier (CSS-Tricks & CodePen) - How to grow a blog and remain true to your audience

It is our pleasure to present to you Chris Coyier. Chris started his journey writing blogs he didn't enjoy, and eventually realized that his passion was actually in coding the blogs and crafting the CSS behind them. He eventually closed down all of his blogs except one, and CSS-Tricks was born. His blog is now one of the largest front-end development blogs in the world and paved the way for his platform, CodePen, which allows developers to share demos of front-end code while inspecting the...

Duration: 00:58:00

#23 Harry Roberts (CSS Wizardry) - The ups and downs of dominating a niche

Today we had the pleasure of talking to Harry Roberts, the founder of the well-known blog, CSS Wizardry. Harry has built an incredible personal brand and we’ve been following CSS Wizardry for years. We discussed with him exactly how he got started, what made him successful, and what he thinks is the best way to blog, build a personal brand and start a side project today.

Duration: 00:53:50

#20 Kelsey Ruger (SPA alum) - The teacher who never stopped learning

With us today is Kelsey Ruger, a UX consultant based out of Houston, Texas. Kelsey is a professor, a designer, a developer, and pretty much a jack of all trades. We met and got to know Kelsey because he's also a member of The Side Project Accelerator. Kelsey has worked on web and mobile projects for Fortune 100 startups and agencies and was also named one of Houston’s 40 under 40 in 2012 by the Houston Business Journal. His mission is to help people use their creativity to make better...

Duration: 00:55:10

#13: Bryn Jackson ( - building & scaling a podcast network to more than 5 million downloads

This is the first episode of the series of 'Scaling a Side Project' where we’re interviewing designers, developers, and creatives that have built and scaled super successful side projects that we admire. Bryn Jackson - co-founder of which features the popular podcasts Design Details, Developer Tea, and others. We will talk to him about the Spec community, and how he built a network of multiple podcasts that scaled to hit the mark of 5 million downloads (!!!) Enjoy!

Duration: 00:50:36

#12: Victor Yocco (UX researcher & Author) on applying psychological theory to digital design

We were fortunate today to sit down and have a great conversation with author and UX researcher Victor Yocco. With Victor he discusses how UX research fits into the workflow, what it takes to create a really good experience, and they go over some deep analysis of user psychology. Find all show notes in here: Subscribe to our newsletter here:

Duration: 01:04:25

#11: On running Hacking UI as a full time job & launching the Side Project Accelerator

Today’s episode we sit down to have a chat to share some lessons from our journey of transitioning to work on Hacking UI full time. We discuss how our motivation is centred around helping others and being the storytellers of the products that we create for our users. We also talk about what we learned through the first week of the Side Project Accelerator and touch on what passive income means to us personally. Find all show notes in here: Subscribe to our...

Duration: 00:50:55

#08: Bob Baxley (Former Design Manager at Yahoo,Apple, and Pinterest): Not everything has to be based off data

This week we were honored to sit down with Bob Baxley, Former Design Manager at Yahoo,Apple, and Pinterest . We pick his brain about his career as a design manager in those highly influential companies and the difference in culture of each. Find all the show notes at: Get the Hacking UI newsletter here:

Duration: 00:52:55