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Veteran broadcasters and married couple Jamie & Lisa give their spin on the Halifax happenings of the day from deep inside their Beaver Bank bunker... that is, unless they go off on a tangent!

Veteran broadcasters and married couple Jamie & Lisa give their spin on the Halifax happenings of the day from deep inside their Beaver Bank bunker... that is, unless they go off on a tangent!
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Halifax, NS


Veteran broadcasters and married couple Jamie & Lisa give their spin on the Halifax happenings of the day from deep inside their Beaver Bank bunker... that is, unless they go off on a tangent!




Lost Pre-Xmas Double Episode: The Halifax Daily News - December 28

This Double episode covers everything from Dalhousie Dentistry students to talking Christmas trees. Originally recorded the weekend before Christmas 2014, this edition of The Halifax Daily News went missing and was presumed lost forever. On Boxing Day 2014, a black market informant led our team to a landfill outside of Cairo where a team of archeologists unearthed the stolen tapes. Our finest audio engineers painstakenly remixed the decomposing shows and converted them from analog into...

Duration: 00:35:05

Qui re-stocks les étagères?: Le Quotidien Actualités Halifax - 26 novembre

Party down at Boston Pizza and help the IWK! David Myles hits the big time! Ever wondered what Costco price tags mean? Lisa cracks the code and Jamie rants all in today's economy-sized podcast

Duration: 00:09:47

Fur Balls and Fine Dining: The Halifax Daily News - Nov 25

If you had visitors from abroad, what restaurant would you take them to? Jamie and Lisa run down the "must see" eateries in Halifax Also, Lisa discusses interviewing for a position in Alberta and Jamie talks about his feelings being back on Halifax morning radio

Duration: 00:17:46

Parades and Poetry: The Halifax Daily News - Nov 16

They're Baaack... They've Been Drinking & They're Watching Parades & Reading Poetry !!!

Duration: 00:30:32

Smelling Halifax: The Halifax Daily News - Nov 6

More needles found in Hallowe'en candy... Jeeze! Decorating Downtown before Remembrance Day Marijuana grow-op burns to the ground What are the distinctive smells of Halifax? Pioneer Broadcaster passes Is the Holiday Parade of Lights too early in the year?

Duration: 00:15:03

Is IKEA Coming?: The Halifax daily News - Nov 5

Cole Harbour Doctor Canada's Smartest Person finalist Strange signs on Citadel Hill Could IKEA be coming to Halifax? Do you care as much as Lisa does? Is your name Elizabeth Gallagher? You may have just won a FREE trip around the world... Jamie and Lisa have all the details!

Duration: 00:14:34

Tampered Candy Warning: The Halifax Daily News - Nov 4

French honour two Nova Scotia veterans!! Pedestrians in crosswalks are STUPID! Tampered Hallowe'en candy found in Halifax More Jian Ghomeshi news Jamie's daughter Heather turns 20 today

Duration: 00:17:07

Candlepin vs 5 pin: The Halifax Daily News: Nov 3

Jamie and Lisa wrap up Hallowe'en with stories of crazy antics and an English lesson for all y'all. Dartmouth Candlepin landmark is closing and selling all their cool bowling stuff A much loved Police horse retires Bedford remembers veterans Travel author coming to town

Duration: 00:16:44

Devil's Night Canada Style: The Halifax Daily News - Oct 30

Happy Devil's Night A moose on drugs, a getaway canoe and working the rigs... How Canadian can Jamie and Lisa get?? PLUS... Jamie tries to get philosophical about the pyramids and professes his love for Burrito Jax

Duration: 00:16:59

Finnegan Don't Chew Your Bucket: The Halifax Daily News - Oct 29

Today Jamie and Lisa discuss topless thieves using full frontal nudity as a distraction, Rob Ford, Doug Ford, Christmas displays up WAAY too early, and Finnegan chewing his bucket

Duration: 00:14:38

Radio News & Free Movie: The Halifax Daily News - Oct 28

Jamie and Lisa discuss employers insisting on a doctor's note for sick day A FREE Hallowe'en movie in a very unusual place this week Halifax radio saying goodbye to a morning personality

Duration: 00:16:23

50 Shades of Jian: The Halifax Daily News

Strange elections and strange erections in Toronto Galen Weston vs Stuart McLean Walmart vs Canadian Tire Make your own Jian Ghomeshi costume this Halloween Is Walking Pneumonia just a term to make your mild congestion sound serious?

Duration: 00:17:46

Sexy Kid's Costumes & Stolen Hockey Rink: The Halifax Daily News - Oct 23

Jamie keeps trying to rant, but Lisa lets him have it with the REST of the story! Sexy Kid Firefighter Costume Lisa's 311 thank you call Cruise Liner full of pissed off passengers diverted to Halifax Hockey rink boards stolen

Duration: 00:15:11

Mike Cranston:The Halifax Daily News - Oct 22

Lisa leaves Jamie alone with his man-cold, and who should drop by but his old friend and mentor MIKE CRANSTON! Voila! Instant podcast! A raw, off the cuff, one-on-one interview with Halifax radio legend Mike Cranston Enjoy

Duration: 00:19:03

Man Cold Edition: The Halifax Daily News - Oct 21

Jamie whines about his cold Lisa talks about new dog park Jamie whines about his cold Lisa talks about new city (free) WiFi Jamie Whines Lisa tells you how you can help Soul's Harbour Jamie whines some more (etc, etc)

Duration: 00:13:19

Scotiabank is EVERYWHERE: The Halifax Daily News - Oct 20

Happy Monday! Jamie and Lisa are back in the saddle after hosting the Cobequid Centre's Walk/Run for the Health of Our Community Today they discuss area codes, the Friendly Giant, the great Scotiabank takeover, and Max Speed

Duration: 00:17:25

Walter Fitzgerald Heritage Moments: The Halifax Daily News - Oct 17

A walk down memory lane with Heritage Moments, Hinterland Who's Who, Doug & Bob McKenzie, Walter Fitzgerald and a wonderful Afghanistan exhibit

Duration: 00:17:10

What's in YOUR coffee?: The Halifax Daily News - Oct 16

Happy Thursday -TODAY'S PODCAST IS EBOLA FREE- Today Lisa's talk on new cigarette packs leads to a Jamie E-cigarette rant. (which leads to a government rant) Halifax gymnast Ellie Black makes us proud again!! Forget pumpkin latte,,, McDonalds is now serving mice in their coffee! Dust off your old junk... the big weekend is almost here

Duration: 00:13:49

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