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Join this Widow Mom, Author, Change Expert and Entrepreneur as she leads an Anti-Stress Movement while helping people meet their goals! Kristen uses her dynamic speaking style, speech and acting experience and relaxed demeanor to draw audiences into her message. Kristen draws on her unique talent of combining storytelling and humor with facts and to create actionable, personalized advice for the audience. By inspiring audiences to use simple and fun ways to reduce stress, Kristen paves the way to wellness with the Happy Hour Effect!




The Happy Hour Effect – Bouncing Back From Loss with Donna Marie Thompson P

Loss is an inevitable and stressful part of life. Donna Marie Thompson PhD is the author of Bouncing Back From Loss: How to Learn From Your Past, Build the Present, and Transform Your Future. She overcame multiple losses and is now a leading expert in relationships and overcoming loss. Her website,, is a resource for those seeking… Read more about this episode...

The Happy Hour Effect – Chocolate Today Keeps the Stress Away: Healthy Indu

We experience stress every single day. But a long bath, a delectable chocolate truffle, yoga – these can all be little indulgences that can turn a stressful day into a happy one. In this episode, Melissa Halas-Liang, founder of, will teach us about healthy indulgences for stress relief and share the super health benefits of chocolate. Then… Read more about this episode...

The Happy Hour Effect – Money for Success Not Stress

Money and finances are one of the top causes of stress and relationship problems. But with a shift in perspective, we can flip that stress into success and view money differently in the process. This episode’s guest, Jeff Gitterman, is an award winning financial advisor and the CEO of Gitterman & Associates Wealth Management, LLC. He is also… Read more about this episode...

The Happy Hour Effect – Kids and Stress 101: A Child Psychotherapist Tells

As adults, we often get so sucked into our own stress that we may forget about those around us. Whether absorbing ours or suffering their own, kids get stressed too. But there are things we can do to help them minimize stress so they can grow up into balanced adults. Dr. Russell Hyken is a psychotherapist specializing in… Read more about this episode...

The Happy Hour Effect – Maximize Career Happiness = Less Stress

We spend 25% of our working years on-the-job. Shouldn’t those 90,000 hours be spent doing something we love? Unfortunately, even if we love our jobs, work stress is an everyday issue. Constant juggling of responsibilities, difficult co-workers, long commutes and office politics all play a role in making our 9-5 lives challenging. But Julie Bauke, president of Read more about this episode...

The Happy Hour Effect – Stress Less About Your Body: Making New Year’s Reso

Does your weight or body image stress you out? Have you already forgotten your New Year’s resolutions to exercise and eat more healthfully? Not anymore! This week, we will learn how to make weight loss and diet changes that will last, not just for the New Year, but for our entire lives. Our guest, Jina Schaefer, is an… Read more about this episode...