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Episode 36: JFK Part 2

Today is the conclusion to our JFK series where we go into possible conspiracies as well as the official story. It was a very interesting and deep topic for us to tackle and we have a lot to talk about so sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Duration: 00:49:15

Episode 35: JFK Part 1: Building Camelot

Today is part 1 of our 2 part series over JFK. We have been waiting a while to tackle this story and the wait is over! In part 1 we look at his life from birth up until that tragic day in Dallas in 1963. We look into his Navy background, early political career, and some of his playboy exploits. We hope you enjoy and we will be back next week with the conclusion!

Duration: 00:45:19

Episode 34: The Titanic

Today we come back strong after our little break, and we are talking about The Titanic! Everyone knows the story but we come up with some alternative theories that have been presented. Could it have been a bait and switch for insurance fraud? Could it have been a plot to get rid of some influential people on board? Let's take a dive into the history and the mystery of the Titanic!

Duration: 01:11:10

Episode 33: Hinterkaifeck

Today we are discussing the infamous murders at Hinterkaifeck. In the early 1920's a family in Germany started to notice strange things around their farm. Unexplained footprints in the snow that lead on to the property but not away, newspapers showing up that no one had purchased, strangers standing near the wood line, and unexplained foot steps in the home. All of this culminated into on of the most infamous unexplained murders of all time, but we will put forth the most likely suspects...

Duration: 00:52:07

Episode 32: The Axe-Man of New Orleans

Today is the infamous Axe-Man of New Orleans story! We dive deep into all of the victims of this madman who was never caught. We read the letter that he sent to the paper and try to decide if this was a human or something more sinister!

Duration: 01:10:40

Halloween Episode 3: Ed Gein!

It is our final Halloween 2017 episode and it is a big one, we are talking abut Ed Gein here folks! Known as The Butcher of Plainfield, he has been the inspiration for many horror movies. He committed murders and many grave robberies in the mid 1900's out in the plains of Wisconsin. What he did with the body parts of his victims was so insane that we had to make it our topic for the big Halloween finale of 2017!

Duration: 01:10:09

Episode 31: Chemtrails (With Matt King)

Today is the theory of Chemtrails, and it's extra stupid! We do our best to tell you what nefarious chemicals are being spread over us as we look up into the sky. Are we having our moods controlled or being saved from the sun? Were honestly not sure...

Duration: 00:26:39

Halloween Episode 2: The Sodder Children Disappearance

Today is our second Halloween episode, and it is over one of the most peculiar missing persons cases ever, The Sodder Children Disappearance. It could have been anything from the mafia to Mussolini loyalists. It also could have been a tragic accident. No one is sure, but we take you through all the aspects of this story and we hope you enjoy the episode.

Duration: 01:00:48

Halloween Episode 1: The Urban Legend & Creepy Pasta Round-Up

Today is our first Halloween Episode of 2017! We are reading an assortment of urban legends and creepy pastas in our own comedic way as always. We hope you enjoy this fun episode, and we have much more Halloween time goodness in store for October.

Duration: 00:36:43

Episode 30: The Dyatlov Pass (Part 2)

Today is the conclusion to our Dyatlov Pass series! We briefly cover the individual backstories of the hikers and then delve deep into all of the theories surrounding the event. Then we conclude with what we think are the most likely events to have happened. We hope you enjoy!

Duration: 01:18:03

Episode 29: Dyatlov Pass

Today is part 1 of our coverage over The Dyatlov Pass Incident! We will go over the events leading up to the mysterious disappearance of 9 hikers from Russia during the late 1950’s. This event will become known as The Dyatlov Pass Incident and spawn many conspiracy theories for years to come. We will go on to cover all those theories in part 2 next week, but we will set the scene in part 1! We hope you enjoy our first ever 2 part series!

Duration: 01:02:08

Episode 28: Men in Black (With Matt King)

Today we are talking about the phenomena of Men in Black! It is said that if you see a UFO event or research aliens too closely you will be visited by the Men in Black. Join us while we try to decide if they are aliens, government agents, UFO enthusiasts in disguise, or just some fake story!

Duration: 00:56:57

Episode 27: The Spear of Destiny

Today we are talking about The Spear of Destiny as well as some other occult legends revolving around the Nazis. We try to decide which spear we think is the true spear, attempt to figure out if Micheal is really Hitler in disguise, and we throw out some facts about our show rankings at the end that may not be true. We hope you enjoy!

Duration: 00:51:45

Episode 26: The Philadelphia Experiment

Today is the premier of season 2! As mentioned we are entering the realm of conspiracy theories this season as well as the paranormal, and of course true crime. Today, we are discussing the Philadelphia Experiment, a supposed experiment during World War 2 that was intended to turn ships invisible but the unforeseen side effects caused sailors to teleport to other dimensions to meet aliens, and when they came back some were fused to the ship. We figure out where this story came from and...

Duration: 00:42:27

The Basketball Extravaganza (The Origin of Hat-Trick Hoops)

Today we hope you enjoy our trip off the beaten path as we have a grand basketball debate! We will return next week with the beginning of Season 2, but for this week we thought we would give you a taste of some of our other interests.

Duration: 00:56:17

Episode 25: Jeffrey Dahmer (Season 1 Finale)

Today is the season 1 finale, and it's a big one! Today is Jeffrey Dahmer, also known as The Milwaukee Cannibal. Most people know about Dahmer but we have done a lot of research on this case and we are going to go through his young life, through every murder, and his time on trial and in prison all the way up to his death. We want to thank all of our fans for a great season 1, and we will have a special bonus episode released next week, and be back with season 2 the week after that!

Duration: 02:09:58

Episode 24: Richard Chase, The Vampire of Sacramento

Today is the story of Richard Chase, The Vampire of Sacramento! This man had many issues growing up, the main one being a disorder that made him believe his organs were missing. The main one he was concerned with was his lack of blood. So he eventually went on a terrible murder spree to get more blood. This is a graphic episode. Also heads up, we had some technical issues that we explain at the beginning so bear with us on the sound quality, next week we will sound better than ever!

Duration: 01:27:50

Episode 23: Edmund Kemper (With Matt King)

Today we are talking about Edmund Kemper, also known as the Co-Ed Killer! He was a mountain of a man coming in at 6’9” and was responsible for a terrifying spree of hitchhiker murders in the early 1970’s around Santa Cruz, CA. We will talk about his crimes as well as his life in prison where things get pretty strange. As we have said before, please don’t hitchhike!

Duration: 01:03:48

Episode 22: The Wineville Chicken Coop Murders

Today we are talking about a series of events that came to be known as The Wineville Chicken Coop Murders. A man named Gordon Northcott went on a spree killing multiple young men in the early 1900’s and parts of this story have been covered in movies, the most famous that comes to mind would be The Changeling. This has many twists and turns and we hope you enjoy. Also we are still working on bugs with the new equipment so please bear with us if this episode has any quirks in sounds.

Duration: 01:20:09

Episode 21: Charlie Brandt

Today is a strange case, it is the story of Charlie Brandt. As a kid, Charlie went into a clouded state of mind and killed his mother. Over 30 years later after spending a seemingly normal life with his wife, he snaps again and kills his wife and niece and proceeds to hang himself. We look over his life and try to decide if these were isolated incidents, or if there were possibly many other dark secrets that no one knew about between the two events.

Duration: 01:14:41

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