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Adhesions and SIBO with Larry and Belinda Wurn

We're busy getting Season 2 ready for you, so we're sharing some of our favourite and most popular podcasts from Season 1. Adhesions can be an underlying issue for people with SIBO, often being one of the reasons why they developed SIBO and contributing to relapse. In this episode, Rebecca is joined by Larry Wurn LMT and Belinda Wurn from Clear Passage Physical Therapies to talk about their important work on adhesions. Belinda co-developed the ‘Wurn technique’ to address adhesions...


SIBO: The patient’s perspective with Katie Caldwell

We're busy getting Season 2 ready for you, so we're sharing some of our favourite and most popular podcasts from Season 1. Katie Calwell has run the gammit when it comes to health concerns. She has been diagnosed with Hashimotos, H. Pylori, SIBO and ovarian cancer. In today’s episode she shares her health journey, how she successfully treated SIBO but then feared it would return after using antibiotics for H. Pylori. She discusses the importance of not giving up when your symptoms persist...


Mindset and SIBO with Kristen Bouse

We're busy getting Season 2 ready for you, so we're sharing some of our favourite and most popular podcasts from Season 1. Having a positive mindset is a valuable tool for life, even more so when you are dealing with a chronic illness. Psychologist Kirstin Bouse talks about how, and why, mindset is a big part of a successful SIBO journey. She talks about how to create positivity in your day to day life by identifying the good things and focusing on them. Kirstin tells us more about why...


SIBO Nutrition with Jessica Cox

We're busy getting Season 2 ready for you, so we're sharing some of our favourite and most popular podcasts from Season 1. Jessica Cox is an accredited nutritional practitioner with a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition) and over ten years of clinical experience. She has an immense passion for food therapy and therapeutic nutrition with a specific interest in IBS and SIBO. Rebecca and Jessica talk about how important it is to treat your SIBO with the support of a qualified practitioner,...


Thyroid and SIBO with Dr Michael Ruscio

We're busy getting Season 2 ready for you, so we're sharing some of our favourite and most popular podcasts from Season 1. If you’re considering whether your thyroid is part of your health puzzle then this podcast is essential listening. Dr Michael Ruscio talks about the gut/thyroid connection and SIBO. He discusses how to know if you have thyroid issues, what symptoms to look out for and what tests are worth doing. They also look at how problems with your thyroid can interact with other...


Overcoming bowel disease with Dane Johnson | Ep. 56

Dane Johnson was a successful model and actor, living the 'perfect' dream life on the outside, yet getting sicker on the inside. Ultimately, he ended up bedridden and hospitalised from inflammatory bowel disease, severely underweight and extremely unwell. On today's episode, Dane shares with us what hitting rock bottom was like for him and how he clawed himself back to regain his health. For show notes and downloads, head to


Microbiota and SIBO with Dr Jason Hawrelak

We're busy getting Season 2 ready for you, so we're sharing some of our favourite and most popular podcasts from Season 1. A healthy, balanced microbiota is an invaluable piece of our health puzzle when we are treating SIBO. This week Rebecca is joined by Dr. Jason Hawrelak, a naturopath and herbalist, who is an expert on the microbiota. He and Rebecca talk about the part that our gut bacteria plays in our overall health. They talk about the role that pre and probiotics play in the...


Eating for SIBO with Kristy Regan

We're busy getting Season 2 ready for you, so we're sharing some of our favourite and most popular podcasts from Season 1. Knowing what to eat when treating SIBO can be daunting and confusing and finding the ‘right’ diet for you can take time. Rebecca Coomes is joined by nutritionist Kristy Regan to talk all about what foods we should, and shouldn’t, be eating while treating SIBO. We explore the different diets for SIBO and how you can find one that works for you, how to manage multiple...


Surviving trauma to regain health with Rebecca Coomes | Ep. 55

Traumatic events can be life-changing and everlasting. For many people, the trauma can stay with them for life, yet they often don’t get the support they need. Today, Rebecca Coomes shares her own personal experience with highly traumatic events; sexual abuse by her uncle, extreme bullying at school and in the workplace and how a near-death diving accident was the tipping point for change. She shares how she lived in a constant state of fight or flight and the impact that had on her gut,...


Constipation and SIBO with Lynda Griparic | Ep. 54

Constipation is one of the leading symptoms of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth and can be a highly frustrating experience for many SIBO patients. Naturopath Lynda Griparic joins Rebecca Coomes to discuss what it is, why we develop it, and what we can do about it once we start experiencing it. See the full show notes at


SIBO SOS™ Summit II is on now!

The SIBO SOS™ Summit II is the world's largest online summit for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. To give you the full opportunity to watch 40+ interviews with SIBO practitioners and patients, The Healthy Gut podcast will be on hiatus this week and return next week with Lyndra Griparic who will be discussing constipation. The SIBO SOS™ Summit II runs from 21-29 October and is currently FREE to register to watch the videos. Register today at...


SIBO and skin conditions with Dr Michael Traub | Ep. 53

The health of your gut can impact the health of your skin. Dr Michael Traub joins Rebecca Coomes to discuss the gut:skin axis and why common conditions like acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema and skin cancer can be a sign that you have SIBO or other underlying gut issues. Dr Traub discusses his treatment approach; to treat the skin or gut first, and what topical treatment options can provide relief. For shownotes, go to


Real life SIBO patient journey with Sharon Treadgold | Ep. 52

Sharon Treadgold shares her real-life SIBO story on today’s podcast. Initially being diagnosed with IBS and told to change her diet, Sharon commenced a journey to discover the myriad of conditions at play as her health spiralled downwards. Realising she had to take control of her health, she sought out experienced practitioners and created a health care dream team who have been integral in significantly improving her health. For shownotes go to:


SIBO food phobias with Riley Wimminger | Ep. 51

In far too many cases, SIBO patients can end up with phobias surrounding the food they eat. For many people, eating leads to painful digestive symptoms, so it is understandable why so many people learn to fear food. Nutritionist Riley Wimminger discusses this with Rebecca on this week's podcast and provides some handy tips on what can be done to overcome food phobias. Riley also explores why it is important to understand what nutritional deficiencies you may be experiencing, particularly...


Methane dominant SIBO with Dr Melanie Keller | Ep. 50

Did you know that there are two different types of SIBO and what the differences are between them? This week Dr Melanie Keller and Rebecca specifically discuss methane dominant SIBO. Dr Keller talks Rebecca through the different symptoms and treatments for methane dominant SIBO as well as supportive practices for chronic constipation and gut health testing. For show notes, visit


Autoimmunity and SIBO with Heidi Turner | Ep. 49

Autoimmune conditions can leave you suffering everything from histamine flares to inflammation, so what is the link to SIBO? This week Rebecca is joined by Heidi Turner, a functional dietitian/nutritionist who specialises in SIBO and other digestive disorders. They discuss why it’s so important to calm our systems for recovery, how that can achieved through listening to our own bodies and why relying on our intuition is key. Shownotes: Keywords:...


Fertility and gut health with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack | Ep. 48

Are you aware of the affect that your gut health can have on your fertility? Lisa Hendrickson-Jack, a Fertility Awareness Educator, joins Rebecca this week to discuss the important connection between female menstrual cycles and your gut health. They talk about how to chart your cycle to check your fertility, diet and lifestyle changes that can help with fertility and what to do if you cycle is not ‘normal’. Lisa explains how taking control of your own cycle is not only empowering but also...


Low tox living with Cara Little | Ep. 47

What does ‘low tox’ living mean and how you can achieve it? The products you put on your body and use around your home are just as important as what you put into your body, and a few simple changes can help to limit your exposure to toxins that many products contain. Cara Little, a Pharmacist and founder of Pure Home Body, joins Rebecca to discuss how you can make those changes and what ingredients you should try to avoid and why. Shownotes: Keywords: low tox...


Going organic with Nicole Robins | Ep. 46

Have you been considering going organic? If you’re feeling confused about organic food then this week’s podcast is for you. Nicole Robins, Holistic Nutritionist and Organic market owner joins Rebecca for a live podcast recording in her store in Vancouver BC, to discuss how and why you might want to make the swap.They talk about the differences between organic, certified organic and biodynamic and how eating seasonally helps to ensure that your body is getting the right nutrients at the...


SIBO and men with Dr Jason Wysocki | Ep. 45

For many men gut health is at the back of the queue when it comes to taking care of themselves. Dr Jason Wysocki joins Rebecca to discuss how important it is for men to address any gut health concerns and the far reaching effect that poor gut function can have on overall health. They look at the differences between male and female symptoms of SIBO, male hormone issues and the effects of adhesions from sport and surgeries. Shownotes: Keywords: SIBO, male health,...


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