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Autoimmunity and SIBO with Heidi Turner | Ep. 49

Autoimmune conditions can leave you suffering everything from histamine flares to inflammation, so what is the link to SIBO? This week Rebecca is joined by Heidi Turner, a functional dietitian/nutritionist who specialises in SIBO and other digestive disorders. They discuss why it’s so important to calm our systems for recovery, how that can achieved through listening to our own bodies and why relying on our intuition is key. Shownotes: Keywords:...

Duration: 01:14:14

Fertility and gut health with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack | Ep. 48

Are you aware of the affect that your gut health can have on your fertility? Lisa Hendrickson-Jack, a Fertility Awareness Educator, joins Rebecca this week to discuss the important connection between female menstrual cycles and your gut health. They talk about how to chart your cycle to check your fertility, diet and lifestyle changes that can help with fertility and what to do if you cycle is not ‘normal’. Lisa explains how taking control of your own cycle is not only empowering but also...

Duration: 01:23:10

Low tox living with Cara Little | Ep. 47

What does ‘low tox’ living mean and how you can achieve it? The products you put on your body and use around your home are just as important as what you put into your body, and a few simple changes can help to limit your exposure to toxins that many products contain. Cara Little, a Pharmacist and founder of Pure Home Body, joins Rebecca to discuss how you can make those changes and what ingredients you should try to avoid and why. Shownotes: Keywords: low tox...

Duration: 01:13:51

Going organic with Nicole Robins | Ep. 46

Have you been considering going organic? If you’re feeling confused about organic food then this week’s podcast is for you. Nicole Robins, Holistic Nutritionist and Organic market owner joins Rebecca for a live podcast recording in her store in Vancouver BC, to discuss how and why you might want to make the swap.They talk about the differences between organic, certified organic and biodynamic and how eating seasonally helps to ensure that your body is getting the right nutrients at the...

Duration: 00:46:58

SIBO and men with Dr Jason Wysocki | Ep. 45

For many men gut health is at the back of the queue when it comes to taking care of themselves. Dr Jason Wysocki joins Rebecca to discuss how important it is for men to address any gut health concerns and the far reaching effect that poor gut function can have on overall health. They look at the differences between male and female symptoms of SIBO, male hormone issues and the effects of adhesions from sport and surgeries. Shownotes: Keywords: SIBO, male health,...

Duration: 01:03:36

Going low carb with Steph Lowe | Ep. 44

If you’ve been considering going low carb then this week’s podcast is essential listening. Steph Lowe, The Natural Nutritionist, joins Rebecca to talk all about the features and benefits of a low carb diet. They discuss how the diet works and why we should be eating real, unprocessed foods. Steph also tells us more about the how introducing more natural fats into your diet can help you achieve satiety to discourage unnecessary snacking. Shownotes: Keywords:...

Duration: 00:59:06

Facing food fears with Angela Pifer | Ep. 43

Food can become an emotional subject when you have SIBO. This week functional medical nutritionist, aka the SIBO Guru Angela Pifer, returns to talk about facing food fears. Angela discusses the different SIBO diet choices, managing flairs and why it’s so important to remember that cheating will not make SIBO return. She also looks at the impact that being more relaxed about food can have on recovery. Shownotes: Keywords: SIBO, SIBO diet, SIBO treatment,...

Duration: 01:06:50

How to have a diverse microbiome with Dr Norm Robillard | Ep. 42

When your gut is working hard to heal having a healthy, diverse microbiome is key to success. Dr Norm Robillard, of the Digestive Health Institute and creator of the Fast Tract Diet, joins Rebecca in a live podcast recorded in his garden in Boston to talk about all the elements that need to be in place in our diet and lifestyle to create a diverse microbiome. Dr Robillard also answers questions from the live audience. Shownotes: Keywords: SIBO, SIBO...

Duration: 01:06:42

A Health Coach's SIBO journey with Angela Privin | Ep. 41

Sharing our SIBO stories can be a positive way of supporting our own SIBO journey. Digestive Health Coach Angela Privin joins Rebecca this week sharing her own experience of treating and recovering from SIBO. They talk about the key tools for a successful, positive SIBO journey and the gateway to transformation. Shownotes: Keywords: SIBO, SIBO journey, surviving SIBO, wellness journey, wellness, SIBO treatment, SIBO protocols, How to recover from SIBO,...

Duration: 01:08:18

Mind, body and spirit with Dr Jason Wysocki | Ep. 40

When we consider mind, body and spirit together we can create a uniting force that will empower us on our journey to recovery. This week Dr Jason Wysocki joins Rebecca for a live podcast recording at 8 Hearts in Portland, Oregon. He talks about how the connection of mind, body and spirit working together can help with dealing with a chronic illness. They also discuss finding your own ‘normal’, acceptance, creating your community and the importance of self care. Shownotes:...

Duration: 01:06:36

Mindset with Kirstin Bouse | Ep. 38

Having a positive mindset is a valuable tool for life, even more so when you are dealing with a chronic illness. Psychologist Kirstin Bouse talks about how, and why, mindset is a big part of a successful SIBO journey. She talks about how to create positivity in your day to day life by identifying the good things and focusing on them. Kirstin tells us more about why creating small pockets of time for yourself, when you have a busy life, is so valuable and how activities you fill your spare...

Duration: 01:07:59

Oral health and SIBO with Dr Melanie Keller | Ep. 37

Have you considered the importance of oral health on your digestion and gut health? Dr Melanie Keller returns to explain the crucial role your mouth plays in the digestive process. Dr Keller discusses with Rebecca the risk factors associated with poor dental health, from smoking to regular snacking. They look at how we can achieve good dental hygiene and the impact that this can have on our overall health. Dr Keller also explains more about the relationship between bacteria in the gut and...

Duration: 01:24:08

Thyroid and SIBO with Dr Michael Ruscio | Ep. 36

If you’re considering whether your thyroid is part of your health puzzle then this week’s podcast is essential listening. Dr Michael Ruscio returns to The Healthy Gut podcast to talk about the gut/thyroid connection and SIBO. Dr Ruscio discusses how to know if you have thyroid issues, what symptoms to look out for and what tests are worth doing. They also look at how problems with your thyroid can interact with other conditions and which you should treat first, SIBO or your...

Duration: 01:16:31

Creating your SIBO Dream Team with Shivan Sarna |Ep. 35

Do you have a Dream Team supporting your SIBO journey? This week Rebecca is joined by TV personality Shivan Sarna to talk all about how creating a Dream Team has helped to empower her on her own SIBO journey. They chat about why perseverance and persistence are so important when investigating your gut health and seeking a diagnosis. Shivan and Rebecca also explore how you can manage the financial element of testing and treating SIBO and look at which tests are important and which ones can...

Duration: 00:55:31

Going gluten free with Heather Jacobsen | Ep. 34

If you’ve considered going gluten free then this week’s podcast is a must. Rebecca is joined by Heather Jacobsen from Stuffed Pepper to talk all about how, and why, you might decide to go gluten free. They chat about how Heather’s own journey through various childhood conditions, abdominal surgery and an autoimmune condition has led her to a gluten free life. Heather talks about how gluten sensitivity manifests itself, the symptoms and how to manage changing your diet for optimum gut...

Duration: 01:00:51

US Tour: Portland & Seattle Events Announced

Meet Rebecca Coomes in person as she tours the US this June and July to promote the launch of her US cookbooks and hosts live recordings of The Healthy Gut podcast. For more info, head to Rebecca will be speaking at a variety of events in Portland from 23-25 June, including two live recordings of The Healthy Gut podcast. Join her as she interviews the Queen of SIBO, Dr Allison Siebecker. Dr Jason Wysocki is joining Rebecca to talk about Mind, Body and Spirit and...

Duration: 00:09:21

Visceral mobilisation with Alyssa Tait | Ep. 33

If you are experiencing pelvic pain alongside your gut issues, did you know that the two can be linked? This week Alyssa Tait joins Rebecca to talk all about visceral mobilisation. Alyssa Tait is a physiotherapist and naturopath with a special interest in abdominal and pelvic pain disorders, the gut and urogenital issues. Alyssa and Rebecca talk about the reasons why chronic pelvic pain can have an effect on your gut’s effectiveness. They also look at what the risk factors are for...

Duration: 01:14:12

Functional Gut Health and Dr. Anthony Hobson | Ep. 32

This week Rebecca is joined by Dr Anthony Hobson to talk all about functional gut health. Dr Hobson is from the UK and is an internationally renowned gastro physiologist. Rebecca and Dr Hobson talk about why it’s important to adopt a holistic approach in diagnosis and assessing gut function from ‘top to bottom’. They also look at the variety of GI function tests available and which are most valuable when looking for a diagnosis of gut health issues. Dr Hobson also explains more about how...

Duration: 01:14:24

Lyme Disease and SIBO with Dr Farshid Rahbar | Ep. 31

This week Rebecca is joined by Dr Farshid Sam Rahbar to talk about Lyme Disease and SIBO. Dr Rahbar is an acclaimed gastroenterologist with a passion for using the ‘whole-person’ approach in treatment. Rebecca and Dr Rahbar talk about the link between Lyme Disease and SIBO, how it’s caused, its symptoms, risk factors and the treatments available. They also chat about how important it is to map out your own medical history, to determine which symptoms are digestive or non-digestive and how...

Duration: 00:48:56

Coeliac Disease with Dr. Lisa Shaver | Ep. 30

Dr Lisa Shaver is a naturopathic doctor who specialises in digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, neurotransmitter balancing and autoimmune conditions. Dr Shaver joins Rebecca to talk about about Coeliac Disease and gluten free diets. They chat about the differences between Coeliac Disease, non-Coeliac gluten sensitivity and wheat allergies. Dr Shaver discusses how these different conditions manifest themselves and talks through the various symptoms that can be experienced. She and...

Duration: 01:14:13

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