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The Heroik Hour 23 - When Not To Follow The Leader

On this episode I’m going to talk a bit about leadership and decision making, and the different ways we sabotage our thinking when we blindly follow the playbooks industry leaders and celebrities. The faulty logic that tricks us into fast decisions, that aren’t necessarily good ones. We’re calling this one - when not to follow the leader

Duration: 00:22:50

Episode 022 - Keeping It Real- 4 Steps To Make Your Vision A Reality

Learn a simple, quick 4 step process to go from vision to reality in this episode of The Heroik Hour Podcast.

Duration: 00:19:37

The Heroik Hour Episode 21- Clear Vision Or Unique Purpose - Which Comes First?

In this episode, we discuss which is more important to develop first, a clear vision or a "unique" purpose. If you're stuck or frozen in a sense of lost identity and haven't declared a vision yet - this episode is for you.

Duration: 00:29:38

Episode 19 - Developing a Personal Brand 8 Questions Of Character

On this episode, we continue our series on Building the CAPE and getting clarity of Character, Alignment of values and principles, a true sense of Purpose, and a wealth of energy to see things through. This Episode is focused on 8 questions to answer to help you define your personal brand, your character, and to walk forward with in business and life.

Duration: 00:31:21

The Heroik Hour 18 - Operating Without A CAPE

This episode covers the 7 Deadly Symptoms of operating without a CAPE - Clarity and confidence of Character, Alignment of values and practices, a true sense of Purpose, and a wealth of Energy to see your goals through. This is a good one, that is jammed packed into 24 minutes. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:25:02

Episode17 - EDC Values and Principles

In part 3 of the EDC (EveryDayCarry), the discussion is focused on 4 Core Heroik Concepts and the connected values that can help optimize and uphold high-performance work and life.

Duration: 00:23:39

Episode 15 - EDC Gear Edition - 13 Tools For The Digital Nomad And Tactical Pro

In this episode, Nicholas introduces the concept of EDC, Every Day Carry, and covers 13 pieces of battle proven, everyday gear recommendations for the digital nomad or tactical professional. He also talks about 4 principles behind his choices as well. This is Part 1 of 3 episodes on EDC for technology.

Duration: 00:31:04

The Heroik Hour 11 - Dark Arts Of Social Media - 10:6:16, 3.05 PM

In this episode, we discuss the strategies behind the Heroik Guide to The Dark Arts of Social Media - we cover concepts, hacks, strategies and tips to grow your following on many of the popular platforms and give a teaser of what you'll find in the downloadable guide.

Duration: 00:38:35

10- Every Brand Deserves a CAPE: Character, Alignment, Purpose & Energy

In this episode we talk about why every brand deserves a CAPE; Character, Alignment, Purpose and Energy. We address the 4 big crises brands struggle with today, the 7 shifts that have increased the pressure and opportunity to build a CAPE, and some tips and tricks on this journey. Listen all the way through for the Hidden Track After Party for even more tips.

Duration: 00:38:12

The Heroik Hour 09 - From The Ground Up - 11 Tips For Pivots & Do Overs 9:21:16, 10.55 AM

In this episode, we reflect on 15+ years of Heroik endeavor and give you 11 tips for epic business practice from the ground up. Whether you're looking to making a pivot, starting over - again, or for the first time. There are plenty of mcnuggets of wisdom you need to hear or hear again to reaffirm you are on the right track. LISTEN TO THE VERY END FOR THE HIDDEN TRACK AFTER PARTY! :)

Duration: 00:45:32

The Heroik Hour 08- Supercharge Self Worth

In this episode, we expand on the skills required to cultivate confidence and bravery required to face uncertainty on a regular basis. It all stems from fueling a positive, healthy, and great sense of self worth. We provide 16 actionable tips in this episode so it's worth a listen.

Duration: 00:28:19

The Heroik Hour 07 - Meetings & The Power Of The CAPE

In this episode, we talk about how to bring your own bravery, become your own X-factor, and confidently rock the meeting room to ensure your ideas get a fair shake. Specifically we discuss strategies and tactics to ensure you're confident, mission ready, armed with some verbal judo, to tell truth to power, and confront any bigotry and BS that may arise.

Duration: 00:31:58

06 Big Data - Does More Guarantee Better?

In this episode, we get our feet wet with some big concepts of big data, what it is, what it can do, what it can't do, how it's used and abused, how it can create some major drags, and what to do to address them.

Duration: 00:27:18

Episode Alpha - What is this Heroik TLC you speak of?

In this episode, I outline the goals of the show, try and set the tone and provide a little bit of my personal background to establish my bootstrapping street cred. I also talk about the BS models and things not to listen to, and the muses you should ignore if they haven't address the same challenges/circumstances that you're facing.

Duration: 00:23:19

04 Exploration - How to Create a No-Lose Scenario

In this episode, I quickly recap the previous episodes, and talk about how to go about trying new things, exploring new endeavors and packing a parachute, or planning/engineering a no-lose scenario.

Duration: 00:25:48

03 Discernment - How to Quickly Sort the Best From the Rest and Focus on the Important

This episode is all about the TLC of discernment. I discuss the ins, outs and applications of discernment across technology, leadership and culture. 12 Product recommendations and 8 tips for culture and leadership building. This is a bit long but good nonetheless.

Duration: 00:49:08

02 Abundance - How to Build, Live & Enjoy The Great Life

In this episode, you'll learn a more practical and functional definition of an abundant mindset, one that is fit for the real world. You'll also learn about how to build, live and enjoy the great life.

Duration: 00:44:51

01 - Mastery - Heroes are Made by Focusing on Mastery and Craft

In the first EVER Heroik podcast, we cover the notion that heroes aren't born they are MADE, through their commitment to Mastery, Abundance, Discernment, and Exploration. And in part one of this 4 part series, we're focused on Mastery.

Duration: 00:28:16