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Jeff and Jason are your podcast hosts discussing everything from comics to movies to television shows (Walking Dead, Arrow, etc.) and all things geek related.

Jeff and Jason are your podcast hosts discussing everything from comics to movies to television shows (Walking Dead, Arrow, etc.) and all things geek related.
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Cincinnati, OH


Jeff and Jason are your podcast hosts discussing everything from comics to movies to television shows (Walking Dead, Arrow, etc.) and all things geek related.




Ep. 216--Colossus and a Truck!

The HOBI Gang is all Olympic-out so back to their normal format this week! Jason and Jeff give their non-spoiler review of Black Panther and love it so much that Blake can't even distract them! HOBI gets a review of the Cloverfield Paradox from the Pop Culture Cafe, are intrigued by Game of Thrones in the Star Wars Universe and grossed out by the behind the scenes of Fifty Shades Freed. Jason still can't understand Peter Rabbit's staying power, no one understands curling cheaters but they do...


Ep. 215--Healthy Government Cheese!

The HOBI Gang has Olympic fever and the only cure for it is to talk about it! The guys give an update on if other states freak out over two inches of snow, where to buy Riverdale-themed Valentine's Day gifts and embrace their new pilot call signs! The gang is excited for the Black Panther premiere as well as the return of the Shirtless Tongan and debate how much the Olympics is actually worth to a country. Jason goes on a rant about the travesty of Peter Rabbit and the guys reminisce about...


Ep. 214--No Human Faces!

The HOBI Gang is recovering from a Cincinnati Beerfest and Super Bowl hangover, especially Jim, but they still have the energy to talk the latest in pop culture! Jason is the only one excited about the new Cloverfield and Jurassic World films, Blake is happy about the updated Buy/Sell segment, and Jeff is angry about losing the Clue Draft Day. The gang debate the good and bad of all the recent movie trailers and Jason goes down the wormhole that is Westworld, season 2! The guys prepare for...


Ep. 213--Get a Clue!

The HOBI Gang is fired up this week as they talk the greatness of the original Clue movie while debate, argue and draft a new cast for Ryan Reynolds' Clue movie! The guys determine if Blake really starred in the Mudbound film, wonder what Muppet that artist Jay Fosgitt should draw as a horror character and even give updates on the latest pilots for the Fall Television season. Jason is thrilled that the XFL is back, the gang wonder what Jesus' phone number is and list their Top Five Favorite...


Ep. 212--Smarter Than a Yam!

The HOBI Gang has a full house as Number 1 Fan Doug stops by to talk his latest Disney trip, debate Gronk's intelligence, and the greatness of Disney's Robin Hood! HOBI has a big news update on the upcoming future of DC Films, the disappointment of WWE Raw 25, debate if the Razzies even matter and Jason becomes irate with everyone as they mock his speech impediment. The guys, after wondering about the latest Maze Runner film, go different with their Top 5 this week as they list their...


Ep. 211---House of Gump!

The HOBI Gang is celebrating their four year anniversary by doing something different, talking about current pop culture events! The guys have moved past the Last Jedi debate and are now wondering about a new show runner for The Walking Dead, the film that will disappoint the most in 2018 and the return of Conan to Marvel! Number 1 Fan Doug celebrates the anniversary by calling in from AvatarLand in Disney and Jim tries to give out Jason's cell phone for future call-ins! Blake impersonates a...


Ep. 210--Ode to Henno!

The HOBI gang is back in the BOB Studios with a brand new original episode and even Dr. Bednar stops by! The guys are excited to be back after their long holiday break, the hurricane snow on the East Coast, and their survival rate after being teleported to a fictional universe. Jeff explains the difficulty and fun in playing the legacy game Charterstone, Jason tries to fake some feeling towards Marvin Lewis and the Bengals while Blake is conflicted about caring about the X-Files anymore! The...


Ep. 209--Guests of HOBI Past!

Are you new to HOBI and the crew or do you just love our guests more than you love Blake, Jeff and Jason? Well then this is the episode catch up on and ring in the new year! The guys reminisce about all their great guests in the past year or two including Sean and Ian from Pittsburgh Nerd, Matthew aka Daddy Waffle, Dev the Sigh Guy, Neil from Dark Angels and Pretty Feet and more! The guys even learn how to run a comic book store from the good chaps at the Salty Language Podcast! This episode...


Ep. 208--The Floppy Awards!

It's the annual 2017 HOBI Floppy Awards episode as we present the best and worst in pop culture! The guys are joined by an esteemed roundtable of guests and their podcast buddies as they present the winners for Idahoian of the Year, Worst New Television Show and many more. Will Riverdale sneak in and shock the world as Best Comic Book Themed Show or will Gotham somehow win for a fourth time? Join HOBI as Henno, 365 Flicks Podcast, Green Up Podcast, Who the What Now, Salty Language and many...


Ep. 207--I Can't Read What I Wrote!

It's the annual HOBI Roundtable episode as the BOB Studios welcomes the best, and most available, guests of the year back to talk the latest in pop culture! The guys give a non-spoiler review of the Last Jedi and surprisingly Scab Jeff is not a fan, much to Jason and Jeff's chagrin. Number 1 Fan Doug has some sad wrestling news, Dr. Bednar is recovered from his "shoulder" injury but doesn't have a new song, and even Nic the Gimp shows up for the holidays! Jason does his best impression of...


Ep. 206--Jurassic Park of the Caribbean!

HOBI is at full strength this week as they are preparing for the holidays and Blake finally defeated the plague! The guys are getting excited for The Last Jedi, well at least one of them is, Jeff doesn't condone the Watchmen in the DC Universe, and Blake explains the plot to Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom. Director Dom Lenoir and actor Matt Hookings stop by to talk their new film, Winter Ridge, and Jason warns them of the plague Kevin Can Wait! The guys debate how bad Ferdinand looks and list...


Ep. 205--Spacey's Playhouse!

The HOBI Gang is going old school at the table this week and they actually sound good together! The guys talk the creepiness of having a button under your desk, why Dengue Fever is popular and even their thoughts on the new tax bill! The gang tries to determine how the Jungle Cruise movie will be exactly like the Indiana Jones franchise, rules on stealing beer and Jason is giddy like a schoolgirl over the Jurassic World sequel. The guys are disappointed in the week's movie releases but their...


Ep. 204--Peter Dinklage of Pez!

The HOBI Gang has a full studio this week as Jeff's brother, Jim, sits in with the crew and Number One Fan Doug joins them as well! The gang talks worst Disney characters, the Brits getting an American princess, and Blake suffers through a Browns game in person. Jason discusses yelling at obstacles on Black Friday, Blake gets mad at a major death in the upcoming X-Men Dark Phoenix film, and no one cares about a new Dune film! Doug explains the short that isn't a short, Olaf's Frozen...


Ep. 203--Jesus Goes to War!

Jeanie, formerly of the Salty Language Podcast, joins HOBI to talk her disdain of Riverdale, her love of Toledo and what's it like to be married to a bearded adonis! Jason is intrigued by Amazon's adaptation of The Boys, Jeff, thanks to a great fan, got a Playstation 4 and Jeanie gives her recommendation for Thanksgiving week fun. The gang find out they have enough pull in the industry to make EA change their payment system on Star Wars Battlefront Two, well in theory, and Jim starts his...


Ep. 202--With Apologies, Wynonna Earpers!

This HOBI podcast episode is chock full of amazing geek news at the guys are debating Lord of the Rings on Amazon,Apple entering the original content market and even try to figure out the joy of Wynonna Earp! A brand new segment is introduced, Boardroom, and killed in one episode as the gang tries to figure out what to do with the new Star Wars trilogy and Jeff's brother Jim admits to being the producer of Daddy's Home 2. Blake and Jason are ticked off at the amount that Star Wars:...


Ep. 201--The 100: The Battle of Thermos!

The HOBI Gang is in the studio and getting back into their normal routine by debating Brian Michael Bendis leaving Marvel for DC, Kevin James starring in House of Cards and a review of Blade Runner 2049! Blake is worried about the Lord of the Rings coming to television, Jason still despises Kevin Spacey, and Jeff receives a special package from his admirer, Nick Albright! Jason debates his feelings for Thor: Ragnarok, debate the Battle of Thermos and talk their Top 5 Television Shows That...


Ep. 200--Gopher Farmer and Bacon-Meister!

The HOBI Gang is back in the studio and celebrating episode 200! The guys are giddy after not seeing each other for a few weeks and are catching up with the Walking Dead, Stranger Things 2, and the Orville! The guys bring back a few old segments to honor their 200th episode, make a tribute to Number 1 Fan Doug, and find out if Blake is a robot or not! Blake tries to explain the time paradox in the Terminator franchise, Jason is rusty at impressions and Jeff sets the rules for Pittsburgh...


Ep. 199--Jeff Glacier!

It's HOBI's last episode recorded at the 2017 Cincinnati Comic Expo! The guys welcome Jeff's brother, Jim, back on the stage and talk old school WCW wrestling including the amazing Glacier! The gang wonders if the Rolling Stone magazine is pointless and are still impressed with the cosplay at the Expo. Much to Number One Fan Doug's happiness, the gang discuss Rotten Tomatoes ranking of all Disney Animated films, while Jason still can't understand the appeal of Beauty and the Beast. The...


Ep. 198--What's in the Box?

The full HOBI gang is here this week to talk all things geeky including the recasting Riverdale with the cast of Kevin James shows, hanging out with podcast buddies in Cincinnati and still trying to figure out the best doughnut in the land! The guys are even joined by Dev from the Shot of History podcast to talk Game of Thrones, Dungeons and Dragons and the joy people get from being an elf or even a dungeon master. Jeff's brother takes one for the team and buys a mystery box and the guys...


Ep. 197--So I Bought a Llama!

This is it, the llama story episode! So you think HOBI can't reach a new low? Well be prepared as Scab Jeff raises, or lowers, the bar on empathy. The guys debate the greatest combination of the Four Horsemen, sorry Paul Roma, and are curious how Star Trek might possibly sue the Orville. The gang tries to figure out the purpose of the new film The Foreigner, if apple fritters are considered breakfast food and guest Jim teases the big box reveal! This episode is filled with guests from 365...


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