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Jeff and Jason are your podcast hosts discussing everything from comics to movies to television shows (Walking Dead, Arrow, etc.) and all things geek related.




Ep. 189--Rub Some Honey On It!

The HOBI Gang officially get the woman's perspective by inviting Jeanie from Salty Language Podcast fame onto the show! The guys and Jeanie talk Point Break, the gluttony of craft beers in Michigan and the success of Riverdale at the Teen Choice Awards! Jeff and Blake continue their love for all things Game of Thrones while Jason and Jeanie try to sort out what Bruce Springsteen is doing on Broadway. Jason is excited that the Nut Job 2 failed at the box office, Jeanie mocks Ohio and Jeff and...

Duration: 02:13:46

Ep. 188--Dungeons and Drag Queens!

The HOBI Gang is flushed with guests as we welcome Number 1 Fan Ape Hands Doug in the studio to talk Disney and the failure of the Dark Universe! The gang reveals the winner of the months long HOBI Favorite Video Game Console Poll along with talking the latest on Game of Thrones! Jason is still excited about Riverdale despite the hatred from the rest of the panel, Blake reviews the Dark Tower film and Jeff explains the disdain for Miami Vice. Andrew from the Cincinnati Comic Expo stops by at...

Duration: 02:22:04

Ep. 187--No Space Violence!

The HOBI Gang has to delay the women's perspective but the guys still are having fun talking marrying Ryan Gosling but not the same fate with Steve Guttenberg! The gang talk the proper hygiene of beards, the correct amount to tip, and the possibility of OJ Simpson joining the HOBI crew! Jeff talks Game of Thrones, Blake goes nuts on the Terminator reboot, and Jason is finally caught up on Preacher. The gang still can't believe how much money Valerian will lose, introduce the Bizarro...

Duration: 02:03:51

Ep. 186--Louvre Job!

The HOBI Gang is all back together this week and ready to talk all the latest from San Diego Comic Con! Jeff is the only ray of hope regarding Marvel's Inhumans, Jason is finally excited about Justice League and Blake tries to explain the science of French tastes! Jason and Jeff talk about their latest vacation, Jason has perfected a new impression and Blake doesn't know how much to tip the whole service industry. The gang discuss the success of Dunkirk, the failure of Valerian and list...

Duration: 02:20:19

Ep. 185--HOBI Goes Speedo!

THe HOBI Gang is in Port St. Joe, Florida but that doesn't stop them from recording a brand new episode! The guys talk Disney D23 announcements, Dr. Who becoming a woman and the passing of several well known celebrities! Jeff and Jason are in positive spirits this week due to vacation so they have now "downs" in the Up/Down section and try to get everyone to lighten up on fictional television shows. The guys are intrigued by Christopher Nolan's latest film, Dunkirk, and are celebrated by the...

Duration: 00:58:52

Ep. 184--Limp Bacon!

The HOBI Gang is back and stronger than ever after the Fourth of July week! The guys deliver a non-spoiler Spider-Man: Homecoming review, select the second basemen in the HOBI MLB All-Time Competition, and the final first round winners of the favorite Video Game Console War is announced! Jeff is too preoccupied with the All-Star Game to listen to Blake and Jason talk Preacher but is intrigued by longer episodes of Game of Thrones but not She-Venom in the Venom film! The guys talk opening...

Duration: 02:25:02

Ep. 183--Breath of Silence!

It may be a long episode but it's a good one! The HOBI Gang has two guests this week as Number 1 Fan Doug is in the studio to talk Disney and Jeff's brother Jim returns to talk wrestling! The guys are indifferent on Marvel's Inhumans, Jason learns about Plushophillia, and Jim does the best impressions on the show. The gang debate Spider-Man Homecoming impacting Wonder Woman at the box office, the greatness of Will Ferrell calling out Mariah Carey, and even discuss why a film should have more...

Duration: 02:31:31

Ep. 182--Creole Superman!

After last week's spirited episode, the HOBI Gang is more civilized this week as they talk the Tremors reboot, debate the Preacher season premiere and if Venom is even in the Marvel Universe! Blake gets angry over another Damon Lindelof television show while Jason can't understand why the Gong Show is on the air, and Jeff has to explain why Transformers failed at the box office. The guys discover the FBI was actually investigating Dungeons and Dragons players in the 1980s and pre-celebrate...

Duration: 02:26:14

Ep. 181--Sharecropping in Disney!

The HOBI Gang welcomes Number One Fan Doug into the BOB Studios to talk his latest visit to Disney World and Pandora, aka AvatarLand and to teach the gang some Disney history! The guys are hating on Transformers even before it is released, Blake hates the fake news surrounding Wonder Woman while Jason lightens the mood with impressions of celebrity siblings! The gang is scared of Bat-nipples, Jeff gets angry at people that don't understand Lost while Doug is only interested in a new Atari...

Duration: 02:12:52

Ep. 180--My Daddy Killed Jedi Babies!

The HOBI Gang have a lot to catch up on from the past week including Adam West and Glenne Headley passing away, the Mummy unraveling at the box office and the listeners really want to talk about the Top 5 from last week! Blake still hasn't bought a tiny house yet, Jason can't believe the power of the Beverly Hillbillies and Jeff is corrected on the beers to drink. The guys, thanks to Dev, draft Cop Land, but then are angered by the lack of effort Warner Brothers put into Wonder Woman! The...

Duration: 02:09:45

Ep. 179--I Can't Control the Tardis!

New episode of HOBI has the guys talking Number One Fan Doug visiting Pandora: World of Avatar at Disney World and waiting six hours for an amusement park ride! Blake and Jason haven't seen the season premiere of Fear the Walking Dead but still review it and Jeff disappoints Jason by not watching the latest season of the Amazing Race yet. The guys reveal two winners for the Best Video Game Console, debate if the Wonder Woman film is truly great and talk Mark Hamill's unhappiness with The...

Duration: 01:53:19

Ep. 178--Vote for Pippa's Bum!

Blake is back in the BOB Studios so HOBI is full strength this week! The guys debate the resurrection of the Washington Generals, the flawless victory for the Nintendo Entertainment System, and who our British chaps should vote for overseas! Blake made his annual trek to the Abbey Road on the River, a Beatles tribute festival and like only Blake can, has a few stories to tell! Our listeners rock it with reviews of Alien: Covenant, The Mick and John Wick 2 while Jason is struggling with the...

Duration: 02:21:58

Ep. 177--Quasimodo: Friend Zone!

The HOBI Gang is going old school with a two man booth and talking changes to the Justice League film, Jughead's helmet, and the latest lackluster news on Dark Universe! The guys talk to writer Andrea Molinari regarding his graphic novel The Shepherd: Apokatastasis, the creative process, and how the Lions will never win a Super Bowl! Jason gets scolded by a listener for making fun of Gwar and the guys list their Top 5 Worst Literary Character Adaptations to Film! This episode is sponsored...

Duration: 02:17:10

Ep. 176--The Girl From Osaka!

The HOBI Gang is in the studio and talking the most recent television renewals and cancellations, including Jason loving the recent episodes of the Flash! Blake still refuses to talk Riverdale, Jeff is angry at his car and Jason wonders why Ryan Seacrest is still on television. The guys suffer through drafting a new King of Queens cast while Blake just quits altogether, but they feel better about themselves as they mock the bust that is King Arthur! Listeners give their own list of...

Duration: 01:58:57

Ep. 175--Put the Pudding in the Pudding Pops!

The HOBI Gang ushers in 175 episodes by talking Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 but its non-spoiler and the show goes off the rails pretty early! Jason loves the latest episodes of Riverdale, much to Jeff and Blake's dismay, while Jason is dismayed at Blake and Jeff's taste in old school video game systems. Jeff lays down the rules for shaving his beard, Blake gives a listener a nickname while relishing his latest Draft Day win, and Jason is the kiss of death for Fox television shows! The...

Duration: 02:30:09

Ep. 174--All About Holes!

The HOBI Gang is at full strength tonight as the guys debate the NHL Playoffs (with help from Nickel at Graphic Novice), the disappointment of the Circle, and announce another finalist for the best Netflix original series tournament! The guys bring back Draft Day and draft movie quarterbacks with bad Cleveland Browns quarterbacks, much to Blake's chagrin. Jason and Jeff are excited for Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 this week and Blake is not interested in another turn at the X-Files!...

Duration: 02:11:45

Ep. 173--The Jedi of Berkeley!

The HOBI Gang is all together and welcomes Andrew, founder of the Cincinnati Comic Expo, back into the studio to discuss Star Wars Celebration and opening a Disney store! In the most disjointed episode ever, the guys talk the relevance of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions, surviving a genocide, and Blake catching up on films from the past three decades! Despite the Marvel debacle, Jason tries to be a Latin lover but can't find the right music while Andrew announces more guests for...

Duration: 02:03:02

Ep. 172--Spock This Five Dollar Bill!

Blake returns to the BOB Studios and HOBI! Jeff and Jason welcome Blake back by talking all things Star Wars including Star Wars Celebration, the trailer for the Last Jedi and if Rey really is a Palpatine! The guys debate the new Mystery Science Theater 3000, Jason is almost done with Luke Cage and HOBI receives an audio review from the Pop Culture Podcast. Blake enjoys stranding people in the wilderness with only cameras available to survive but will only tolerate binge watching 12...

Duration: 02:23:50

Ep. 171--Jesus Didn't Rise on a Sunday!

The HOBI Gang welcomes DJ to the Stars, the Dittman into the BOB Studios to chat about pop culture! The guys talk the failure that the reboot of the Matrix will be, the trailer for Thor: Ragnarok and how scary Easter Bunnies are! Nickel from the Graphic Novice Podcast stops by for a hockey report but mostly gushes about the Edmonton Oilers while Blake is quieter than usual this week. The gang are terrified of clowns and not just from It, wonder why Smurfs are still relevant and determine...

Duration: 02:11:45

Ep. 170--Whipped Cream Sandwich!

The HOBI Gang is without Blake this week as he is doing his civic duty but the BOB Studios is filled with two guests as Scab Jeff and Number One Fan Doug try to entertain the masses! The guys debate the essence of bologna and whipped cream sandwiches while Jason is tired of Bob Dylan and Jeff has no idea what is going on at WrestleMania! Blake sends in his review of the Walking Dead season finale, Big Dev has a correction for HOBI and the gang debates the hotness of comic strip characters....

Duration: 02:02:52

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