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Hockey News and updates from a fan perspective. Funny, fast, fan-centric. Join us at every week for an update of current events with a comedic spin. A group of fans that spend time traveling to games at all levels in all cities.






Ep.24 - The Flames Move to Seattle?

The boys get together to dull the bordem of the off season to talk about current news stories. Are the Flames heading to Seattle? Is Eugene Melnyk a Genius, or an idiot? We can’t wait for the NHL season so here’s some pre-season Hockey Show to get you through! Sponsors: www.SeatGiant.Ca Use discount code THEHOCKEYSHOW to save on your next sporting even or concert tickets with Seat Giant Music: Archie Powell & the Exports

Duration: 00:57:57

Ep.23 - We Give Jagr a Job

As we are counting down the days until the NHL returns, we hold our first event with some listeners and some of you guys join us on the ice. Tim learns to skate, and we give Jagr a Job since no one else will.

Duration: 00:56:40

Ep.22 - Viva Las Vegas (Season Finale)

The Guys get together to discuss the NHL Expansion Draft The Stanley Cup Final, Vegas, and what our plans our for the Summer how we are going to survive without Hockey, and Tim discovers what a Fidget Spinner is. We also thank you, our loyal listeners.

Duration: 01:04:59

5 Minute Major - Ep. 14 Which Stanley Cup Winner is Going to Vegas?

Do you know how Vegas is picking their players in the upcoming NHL Expansion Draft? The Golden Knights have rules to follow, and the rest of the league has to protect their players from getting burried in the desert. One Player is going from each team… who’s the biggest name going? who’s leaving the Stanley cup Champs? Music: Ya’ Dumped - Kicked in the Head

Duration: 00:05:03

Ep.21 - Games 5, 6 and… Maybe 7?

The Guys get together to discuss the Preds getting back in the series and then laying a huge goose egg in game 5. What will happen in game 6, and do we get to a Game 7, or has Pittsburgh got this wrapped up? Nick meets some whalers Fans, Ed walks through a closed door like the Hulk and Tim Misses Mike. Sponsors: Audible Get a free trial at Music: Kicked in the Head - Arizona

Duration: 01:12:01

Ep.20 - Nashville Comeback, Or are Penguins a Lock?

The guys get together to discuss the possibilty of the Preds coming back, or the Penguins closing the series out, Bad calls by the officials, Bettman tries to shut down our show, Pekke choking in net?, and the typical nonsense you’ve come to love. Music: 156/Silence - Kill to Live for You Sponsor:

Duration: 01:16:29

Ep.19 - The Stanley Cup Final Begins!!

The Guys get together to talk about how the Conference Finals ended. Penguins, Senators, Preds, and Ducks. They weigh in on the Ryan Getzlaf Fine and subsequent backlash. Who you do you think will win the Cup? Subscribe and follow us on Facebook and Twitter Music: Kicked in the Head - All The Way

Duration: 01:25:55

Ep.17 - The Obvious Stanley Cup Champion

The Guys Discuss the ending of the second round, the Conference finals, and… is it obvious who’s going to win the Stanley Cup? Music: Hockey Dad - Can’t Have Them

Duration: 01:23:01

5 Minute Major - Ep.12 The Crosby Conspiracy?

We take 5 minutes in the box to look at the Niskanen Crosby hit in game 3 of Pens Caps, and the subsequent Backlash. Music: Kicked in the Head - Ya Dumped Links:

Duration: 00:07:34

Ep.16 - Who Makes it out of Round 2? (NHL PLAYOFFS)

The Boys re-up their round two picks and decide who make the conference finals. Sponsor: Audible Music: Without Warning - Darkness

Duration: 01:28:53

Ep.13 - The Olympic Suspension

We Discuss Marchand’s Suspension, and the NHL announcing they are pulling out of the 2018 Winter Olympics. Also The playoffs are almost set, WHO DO YOU GOT! Music: Julie Rhodes - Collector Man

Duration: 01:23:13

5 Minute Major - Ep.11 Be a Good Fan

We discuss what it takes to be a Hockey Fan. Music: Kicked in the Head - Ya Dumped

Duration: 00:05:47

Ep.12 - Crosby Slashes us Off the Rails

Sidney Crosby has been busy this past week and has done enough to drive our entire show off the rails. Join the guys as they discuss the playoff picture, what Mike did in Detroit, Where are our local “churches” are, and what we all did for St. Paddy’s Day. Music Guest: Sugar - Pulitzer Prize Fighter PPF on Bandcamp Facebook

Duration: 01:20:34

5 Minute Major - Ep.10 Who’s in, Who’s out (PLAYOFFS)

On this episode of 5 Minute Major we discuss who’s on the Bubble of the Stanley Cup playoffs and who’s going to miss the playoffs all togther. Enjoy the best NHL regular season Hockey you can watch! Music: Kicked in the Head: Ya Dumped

Duration: 00:04:32

Ep.11 - Penguins Fans Hate Everyone, Mike Gets Detained

Sponsored by To win an NHL Team (of your choice) onesie. Listen for instructions on how to enter! Winner announced on 3/18. Mike travels to Windsor, ON and crosses the border to Detroit to go to a Redwings game and finds himself in a bit of trouble, and the guys back at the studio talk about Tom Sestito (Not Tostitos, Ed) Music: MAMA - Lazer Lover

Duration: 01:16:42

5 Minute Major - Ep.9 The Secret Clickbait that kept Duchene in Colorado (NHL trade deadline)

This weeks 5 Minute Major we talk about the NHL trade deadline and how every media outlet likes to make things up to get clicks (wink wink) Music: Kicked in the Head - Ya Dumped

Duration: 00:05:19

Ep.10 - Suspensions and Hiding the Evidence

The Guys discuss Carey Price destroying Survellience tapes, Therrien “Abusing” Andrew Shaw. Trade Rumors and the suspensions (Nyquist, Vermette, Trouba….annnd not malkin and crosby) Music: Await Rescue - Gone too Far

Duration: 01:16:53

5 Minute Major - Ep.8 Imbecile Complet (Complete Idiot)

This weeks 5 minute Major we talk about the Montreal Canadiens coaching change, and the fire Marc Bergevin just lit under his own desk chair. Music: Kicked in the Head - Ya Dumped

Duration: 00:04:18

Ep.9 - Hartford, Amy Smart, Scotch, and Claude

Music: Deleria - Carissa Johnson The guys have a scotch delievered to the studio by Amy Smart, while discussing Claude Julien, The Islanders moving, and how much Ed Loves Tom Brady. Call us with your thoughts and questions at 42-Hockey-41 (424)-625-3941

Duration: 01:25:02

5 Minute Major - Ep.7 The Islanders in a Cold War?

On this weeks 5 minute major we discuss the New York Islanders and the crumbling relationship with Mikhail Prokhorov the owner of Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Are the New York Islanders leaving New York? Leave us a message with your thoughts 424-625-3941 Music: Kicked in the Head - Ya Dumped

Duration: 00:05:02

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