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Hockey News and updates from a fan perspective. Funny, fast, fan-centric. Join us at every week for an update of current events with a comedic spin. A group of fans that spend time traveling to games at all levels in all cities.

Hockey News and updates from a fan perspective. Funny, fast, fan-centric. Join us at every week for an update of current events with a comedic spin. A group of fans that spend time traveling to games at all levels in all cities.
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Hockey News and updates from a fan perspective. Funny, fast, fan-centric. Join us at every week for an update of current events with a comedic spin. A group of fans that spend time traveling to games at all levels in all cities.






Ep.37 - Who’s sneaking into The NHL Playoffs?

Take a listen as the boys get together to discuss who are the Front runners in the NHL and who might be sneaking in to disrupt some first round match ups. Catch up with the guys leave your comments below on who you think might be an NHL dark horse this post season. Music: MAMA - Laserlover


Ep.36 - NHL Trade Deadline, How’d Your Team Do?

Mike hops a flight to Nashville to track down Carrie Underwood, while the rest of the guys discuss the NHL trade deadline, the impact to your team. As well as the insanely successful season ticket drive put on by the Seattle NHL investment group. Music: Goodbye June - Daisy


Ep.35 - Would an NHL Team in Europe Work?

Get Caught up with the guys as they talk Olympics, The Seattle Bid, and what would the NHL in Europe look like? Sponsored by: HealthIQ


Ep.34 - Jagr, The Olympics, Marchand, and Rappers

This week We talk about Jagr getting cut, the Olympics starting later this week, and marchand’s suspension and reputation. The guys pre-game a bit harder than normal and things threaten to go off the rails. Sponsored by: Visit now to get your free quote!


Ep.33 - The Show Takes over Montreal

The boys spent the weekend in Montreal and turned on the studio the moment they got home. Hear us recap our weekend in the City of Saints. Sponsored by: Health IQ, to get your free insurance quote visit: Or use Promo Code “THS” when Music: Carissa Johnson - Delaria


Ep.32 - Should the NHL Change the Winter Classic?

Has the excitement of the Winter Classic worn off yet? Is the NHL ready to make changes to the event? The guys get together to discuss the winter classic, the IIHF World Junior Championship. Also What is your favorite NHL Expansion logo? Also a final update about our company trip to Montreal, if you are interested in lacing them up with the boys in the city of poutine you can e-mail us at Sponsor


5 Minute Major - Ep.18 What Happens In Vegas, Stays in Vegas?

Go Check out the Video Version of this episode of 5 Minute Major:


5 Minute Major - Ep.17 What’s Wrong with the Edmonton Oilers?

Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook or Youtube to view the video version of this episode


Ep.29 - The Sport all Hockey Fans Need to Watch

Happy Thanksgiving! Nick Recaps his trip to Chicago to see a Blackhawks game, The boy’s recap their Thanksgivings and we talk about a sport that you might not know about, that all hockey fans should check out called “Hurling”


Ep.28 - Who are the Top6 NHL Players of the 90’s?

Who are your Top6 NHL players from the 90’s. The guys get together to discuss the outcome of the most recent “Top6″ released from where you get to go vote on your Top6! Let us know on our social media pages who your Top6 are, and if you agree with ours. Special thanks to Sponsors: Seat Giant - www.Seatgiant.CA Music: Hockey Dad - Homely Feeling


So… You want to learn to play hockey, Eh?

The guys welcome a complete bender into the studio to talk about learning to play hockey as an adult. Ever tried yourself? Lace em up and join us. Sponsors: My Booki e get 50% of your first deposit matched! Use promo code “HOCKEYSHOW” Music Guest: Assuming we Survive - Open Waters


Do the Stats Matter in the First Week?

The Guys get together to celebrate the beginning of the NHL regular seasons. Does it really matter that Ovie is on a tear? The Devils in first place? The Golden Knights racking up points? We address the controversy we created on Facebook with our last episode, and Tim wants to know…. would you fight baby’s or 80 year olds? Sponsored by: www.SeatGiant.CA use “THEHOCKEYSHOW” during checkout to save on your next ticket. Music: J and the 9’s - Love...


5 Minute Major - Ep.16 Jiri Hudler Isn’t a Pepsi Guy

We tell you a tale of Jiri Hudler’s flight from NYC to Prauge. One where he didn’t get exactly what he wanted from the Flight attendant and reacted… the only way he would…. This is our first video version of 5 Minute Major, if you’d like to see the video version Click Here to see it posted on our Youtube Page. Music - Kicked in the Head - YaDumped Check them out ->


5 Minute Major - Ep.15 Bettman Hates Faceoffs

On this episode of 5 Minute Major we take a look at the new crackdown of the NHL’s Faceoff rule. Music: Kicked in the Head - Ya’ Dumped


Ep.23 - We Give Jagr a Job

As we are counting down the days until the NHL returns, we hold our first event with some listeners and some of you guys join us on the ice. Tim learns to skate, and we give Jagr a Job since no one else will.


Ep.22 - Viva Las Vegas (Season Finale)

The Guys get together to discuss the NHL Expansion Draft The Stanley Cup Final, Vegas, and what our plans our for the Summer how we are going to survive without Hockey, and Tim discovers what a Fidget Spinner is. We also thank you, our loyal listeners.


5 Minute Major - Ep. 14 Which Stanley Cup Winner is Going to Vegas?

Do you know how Vegas is picking their players in the upcoming NHL Expansion Draft? The Golden Knights have rules to follow, and the rest of the league has to protect their players from getting burried in the desert. One Player is going from each team… who’s the biggest name going? who’s leaving the Stanley cup Champs? Music: Ya’ Dumped - Kicked in the Head


Ep.21 - Games 5, 6 and… Maybe 7?

The Guys get together to discuss the Preds getting back in the series and then laying a huge goose egg in game 5. What will happen in game 6, and do we get to a Game 7, or has Pittsburgh got this wrapped up? Nick meets some whalers Fans, Ed walks through a closed door like the Hulk and Tim Misses Mike. Sponsors: Audible Get a free trial at Music: Kicked in the Head - Arizona


Ep.19 - The Stanley Cup Final Begins!!

The Guys get together to talk about how the Conference Finals ended. Penguins, Senators, Preds, and Ducks. They weigh in on the Ryan Getzlaf Fine and subsequent backlash. Who you do you think will win the Cup? Subscribe and follow us on Facebook and Twitter Music: Kicked in the Head - All The Way


Ep.17 - The Obvious Stanley Cup Champion

The Guys Discuss the ending of the second round, the Conference finals, and… is it obvious who’s going to win the Stanley Cup? Music: Hockey Dad - Can’t Have Them


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