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Raz Ingrasci and Ed McClune share tools, inspiration and knowledge to help you connect more fully with your authentic self. Live a life of passion, self-love and purpose, and discover powerful ways to remove blocks from your life. “The Hoffman Connection” is sure to bring you closer to your connection with yourself and others, and support you in living the life you love.




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Hoffman: Inside Out

In this special edition of "The Hoffman Connection," Hoffman Process Teachers come together to discuss everything Hoffman from the inside out. From how they became teachers, to what the Process means to them, to stories of healing and overcoming life’s greatest challenges, Devi Cavitt, Andy Milberg and Ed McClune come together for a heart-warming show that you won’t want to miss

Duration: 00:55:23

Creating A Life That Matters

With the New Year right around the corner, it is a great time to consider what has worked for you this past year and what you want to create in 2013. Stewart Emery, executive coach and leader will help you create the vision for your life that reflects what matters to you most. Join us this week on "The Hoffman Connection" to make sure you have all the tools to create your best year yet!

Duration: 00:56:25

Daring To Dream

Ed Romanoff never dreamed before 2008 that one day he would be performing his songs on stage across America. In his words, “I just never felt good enough.” Always working in the wings and behind the scenes of the music industry, Ed’s passion for music only took him so far. But after a major life-changing transformation, he realized that he indeed had the power to reach beyond what he perceived possible. Now, an internationally acclaimed singer-song writer, Ed has launched his first album,...

Duration: 00:53:11

Keeping Chemistry Alive In Your Relationship

How often do we meet the ‘perfect person’, fall in love and somewhere down the line wonder, where did the love go? Seana McGee and Maurice Taylor know that a key ingredient to a happy, lasting relationship is keeping the fires stoked and the chemistry alive. This dynamic husband-and-wife team will share their Ten New Laws of Love™ that helps everyone fine tune these skills quickly and with a minimum of heartache. If you have ever wanted to know the secret to finding love and keeping your...

Duration: 00:55:12

Special Encore Presentation: Special Encore Presentation: What Good Can Com

Following the tragic death of his oldest daughter, Jenna, on a study abroad trip in India in 1996, Dr. Ken Druck found a way to channel his grief into goodness. A pioneer in the field of executive coaching, author, and consultant to top leaders in business and government, Ken put his career aside and founded the Jenna Druck Center. To honor his daughter, the Center created Families Helping Families (helping families who had lost a child) and Spirit of Leadership (a Jenna creation for teen...

Duration: 00:55:58

The Hoffman Connection


Duration: 00:54:16

Navigating A Family Business

Have you ever worked in or owned a family business? David Bork is a pioneer in the field of family-business consulting and knows navigating these waters is sometimes no easy task. David helps us to identify behaviors and habits within the family that are unhealthy and destructive and how to replace them with constructive and cooperative relationships for a healthier, more productive business. Join us this week on “The Hoffman Connection” as we get down to business!

Duration: 00:54:06

Defining Intimacy

Author of “Spiritual Makeover: 10 Practices for Falling in Love With Your Life”, Sirah Vettese, Ph.D dishes up how to find and define intimacy in your life. As a leading-edge consultant, life coach, counselor and teacher, Sirah has supported others in fulfilling their destiny for over 30 years. If you have ever wanted more intimacy in your life, you won’t want to miss this week on The Hoffman Connection.

Duration: 00:57:32

Homeopathy: Unwinding the Field

Did you know that we all have a field of subtle energy surrounding us that is available at any time for our healing? This week on “The Hoffman Connection” Jason-Aeric Huenecke guides us on a journey of how to tap into this light and unwind what he calls “The Field.” The Field is the Vital Force that surrounds, penetrates, and informs every fiber of our being and all things. And best of all, it leads us to a greater sense of love and belonging. For everyone who is interested in delving into...

Duration: 00:56:28

The Unexplained – Sensory Integration & Beyond

Have you ever wondered how to develop your innate intuitive abilities and consistently replicate that sense of “just knowing”? Join us this week on The Hoffman Connection to hear how John Kortum, author and teacher of sensory integration and intuitive development, has been proven to do this with an astounding 93% accuracy. Through a self-developed program called “The Kortum Technique,” John has found a way to share this ability others. If you have ever yearned to fully experience sensory...

Duration: 00:56:41

Connecting With Your Guides

When intuition strikes, do you always trust it? Whether you call it a ‘gut feeling’, a message from the universe or words of wisdom from your guides, the universe is always communicating with you. No one knows that better than speaker and healer, Sonia Choquette and she is world-renowned for helping people tap into this powerful source of guidance. Join us live this week on The Hoffman Connection as Sonia helps you to connect to these sacred messages and learn to trust what the universe is...

Duration: 00:56:28

A Sustainable New World

We are living in a critical moment of human and planetary history where the future of life on earth will be determined by the way we respond to important issues such as deforestation, climate change, species extinction, social inequity and poverty. Join us this week on The Hoffman Connection to hear how one man is meeting the movement towards ecological consciousness through the earth-saving Whidbey GeoDome Project. It will change the way you look at life as you know it and the footprint...

Duration: 00:56:18

Aging Parents

Adult children want to make sure their parents are happy, healthy, and peaceful as they age. Yet many adult children and their parents aren’t able to talk about the issues affecting them for a variety of reasons. Their silence leaves them feeling disconnected from each other at a crucial time in life. Join us this week on The Hoffman Connection with Shannon White as we explore critical conversations with aging parents.

Duration: 00:54:36

What Everyone Should Know About Their Online Presence

In this age of social media and connectivity, you may be wondering just what exactly your image looks like in cyberspace. And if you are, it is a critical question to ask. This week on the Hoffman Connection find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know and SHOULD know about your online presence. Jon Leland, Social Media and Marketing guru joins us to share tips, facts and the latest need-to-know information on how to put yourself out there!

Duration: 00:54:14

“Navigating Swifter Waters”

This week on the Hoffman Connection Mark Susnow joins us to share tips on how to navigate your river of life with the greatest amount of ease. As a former trial attorney for 30 years and a survivor of a near-death experience, Mark left his law career behind to become a cutting edge thought leader, author and speaker. In this once-in-a lifetime show, hear how one man took back his passion for life’s journey and how you can tap into that powerful connection to make your dreams come true.

Duration: 00:54:14

Special Encore Presentation: How To Build Lasting Success

Have you ever wondered why “success” seems to elude you? Do you see other people enjoying their success and wonder, why not me? Stewart Emery brings a lifetime of experience as an entrepreneur, executive coach and leader, and is considered one of the fathers of the Human Potential Movement. Join us on The Hoffman Connection this week as we uncover how to develop your own personal path to lasting success.

Duration: 00:55:39

“Our Youth At Risk”

This week on the Hoffman Connection hear from two ground breaking women on how they help some of our country’s most challenged and courageous youth break from generations of patterns to find healing, joy and limitless possibility. Process Teacher and Psychologist Linda Hartka-Reiss and Executive Director at Hyde Leadership Charter School in Bronx, NY, Joanne Goubourn tell us about their journey with these remarkable children. If you have ever needed inspiration about overcoming great odds,...

Duration: 00:56:11

Parenting without Power Struggles

Susan Stiffelman, an internationally respected parent educator, therapist, author and parenting expert, joins us this week on The Hoffman Connection. We’ll be talking about “Parenting without Power Struggles” and she’ll share tips on parenting that can radically reduce stress between you and your child. She is the Huffington Post’s “Advice Mama” and she’s live on air with us to answer all of those questions you’ve ever wanted to ask about raising your children!

Duration: 00:55:18

The Evolving Learning Brain

What if all things were possible with knowledge of how to re-work your brain into its full capacity? On the cutting edge of neuropsychiatry and neurology, Dr. Bruce Price shares with us how our “malleable” our brain really is and what that means for transforming our behaviors and our lives. A Harvard University graduate and an Associate Professor of Neurology at both Mass General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, this neuroscience heavy-hitter will guide us into one of science’s most...

Duration: 00:55:05

Finding Peace In the Midst Of Conflict

When you hit those inevitable, and often unexpected, bumps in life’s road, do you handle them with grace and ease? How is your decision making process? Is it clear, strong and spiritually guided? Or do you find that alluring draw towards old sticky patterns that may not serve you anymore? We all want tools to be at our best, clearest, decision-making self in the midst of life’s ups and downs. Join us this week on The Hoffman Connection as Stephen Josephs helps you uncover exactly how to find...

Duration: 00:55:43

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