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Episode 11- Hecate the goddess of magic and crossroads

Episode 11. Can Sven Gali do the sensible thing when some faced with a blast from the past? Has Meredith met her mental match made in mana? And can Michael’s murderous rage ever be managed?

Duration: 00:27:35

Episode 10 - An Anderson Shelter

Episode 10. The boys over at Cantocini’s have a fallout over their conflicting aspirations. Shanelle-ah finds that she is more useful than previously believed. Meanwhile, Meredith’s cabin gets yet another upgrade.

Duration: 00:31:02

Episode 06 - Claustrophobic Clown

Episode 6. Claustrophobic Clown Teddy Lizard tries out a new stage costume, much to the chagrin of the BMC. Klaus and Dagmar take it upon themselves to enact a final solution to the problem whilst Little Brian and Tommy are sneaking about again. @ThatPod

Duration: 00:27:11

Episode 05 - A Goldfish

Episode 5. Meredith’s new sauna therapy gets tongues wagging and Alan Corn shows off his favourite flask to Nina Norwood, with some unexpected consequences. Meanwhile Grandma Josephine escapes from under Grandpa Joes tyranny, but can she cope out in the real world, with all that milk? @ThatPod

Duration: 00:29:29

Episode 02 - Make America Great Again

Amelia has to make do and mend, Grandpa Joe has taken too many blue pills and Alan Corn is enraged when the Cricket Green is invaded by Americans. A mandate for a man-date is made.

Episode 01 - Pilot

Pilot for the new series of The Holiday After Tomorrow, a long form improv comedy podcast, launching May 30th 2016. Puddle Roger has finally fixed the Puddle Water Ride with his one smooth hand. Meanwhile Gary and his calloused hands run into bother.