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Back to Brexit - Johannes de Jong

Johannes de Jong, from Sallux, is back with the second half of his interview on Brexit and the EU, and Christian attitudes towards both. Plus Ally Henderson is back to chat with us about it, and we also look at the fallout from the death of a former Russian double agent and his daughter in Salisbury. Enjoy!


Religious Freedom in the UK (Barnabus Fund report)

This week we chat about the Barnabus Fund's big new report on religious freedom in the UK, and chat about issues of religious discrimination, free speech, the UK's history of religious freedom, and religious literacy. We're joined again by the brilliant Ally Henderson - former Parliamentary candidate and a lawyer specialising human rights, employment, equalities, public law, and much more. Plus, we chat about Jeremy Corbyn's speech on Brexit. Enjoy!


Johannes de Jong - Syrian and Brexit

This week we're joined by Johannes de Jong, Director of Sallux, a Christian political organisation working at a European level. He talks to us about the Turkish attacks on north west Syria, and the help that Christians there are asking for (click this link for Sallux's petition). He also chats about a Christian approach to Brexit and the European Union (second half of the interview next week). Johannes campaigned for Remain, and has *quite* strong views on the matter! Plus, we talk about...


Joe Boot on sphere sovereignty

We're back! (Sorry about the illness-related absence) Also back is Rev Dr Joe Boot, who expands on something he spoke about in his previous interview, the historically Christian idea of 'sphere sovereignty' - a framework for thinking about how Government, family, church, civil society and so on fit together - and his new book Gospel Witness. The interview was actually longer than we could fit in the pod - so for the full version go to Plus, we chat about Theresa May's...


Tim Farron Premier interview

This week Johnny's ill - sorry!! So, instead of a normal episode, Premier Christian Radio have kindly given us the audio for their big interview Tim Farron. You may have seen it hit the news this week, so have a listen for yourself. It's a fascinating listen! See you again in two weeks, when Johnny (hopefully!) will be back.


Christmas Special!

HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!! In this week's (post-)Christmas special, we look at MPs' cringy Christmas cards, Prime Ministers' crass Christmas messages, and ask if the label 'evangelical' is now more about politics than theology, after Tim Keller's fascinating New Yorker article on it. Plus, we chat to our favourite Brexit journalist, David Scullion, for his own take on the Christian debates about the EU, and an update on what on earth is going on in the negotiations! Happy New Year!


Tim Farron's Theos Speech

We're joined by guest co-host Imogen Atkinson to take a look at Christian responses to the budget, and take a deep dive into a very significant speech by Tim Farron on faith, politics and liberalism. And we comment on how boring Brexit still is - cos we recorded this before it all got VERY interesting on Monday! Thanks especially to FaithAction for their expert look at the impact the Budget will (and won't) have. Enjoy!


Ian Geary, Sarah Hutt and a Greggs sausage roll

This week, we chat to Ian Geary about a left-wing Christian vision for Government, and Sarah Hutt steps in for the temporarily-jet-setting James, and shares about her own experiences working with Tim Farron and Justin Welby. And, most importantly, we discuss Greggs sausage rolls. We may allow James back last week. But Sarah is very good.


John Stevens (FIEC) on political liberalism

John Stevens, National Director of the Fellowship of Evangelical Churches, joins us to make the case that Christians should be political liberals, following on from Joe Boot's alternative case last time out. And we discuss the sex scandals sweeping Westminster, and how they have been allowed to occur.


Rev Dr Joe Boot

Delighted to speak to Rev Dr Joe Boot, the founder of the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity, this week. Joe is a prominent theologian, writing on Christian engagement in the public square, and chats to us about his debate with John Stevens, about political liberalism and Christian engagement in politics, which occurred following Tim Farron's resignation. Plus we sum up the week in 30 seconds, and try not to say the B-word.


Danny Webster - Evangelical Alliance

*cough* After Theresa May's luckless conference speech, we chat about whether her coughing fit matters, and discuss her future and the Government's. Then we have Danny Webster, from the Evangelical Alliance, on to talk about What Kind of Society? - their new document setting out an evangelical Christian vision for society, and ask him how it impacts politics and the public square. Thanks for downloading! If you want to give us some feedback, click here.


The Grenfell Tower fire, with Revd Mark O'Donoghue

Finally back from the summer, we chat Brexit and Boris, with journalist David Scullion. And in our main interview, we look back at the Grenfell Tower fire disaster with local vicar Mark O'Donoghue, to find out how local churches have been helping the community through a truly horrifying tragedy. And if you've got 2 minutes, we'd be so grateful if you could fill out our listener survey (please!):


SUMMER SPECIAL #2 - Dr Stephen Backhouse on Patriotism - Part 2

Click here to fill out our 2 min listener survey (please!) For our second summer special, we continue chatting to Dr Stephen Backhouse about whether patriotism is a Christian virtue, or whether Christians should steer well clear. In this second half, we look at how Christians should think about engagement in local communities and national politics, we look at whether you can have a Christian patriotism, and we also look at liberalism as a political option for Christians, and Brexit. And...


SUMMER SPECIAL #1 - Dr Stephen Backhouse on Patriotism - Part 1

Click here to fill out our 2 min listener survey (please!) For our first summer special, we chat to Dr Stephen Backhouse about whether patriotism is a Christian virtue, or whether Christians should steer well clear. In this first half, we look at the attitude of Jesus and the early church, at whether patriotism is useful for moral decisions, at whether it is better than cosmopolitanism, and at the issue - as possibility - of a just war. Enjoy!


David Alton and Nick Spencer on Tim Farron's resignation

We look back at Tim Farron's dramatic resignation, with two brilliant political thinkers - former Liberal and Lib Dem MP, Lord David Alton, and Nick Spencer, Research Director at Theos and editor of the new book 'The Mighty and the Almighty', which looks at the public faith of political leaders over the past 40 years. We're very excited to have them both on - and hope you enjoy it as much as we did! In two weeks' time we've got a summer special double-episode, and then we'll be back in...


DUP Galacticos, election campaigning and abortion

We chat to experienced campaigner James Newhall, who ran David Burrowes' re-election campaign in Enfield Southgate, about what it's really like to run a campaign on the ground. And we look at the newly minted DUP, plus a small but significant change to abortion provision in the UK.


Tim Farron Resignation!

Tim Farron has resigned as the Leader of the Liberal Democrats, saying that he felt it was 'impossible for me' to remain leader 'and to live as a committed Christian, to hold faithfully to the Bible's teaching' following intense scrutiny of his beliefs. We discuss his extraordinary resignation speech, and also chat to Sam Hailes, Deputy Editor of Premier Christianity Magazine, about the fallout from the election, and the new kingmakers of UK politics: the DUP.



It's election time!! And in this final election special, we chat to Philippa Taylor, of the Christian Medical Fellowship, about pro-life issues, and journalist David Scullion about Brexit. Plus we discuss the entirely unhelpful polls, and look back on the campaign.


Election Special #2 - Getting Involved

We chat to former parliamentary candidate Alasdair Henderson about his experience of running for office, and to Gareth Davies, UK Director of the Christian political charity CARE, about how churches can be involved in the election. Sorry for the delay in this week's episode. Following we horrific events in Manchester, we delayed and rerecorded this episode.


Election Special #1 - Voting

Katie Harrison, from ComRes' Faith Research Centre, chats to us about how UK Christians vote, and Guy Brandon, from the Jubilee Centre, about how Christians should think about their vote. Plus we have a strong and stable discussion about political slogans and the local election results. It's the first of three Election Specials in the next few weeks - so come back for those too!


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