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The Honeymoon: Donald Trump's First 100 Days



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As American President Donald Trump passes his hundredth day in office, Michael Goldfarb revisits the Trump supporters he met last year to find out if their affection has survived the honeymoon. Every newly elected president is granted a honeymoon period. Will Donald Trump, who has proved to be the exception to every rule about running for President, be the exception on honeymoon's as well? How will his supporters - many of whom chose him as the lesser of two evils and others who were unswayable partisans - react to the inevitable trimming of campaign pledges that the reality of office imposes on the men who take on the Presidency? Throughout 2016, Michael Goldfarb tracked the rise and rise of Trump to office. He interviewed many supporters of the new President in the key areas of western Pennsylvania and Ohio, the Rust Belt constituencies whose votes brought him to power. Now he resumes the conversation with them. He returns to Johnstown and Cleveland and rural areas of Ohio in January, on the eve of the inauguration, to find out their thinking and speaks to them again from time to time during the first 100 days of the administration. Using their words, he documents the honeymoon period of Donald Trump's Presidency. It has started off well for them. Trump's approval ratings are up by almost 10 points since election day. Can it - will it - sustain? A Certain Height production for BBC Radio 4.



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