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Welcome to The Hooray Show, with Horatio Sanz, recorded weekly from Echo Park, California. Each week, Horatio and his co-host Chad Krueger invite you in to Bro Bro Studios to listen in on some friendly conversations with friends, comedians and special guests. Break out the tissues, because we bring out the issues. Improv, Sketch and Music interweave their way through the episodes each week after the record button is pressed, and you never know where the conversation will lead.






S4:E11 - Curse of the Disappearing Legacy

Connor Ratliff (The George Lucas Talk Show, The Stepfathers, UCB) takes time out of his Los Angeles vacation to drop by Bro Bro Studios and chit-chat with Horatio Sanz and Chad Krueger about defending the legacy of George Lucas, forgiving Michael Jackson and Woody Allen, the brilliance of Gary Shandling and what could have been for the Beatles in 1979.

Duration: 00:50:52

S4:E10 - #DMC19 - LIVE from New York

Recorded LIVE 6/23/17 at the SVA Theater, NYC. A Part of UCB's 19th Annual Del Close Marathon. Horatio Sanz invites Anthony Atamanuik, Matt Walsh, Kevin Dorff and Jessica McKenna for an hour long improv set. Presented with minimal edits. Post-Production at Bro-Bro Studio by Chad Krueger.

Duration: 01:00:37

S4:E9 - Biscuits 'n' Harvey

Horatio Sanz and Chad Krueger want lunch, so Jerry Minor brings over homemade biscuits. Joe Nunez hears there are biscuits and stops by. Horatio and Chad figure out they are the creepy house in the Echo Park Neighborhood. Steve Harvey is VERY lonely and Whatever Happened to Baby Nunez?

Duration: 00:43:48

S4:E7 - Old Bacon & Broken Bottles

Show favorite Jerry Minor answers the call when Horatio and Chad need to bring in a closer. Horatio and Jerry swap old war stories about drinking in Chicago and New York, growing up around pimps and when sane people lose their minds.

Duration: 00:43:37

S4:E6 - The Mother of All Pranks (An Improvaganza)

Horatio Sanz hosts Jessica McKenna, Zach Reino and Drew Tarver at Bro Bro Studios improvising scenes and songs based on the age old question "So what's going on you guys?" -Music and Editing by Chad Krueger.

Duration: 00:42:11

S4:E5 - Jerry of San Gennaro

Jerry O'Connell (Stand By Me, Tomcats) joins Horatio and Chad in Bro Bro studios for an afternoon of drinking water out of a Pyrex measuring cup and telling stories. Jerry shares his audition process for the role of Vern in Stand By Me and how his father told him that movie would never be released. We learn Kiefer Sutherland is the ultimate wingman we all need. Also, beauty tips. Horatio shares his NOT rock-bottom party story and Chad proposes yet another rejected show title. The music of...

Duration: 00:45:48

SPECIAL: The UCB Sports & Leisure Crossover Bro-Bro Remix

Horatio Sanz and "Chad" (played by Joe Nunez) join forces with Matt Walsh and Scot Armstrong to bring you the first UCB crossover episode: Half UCB Sports & Leisure, half Hooray Show. Featuring Fran Baker as "Felicia" - Recorded at UCB Podcast Studios, Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles. Mixed and Edited by Chad Krueger at Bro Bro Studios.

Duration: 00:34:56

S4:E4 - Sanz Sings Sad Songs

Recorded over several basement sessions from February 4th-7th, 2017, Horatio and Chad continue the two man show. This time, friends of the show, Joe Nunez and Joe "Show" Gehr stop by to share some laughs. Early in the week, Horatio created an Instagram photo and joked that it would be his album cover for "Sanz Sings Sad Songs" which became an inspiration for a theme for this episode.

Duration: 00:39:32

S4:E3 - A Total $#!T Show

Horatio and Chad experiment with their first episode with no guest, unless you count Coco Marx (great-grandson of Groucho Marx) calling the show.

Duration: 00:45:08