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A podcast about books for children and young adults, the kid lit industry, and whatever feels important/fun/interesting to Roger and Siân that day.

A podcast about books for children and young adults, the kid lit industry, and whatever feels important/fun/interesting to Roger and Siân that day.
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A podcast about books for children and young adults, the kid lit industry, and whatever feels important/fun/interesting to Roger and Siân that day.






Hbook Podcast 2.10 - Series Wrap on Siân

It's Siân's last week at Horn Book! (tear) Roger and Siân mainly ramble in this episode. There was no plan. You can tell. :) They talk about Siân's new gig with Shelf Awareness, electronic books, the future of publishing, and they display an amazing lack of knowledge on how to protect the environment. While this *is* a wrap on Siân, it doesn't mean the podcast won't continue in some form or another--Roger is interested in keeping the cast going but he's making no promises on when the next...

Duration: 00:30:41

Hbook Podcast 2.9 - Special Guest LeUyen Pham

Posting a little early! Cheers! Siân chats with LeUyen Pham about illustrating (and also authoring) 90 books, a history of animation, and getting lost in the jungle. LeUyen Pham: People we talk about Dan Santat:…_illustrator.html Molly Idle: Marla Frazee: Kevin Lewis:…6-kevin-lewis/ Mo Willems: Books we talk about Can You Do This, Old Badger?...

Duration: 00:31:40

Hbook Podcast 2.7 - Special Guests Lolly Robinson in Conversation with Maung Nyeu

Creative Director Lolly Robinson chats with Maung Nyeu about Our Golden Hour and the very cool things he's doing.

Duration: 00:35:08

Hbook Podcast 2.6 - Special Guest Adam Gidwitz

Adam Gidwitz displays his Scottish accent, talks about his work and Mac Barnett in a bunny outfit, and *tries* to tell the listeners a Big Secret. People we talk about Alex Bracken: Tom Angleberger: Links At BookCon 2015: Star Wars Celebration: Podcast with Alex Bracken:...

Duration: 00:27:41

Hbook Podcast 2.4 - Special Guests Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen

Siân chats with author/illustrator Jon Klassen and author Mac Barnett during a TRIANGLE tour stop at the Brookline Booksmith. Links Mac Barnett: Jon Klassen: Brookline Booksmith: Mac’s TED talk: Steven Malk: Roger and Gene Luen Yang discuss lots of things, including the author/illustrator...

Duration: 00:30:26

HBPodcast 2.3 - Special Guest Jamie Tan

Siân chats with Jamie Tan, Candlewick publicist, about trade shows, the life of a publicist, and finding your people. Jamie Tan: Candlewick:; Books we talk about The Princess in Black - Shannon and Dean Hale (; Snow White - Matt Phelan ( Caraval - Stephanie Garber (

Duration: 00:28:11

Hbook Podcast 2.2 - Fries, Elections, and Librarians

In episode two of the new season, Siân and Roger discuss politics, "rock star" librarians, and wanting fries with that. People we talk about K-Fai Steele: \ Adam Rex: (and his thread about rock stars: Dan Santat: Links Diana Gabaldon:...

Duration: 00:29:38

Hbook Podcast 1.36 - Authorial Intent

Podcast the 36th in which Roger and Siân talk about a lot of things before eventually getting to the topic of authorial intent. People we talk about Melissa de la Cruz: Laura Koenig: Philip Pullman: Malinda Lo:...

Duration: 00:31:42

Hbook Podcast 1.35 - Special Guest Librarian Laura Koenig

Podcast the 35th in which Siân travels to BPL Copley to chat with children's librarian (and generally awesome human being) Laura Koenig. Laura Koenig Interviews with Laura: \ Laura Twitter and Instagram: 2Nickles ( \...

Duration: 00:28:22

NYCC - Brittany Cavallaro

Siân was lucky enough to have a quick chat with author Brittany Cavallaro at NYCC16. Beware: lots of background noise. :)

Duration: 00:05:26

Hbook Podcast 1.32 - Special Guest Betsy Bird

Podcast the 32nd in which Siân chats with blogger and librarian Betsy Bird about religion in books and publishing. Fuse 8: Betsy: Books and People Jazz Day: The Making of a Famous Photograph by Roxane Orgill and Francis Vallejo Brian Selznick: Harry Potter, obvi Miracle Man by John Hendrix The Inquisitor’s Tale by Adam Gidwitz and Hatem Aly Rebel Genius by Michael Dante DiMartino Avatar:...

Duration: 00:24:52

Hbook Podcast 1.31 - Censorship, Intellectual Freedom, and VOYA

Podcast the 31st in which Siân and Roger talk about, well, the title: censorship, intellectual freedom, and VOYA. People Angie Manfredi: Kody Keplinger, Run Tristina Wright: Selene Castrovilla, Melt Stephanie Kuehn, The Smaller Evil Simon Mason, Running Girl Ruth Alexander, Changing Bodies, Changing Lives Kate Breslin, For Such a Time Nathan Aldyne, Slate Susan Marston: Links VOYA:...

Duration: 00:31:02

Hbook Podcast 1.29 - Special Guest Anastasia Collins

Podcast the 29th in which Roger and Siân chat with social work librarian and Horn Book reviewer Anastasia Collins about cultural (mis?)appropriation and bagels. Books we talk about Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier People we talk about Lionel Shriver Toni Morrison Links Simmons: Lionel Shriver’s speech:...

Duration: 00:32:23

Hbook Podcast 1.28 - Special Guest Julie Danielson

Podcast the 28th in which Roger and Siân chat with Julie Danielson, blogger extraordinaire (, about being critics, champions, and reviewers. Books we talk about Wild Things! Acts of Mischief in Children's Literature by Betsy Bird, Julie Danielson, and Peter D. Sieruta People we talk about Betsy Bird Peter Sieruta Philip Nel Sergio Ruzzier Kadir Nelson Trina Schart Hyman Robie Harris Travis Jonker (The Yarn Podcast) Mitali Perkins Minh Lê Things we...

Hbook Podcast 1.25 - Special Guest Debbie Reese

Podcast the 25th in which Roger chats with Debbie Reese about her childhood, what brought her to books, and two decades of friendship. Debbie’s website: Debbie’s Twitter: Books we talk about Little Owl Indian by Hetty Burlingame Beatty Little Runner of the Longhouse by Betty Baker and Arnold Lobel Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey Links The All White World of Children’s Books:...

Hbook Podcast 1.23 - YA Science Fiction (Kinda...)

Podcast the 23rd in which Roger and Siân revisit Farah Mendlesohn’s ( 2009 article, The Campaign for Shiny Futures (, and ramble about young adult sci-fi. Note from Siân: there are a few crackles on this recording (I still have no idea why that happens) and I did not delete/fix them because...well...I went away for the weekend y'all. Thanks for listening (and sorry...

Podcast 1.21 - There Is a Tribe of Kids

Podcast the 21st in which Roger and Siân talk about Lane Smith's THERE IS A TRIBE OF KIDS, Siân *actually* considers the idea of a library not carrying the Harry Potter books, and Roger expresses a strong opinion about vampirism. Books we talk about Lane Smith, There Is a Tribe of Kids ( Antoinette Portis, Wait! ( \ Ezra Jack Keats, The Snowy Day...

Podcast 1.20 - Self Pubs

Podcast the twentieth in which Siân and Roger chat about self-published books and reviewing (and conversation may or may not briefly derail into talk about Independence Day and the Bourne movies). Books we talk about Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin, The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep Stephenie Meyer, Twilight (y’all heard me ask, right?) Hugh Howey, Wool (Hugh Laurie is the actor) Andy Weir, The Martian Scott Westerfeld, Uglies John Smelcer, Stealing Indians Roger’s...

Hbook Podcast 1.18 - ALA and Harry Potter

Podcast the eighteenth in which Roger and Siân talk ALA, Harry Potter, and committees. Book(s) we talk about J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter books (audio by Jim Dale) People we talk about Marcus Sedgwick: Vicky Smith: Victoria Stapleton, Director of School and Library Marketing, Little Brown: Martha Parravano:

Hbook Podcast 1.17 - Special Guest Librarian Julie Roach

Hbook podcast the seventeenth with guest librarian (and killer storyteller) Julie Roach. **There are a few spots where the sound drops out a bit (we're sorry) but the stories Roger and Julie tells are so awesome, they're worth a little bit of ear straining** Books we talk about Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird Robert L. Scott, God is My Copilot Jeanne B. Hardendorff, The Bed Just So People we talk about Anne Caroll Moore:!anne_carroll_moore/c1se...

Duration: 00:28:06

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