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103: Batman & Robin

It's The Horrible Movie Podcast Live Panel @planetcomicon #pckc! During this panel, Jack, Jared Chester, Laurie Chester, and Troy Spradley talk about 1997's Batman and Robin. It's a great panel with movie clips and some awesome responses from some awesome people, for a horrible movie! Live from Planet Comicon in Kansas City, Missouri -- it's The Horrible Movie Podcast!!


102: Kung Pow: Enter the Fist

Kung Pow!! The movie that is a parody unto itself. The brainchild of Steve Oedekerk (Ace Ventura, Cowboys Vs. Aliens and more!) brings us this odd creation that he wrote, directed and starred in. Also, you get a Song of the Week brought to you by Stephen Christian (lead singer of Anberlin) whose Album "Wildfires" is available everywhere! Join Producer Phil and Jack as they talk Kung Pow: Enter the Fist! Only on The Horrible Movie Podcast!


101: Air Bud: Golden Receiver

We start the show with a Horrible Movie Moment from professional wrestler and podcaster, Colt Cabana, former WWE Wrestler and host of the groundbreaking and popular podcast “The Art of Wrestling”. Then, of course, you'll get plenty of horrible Air Bud junk and we give a heartfelt and way overdue In Memorium to the original Air Bud, Buddy. He died a month before the release of Air Bud: Golden Receiver. Here's to the first Rated G movie we've done on the show. Only on HMP!


100: Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues

We Did It!!!! 100 Episodes! So what now? On this episode of HMP, you get a great episode recorded in front of a live studio audience. Special guests include Aaron Dicer (Your Movie Friend, Podcaster, NBC Movie Critic), Jared Chester, Producer Phil, Shane Kennard, Paul Hufft, Chris Ballew (lead singer of the Presidents of the United States of America), Frank Dakota, and more! We talk about the great Horrible Movie - Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues. A lot of fun with friends... oh,...


99: Queen of Blood

On this amazing episode of the Horrible Movie Podcast you get Richard Syrett who hosts syndicated radio show "The Conspiracy Show" and a new Podcast called Conspiracy Unlimited, has a television series called "The Conspiracy Show" on Amazon, and guest hosts a little known radio show called "Coast to Coast AM". Richard talks about the movie "Queen of Blood" with Jack and Producer Phil. He also talks with the guys about his favorite topics, his fear of vampires, and drops a huge newsworthy...


Special Announcements!

We've got some great things coming down to your podcast feed this week including a special guest this Wednesday night and our 100th episode LIVE on Saturday night in Republic, MO. Hear about the exciting stuff coming your way this week and join us live if you can!


98: Time Chasers

It’s time for Time Chasers! This film is maybe the worst thing ever to be on the Horrible Movie Podcast! Shane Kennard - professional soccer ref - joins Jack and Producer Phil on this great episode about an amateur inventor who goes through time with his female accomplice to stop an evil mega-corporation intent on changing history for profit.


97: Star Wars The Last Jedi (Discussion)

SPOILERS abound in this episode. You have been warned!! On the Horrible Movie Podcast, Laurie Chester joins Producer Phil and Jack for a great conversation about the Last Jedi! We are the Horrible, Movie Podcast today. Just a conversation and a small amount of critical analysis. Lots of fun though and a great, great episode with an awesome guest!!!!


96: Left Behind: The Movie

On this episode of the Horrible Movie Podcast, you get a great message from the sponsor of this episode - the South Dakota Tourism Board - from its director, Frank Dakota! You get an awesome movie - Left Behind: The Movie!! You get an awesome guest, Scott Bryant, co-host of The Commute and great conversation with Jack, Scott, and Producer Phil. Also, new bumper music. Woooo! HMP!!!


95: Home Alone 3

Jack and show favorites Grant and Katelyn Youngsma talk about the tragic 3rd movie in the storied Home Alone series for your Christmas episode this week!


94: Buffalo Rider

The Horrible Movie Podcast welcomes Jomo and the Possum Posse! The Austin, Texas band with a heart of gold and the creators of the viral video series on Youtube, Guy On a Buffalo! Jack talks with Jomo and Jes from the band about Buffalo Rider, the movie that their video series is based on. They also talk about their live album and the fact that many buffalo were apparently killed in the making of Buffalo Rider. Great episode - be sure to stick...


HMP93: The Room

"You're tearing me apart Lisa!" On this episode of HMP, we talk about "The Room", a film Jack has determined is the exact kind of movie this podcast exists for. James Franco's recent movie "The Disaster Artist" is about the making of "The Room"... so, Producer Phil and Jack enjoy the fruits of Tommy Wiseau's labor. Only on this very special Episode of HMP!


92: Justice League (with Spoilers!)

SPOILERS abound in this episode. You have been warned!! Jack and Producer Phil are joined by Ian Ross, our resident DC and Marvel Cinematic Universe expert. The trio talks about the new-ish Justice League movie. Also, this week we are technically The Horrible, Movie Podcast, because we're a movie podcast talking about Justice League, which we didn't think was that bad. We thought the subject matter of the conversation would translate to a solid episode. Hope you enjoy it! Wooooo!


91: Interview with Hamid Thompson

Hamid Thompson is a Hollywood stuntman extraordinaire! He’s worked on all your favorite Marvel movies, he plays a prominent role in the new Black Panther film and has upcoming work on The Walking Dead. Check his IMDb - he’s legit and the Horrible Movie crew got to moderate this panel from Kansas City Comic Con.


90: Thunderstruck

On the Horrible Movie Podcast this week, you get Thunderstruck. A movie starring Kevin Durant that didn’t pay AC/DC for the rights to the title song of the movie. We also discuss fantasy novels that James is reading and of course some sweet Basketball action. Only on the Horrible Movie Podcast!


89: Transformers the Last Knight

Live from Kansas City Comic Con, it’s the Horrible Movie Podcast! Yes the Horrible Movie Podcast “Live” features Michael Bay’s instant classic, Transformers: The Last Knight. You get some great audience participation and great dialogue with Paul Hufft, Phil Sousa, and Jack as we talk about Transformers. We gave away free stuff and we had a ton of fun doing it. So tell a friend and gather round the old smart phone, lab top, or tablet for this awesome piece of Audio Gold! Transformers, Roll...


Special: Interview with Crystal Clayton

An exclusive Horrible Movie Podcast episode with pop music sensation Crystal Clayton. We sat down and talked to Crystal at Kansas City Comic Con. You also get a clip of some of Crystal’s awesome music. Available on iTunes, Spotify and


88: A Million Ways to Die in the West

Mark Phillips, Jack, and Producer Phil talk about Seth Macfarlane and his western comedy "A Million Ways to Die in the West". Seth directed, produced, wrote, and starred in this film and you get a full helping of Mr. Macfarlane. You also get some great firefighter and policeman talk from Mark Phillips as well as some discussion and awesome stories about music and famous musicians. Only on the Horrible Movie Podcast.


87: Halloweentown

This week on the Horrible Movie Podcast, it's Grant and Katelyn Youngsma and we're talking about the very lame Halloweentown, the straight to Disney Channel movie. We also talk in general about the holiday and see what they've been into lately. Happy Horrible Halloween!


86: Drop Dead Fred

This week on The Horrible Movie Podcast, Carrie Fisher stars in Drop Dead Fred. We talk about the movie about an imaginary friend named Drop Dead Fred. Our guest this week is the lovely Amanda Altermatt. Amanda talks about her imaginary friend, Luke Perry. Yep, 90210 baby! Only on the Horrible Movie Podcast.


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