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THE HORROR SHOW is a weekly podcast hosted by best-selling, Grandmaster Award winning author Brian Keene. Each week, Brian, occasional co-host Dave “Meteornotes” Thomas, and their guests interview the biggest names in horror and discuss the latest news in horror fiction, films, comic books, games, and more, along with historical perspectives on the genre, and much more.




BAD APPLE - The Horror Show With Brian Keene - Ep 133

In the midst of being banned, Brian and Dave discuss Grady Hendrix's PAPERBACKS FROM HELL, Prog Power 2017, the box-office impact of IT, a star for George Romero, and the TWIN PEAKS finale. Plus, remembrances of Len Wein and Matt Molgaard.

Duration: 01:25:17

DAVID BARBEE & KARL FISCHER - The Horror Show With Brian Keene - Ep 132

On location, David Barbee and Karl Fischer sit down with Brian and Mary for a hilarious and revealing discussion on the borders between bizarro, horror, and other literary genres. Meanwhile, back in the studio, Dave and Phoebe cover Stephen King's fight to recover his rights, the forthcoming third season of True Detective, and The Exorcist director's real exorcism.

Duration: 01:00:39

WHEN THE WORLD IS RUNNING DOWN - The Horror Show With Brian Keene - Ep 131

Brian, Dave, and Mary discuss the Dark Fuse bankruptcy filing, the declining American box office, Marvel Comics' plummeting sales, and what they might mean for the entertainment economy -- and the genre. If 2018 promises a new recession, what can writers, artists, filmmakers and other creators do to prepare for -- and survive -- it? Plus: a Tobe Hooper remembrance, and Ellen Datlow responds to ST Joshi's nonsense.

Duration: 02:22:33

JOHN QUICK - The Horror Show With Brian Keene - Ep 130

On location, Mary and Dave sit down for a conversation with author John Quick and discuss his work and creative process. Then, back in the studio, Brian reveals his and Christopher Golden's new project, and Lombardo finishes his first feature length film. Plus, Matt Hayward offers a touching remembrance of Cooper Gordon, Sephera Giron and Monica S. Kuebler launch a new writers retreat, movie news from Lee Thomas, Tim Lebbon, and Christian Jensen, television news from Victor LaValle, and a...

Duration: 01:37:20

THE GREAT AMERICAN TIRE FIRE - The Horror Show With Brian Keene - Ep 129

The center cannot hold

Duration: 02:18:21

JOE R. LANSDALE AND CHET WILLIAMSON - The Horror Show with Brian Keene - Ep 128

Recorded live in front of a studio audience, genre legends Joe R. Lansdale and Chet Williamson sit down with Brian, Dave, Mary, Phoebe, and Lombardo for a fascinating discussion on friendship, hardship, work ethic, and the writing community. Thanks!

Duration: 00:48:22

JOHN URBANCIK'S INKSTAINS - The Horror Show with Brian Keene - Ep 127

John Urbancik returns to the studio for a discussion on art, creativity, and writing when on the road. He also gives us an exclusive reading of a new short story, and a recap of NECON 37. Then Brian, Dave, and Phoebe recap the best moments of Scares That Care IV. Plus some fantastic news from the esteemed Stephen Jones, the launch of Skybound Books, the 2017 World Fantasy Awards nominees, and the truth about those Victor LaValle - Paul Tremblay - TRUE DETECTIVE Season 3 rumors. Also...brandy.

Duration: 01:45:07

SCARES THAT CARE IV - The Horror Show with Brian Keene - Ep 126

Recorded live at the fourth annual Scares That Care Charity Weekend, Brian, Dave, Mary, Lombardo, and Phoebe face off against a packed studio audience and answer all their questions. Guest-starring Paul Tremblay, Stephen Kozeniewski, Somer Canon, John Boden, Amber Fallon, Wile E. Young, Gavin Dillinger's dick, and many more.

Duration: 01:13:51

GEORGE ROMERO REMEMBRANCE - The Horror Show with Brian Keene - Ep 125

Actor Matt Blazi joins Brian and Dave in studio for a remembrance and career retrospective of George Romero, and shares stories of his friendship with the great director and what it was like to go from fan to working with him on the set. Brian and Dave also offer tributes, and present other tributes from some of the biggest names in horror, and discuss at least one confirmed posthumous Romero release. Plus -- a remembrance of Dave Z, the Frank Darabont and AMC war heats up, the latest on...

Duration: 02:35:20

THE HEMATOPHAGES - The Horror Show with Brian Keene - Ep 124

Brian returns, and so does Stephen Kozeniewski, to discuss his new novel and his rivalry with Jonathan Janz. Plus Dave and Phoebe's movie reviews, Steve Rose and the Post-Horror debate, Jonathan Maberry hits number one, David Lewis Yewdall in remembrance, John Carpenter's new deal, and horror authors invade DC Comics.

Duration: 01:43:33

MURDER TV - The Horror Show With Brian Keene - Ep. 123

Dave and Phoebe take over the show while Brian is busy, and discuss many topics, including Phoebe's surgery and recovery. They also talk about Ghost Shows and other television topics, THE WIRE and Phoebe's animal spotting skills, books (including ones by Robert Swartwood and Maurice Broaddus), recommended podcasts, a trip to the grocery store, the upcoming Scares That Care Charity Weekend, and a review of BABY DRIVER.

Duration: 01:11:48

WESLEY SOUTHARD - The Horror Show With Brian Keene - Ep 122

Wesley Southard joins Brian and Mary to talk about his debut novel, the influence of Graham Masterton, the challenges facing Millennial authors, and more. Plus Edward Lee's WHITE TRASH GOTHIC, Paul F Olson's HORRORSTRUCK and the legacy of Mike Baker, TREMORS and BLADE return, bad news for IDW, Dave reviews SECRET WORLD LEGENDS, and a special appearance from Dungeonmaster 77.1.

Duration: 01:32:08

JASON SIZEMORE - The Horror Show with Brian Keene - Ep 121

Jason Sizemore of Apex Publications sits down with Brian, Mary, and guest co-host Maurice Broaddus for a fascinating discussion on publishing, editing, the importance of libraries, and advice for those wishing to start a small press. Plus: Kip Winger's Songs From the Ocean Floor. Rick Hautala archived. A double shot of Bryan Smith. Horror writers invade DC Comics. The Twilight Zone emerges from development hell. Eli Roth's children's movie. Dave and Phoebe's hospital adventure....

Duration: 01:47:09

MAURICE BROADDUS - The Horror Show with Brian Keene - Ep 120

In what may be our greatest episode yet, Maurice Broaddus sits down with Brian, Dave, Mary, and Phoebe to discuss ghost-writing for celebrities, reconciling religion and faith with genre writing, being a trailblazer for writers of color, his friendships with Wrath James White and Chesya Burke, and much more. Then, his co-editor Jerry Gordon joins the discussion to talk about the art of crafting the perfect anthology, and Maurice's son reveals an embarrassing story about his father. Also in...

Duration: 02:22:21


Brian, Dave, and DungeonMaster 77.1 open the listener mailbag and answer all your questions. Plus the success of the #FreeRTRiley campaign, the launch of the Splatterpunk Awards, another DarkFuse update, THE OUTER LIMITS returns to Blu-Ray and DVD, the Ghost Town Writers Retreat, SHARKNADO 5, and Dave gets punched at an Iron Maiden concert.

Duration: 01:46:20

GRINDCAST - The Horror Show with Brian Keene - Ep 118

Chaos ensues as the hosts of Grindcast invade The Horror Show studio for a very special crossover episode. And speaking of invasions, Wrath James White returns from his invasion of Germany. And speaking of chaos, the latest on the FRIDAY THE 13TH video game woes. Plus a follow-up to last week's Dark Fuse news, new books from Molly Tanzer, Michelle Garza, and Melissa Lason, the latest on THE BLOB remake and the third film in the CLOVERFIELD franchise, Michael Bailey turns tragedy into...

Duration: 01:27:29

SOMER CANON - The Horror Show With Brian Keene - Ep 117

Somer Canon joins Brian and Dave Thomas in the new studio to discuss growing up without a library, the influence of Ruby Jean Jensen, discovering Jack Ketchum for the first time, life after Samhain, and juggling a writing career while raising two kids. Plus - Richard Buckler in remembrance, changes at Dark Fuse, the TWIN PEAKS revival, small presses of yesteryear, and Jeremy Maddux: Listener of Hate.

Duration: 01:27:17

MARK WAID SMASH - The Horror Show with Brian Keene - Ep 116

Brian and Dave discuss comic book writer Mark Waid's history of bullying and threatening fellow creators and fans. Plus, the Permuted Press dumpster fire flares up again, Cullen Bunn returns to prose, Rio Youers is lovely, LOVECRAFT COUNTRY is coming to television, and good news for New York City freelancers.

Duration: 01:20:48

EAGLES ARE JERKS - The Horror Show With Brian Keene - Ep 115

Craig Spector's Guide To Convention Etiquette, the 2016 Shirley Jackson Award finalists, Christopher Golden's ARARAT, Tom Monteleone and John Maclay's writing workshop, Chaosium's positive turnaround, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2, ALIEN: COVENANT, and a good week for Stephen King fans.

Duration: 01:17:42

BEST OF DAMIEN ANGELICA WALTERS - The Horror Show With Brian Keene - Ep 114

Author Damien Angelica Walters is spotlighted in two separate interviews.

Duration: 01:31:30

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