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Welcome to The HOUSE OF CUCKOOS! An absurdist play written back in June of 1992 by two delusional young men through sleep deprivation, the House of Cuckoos has now become a radio show! Come on in!

Welcome to The HOUSE OF CUCKOOS! An absurdist play written back in June of 1992 by two delusional young men through sleep deprivation, the House of Cuckoos has now become a radio show! Come on in!
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Welcome to The HOUSE OF CUCKOOS! An absurdist play written back in June of 1992 by two delusional young men through sleep deprivation, the House of Cuckoos has now become a radio show! Come on in!




THoC Episode #97

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #97: Our 8th Annual Winter Christmas Anti-Xmas Holiday Xmas Special!!! Only this time it's HALF-ASSED! That's right, The House of Cuckoos Radio Show Half-Assed Holiday Special! Happy Holidaze & may your yule log get blazed! An enjoyably joyous show of festive talk & yuletide banter along with questionable comedic subversion & a slice of homemade Cuckoo beak humble pie! Get your bells jingled listening to classic Cuckoos holiday skits PLUS BRAND NEW HOLIDAY...

Duration: 02:29:22

THoC Episode #96

La Casa dei Cuculi stuzzicherà la tua area privata! Questa è la nostra prima frase scritta in Italiano! The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #96 !!! A delightful episode full of wonder & excitement like: How do people enjoy Star Wars sex toys? Yes, Star Wars sex toys! Can dressing like Batman really help you get the job done? Could black holes become potential tourist spots? & what lies beyond the black hole? Is it really a big, heavenly Wal-Mart??? Oh, & we discuss Pizza Hut beer! It's...

Duration: 01:47:45

THoC Episode #95

Said you heard? Aye, ya have! IT'S The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #95: Thanksgiving Celebration & Peanut Butter on Celery Episode! A cooked bird stuffed with mocking fun & satiric gravy all topped with crazy cranberry flavored talk with a side of sliced Cuckooness! Listen in as we dramatize mashed potatoes, think of gnome poses, diverge into short togas, consider cheddar jacking, find a way to measure gamer IQ, hear Elvis take a plate, & ponder stoner thoughts of 'octo-porpoises' ((or...

Duration: 01:20:16

THoC Episode #94

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #94 !!! Power & pleasure, money & might, cowardice & the pains of self-preservation within the world ourselves created! Yeah, all that crap! We string a hard case of satire & sarcasm against those who get off on their own power! Plus: duty free goods (or is that "dooty free"?), pizza cubes, Facebook nudes, zombie ants, & baby talk from a REAL baby! Laff at the world's insanity with the most Cuckoo people around... The House of Cuckoos! And wow are we CUCKOO!...

Duration: 01:18:22

THoC Episode #93

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #93: Our Annual THoC Spooktastic Halloween Special 2017! Our 7th pumpkin lovin' Halloween show jam-packed with candy bites of Cuckoo silliness & chewy caramel Cuckoo musics! Classic skits abound wrapped around an absolutely LIVE case of twitching in studio talk & laughter! Recorded live 2017-10-28 @ the THoC Studios in Cleveland, Boo-hio! Grab your candy sack firmly as we discuss handing candy out with our feet, dressing in costumes no one understands,...

Duration: 02:21:39

THoC Episode #92

The House of cuckoos Radio Show #92: 7th Anniversary Episode! A stripped down talk show type thang to celebrate our seventh year of utter CUCKOO MADNESS! Our new mixing board has arrived & we can broadcast so much more lovely than before!!! Join us as we debate reality from truth, realize the meaning behind the Three's Company theme song, get ready for Summer humidity, challenge Cthulhu to a Cuckoo standoff, & speak of all our celebrity ghost visits! Music Guest: Secret Salmon! Summer...

Duration: 01:35:18

THoC Episode #91

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #91 !!! Making sarcasm great again! We talk of calming the storms of cultural tension, discuss Metal News, take on dragon riding, mock all sensibilities, & give a nod to the late Chris Cornell in this randomly wonderful waltz of tongue twisting nonsense that is so glaringly Cuckoo you will overcome your problems & yell the Cuckoo name! ...Or you'll just laff for awhile before going back to your crazy lives! So get crazy with The Cuckoos instead! Music Guest:...

Duration: 01:46:32

THoC Episode #90

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #90 !!! Asteroids, sex toys, & summer hibernation! Blue-tooth mania is all over the place, from phones to vibrators, but will it give us the power to pull a flying asteroid from space down to the Earth? Only The House of Cuckoos has that answer for you and it's HERE in this episode! Plus we explore the workings of the "inner-cuckoo madness" that you can unleash in times of stress to quell your anger or frustration! Spolier alert: It's all about laffing and...

Duration: 01:23:06

THoC Episode #89

Get your sliding-socks on! It's another wondrous romp through the hallways of The House of Cuckoos! Hooray! The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #89 !!! The Cuckoo Side of the Moon! A snip clipped tight-lipped sinking ship with loose hips that ask the questions only people of utter insanity ask! Like, "who the hell are you" and "why can't I drive with a blindfold on"? Plus club-foot scares, naturist vs. naturalist, 70cm toilet tissue limits, & noisy ball cleaning! You know you want that inner...

Duration: 01:12:30

THoC Episode #88

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #88 !!! A homecoming episode featuring a call-in from our favourite Cuckoo from Down-Under, Lux Voco (aka Mick)! Yes, an AUTHENTIC AUSTRALIAN calls in to the live House of Cuckoos show to discuss madness, conspiracies, ol' memories, music & art, and the weather! Plus, random banter of the most random of random places beyond left-field to the outer limits of what is and ever was CUCKOO!!! ... But with an extra side of bacon! The House of Cuckoos Radio Show...

Duration: 01:34:18

THoC Episode #87

Plastic dishes of cozmic forethought! The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #87 !!! Glide your mind into the CUCKOO time of everyday life by tuning in & dropping down your pants of laffs! ...Or something like that...! Join us for the Cuckoo fun! We talk of Sir Pat-Stew on cannabis & pooh, learn the proper word for studying beasts, make merry of Barry Manilow, killer dildo sharks, espresso energy dips, make a review of the Nintendo Switch, & discuss the joy of armpit smelling in the name of love!...

Duration: 01:26:15

THoC Episode #86

A Cuckoo Mardi Gras & the beads are ALWAYS being given! The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #86 ! A lively show of lively banter to a lively audience of lively Cuckoo credence! A colossal construction of banter battle that costs the listener nothing but their time to be taken by the Cuckoo engagement of modern antiquity! SAY WHAT????! Ok, then! We rave on about Zelda, talking car alarms, Cuckoo meditation, public Joker laffing, & we sing a song about eating soup with a hollow bone in your...

Duration: 01:49:08

THoC Episode #85

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #85 !!! It's a short trip thru a lotta talk! But the talk that talks is the GOOD TALK! The CUCKOO TALK! ...but we still have our squawkings bubble out of our mouths from time to time! Regardless, it's another fun-filled over the top (but not too far above the table-top ping-pong game of life) episode recorded LIVE in the Cuckoos Studio WTHC Cleveland! Cats are discussed at some point, so you need no other reason to listen other than that alone! But there's...

Duration: 01:32:17

THoC Episode #84

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #84: Velocity Boy Meets the Ice Cream Sandwich! A random winner of absurd annoyance & wonderfully vulgar obnoxiousness as Velocity Boy phones in to the show to disrupt all that we hold dear & Cuckoo! And, wow, do our topics run all over the place! But with so many laffs, you won't care where you are as long as you're hanging with Velocity Boy & The House of Cuckoos! Who needs drugs when you can just listen to this episode for cross-eyed fun! The House of...

Duration: 01:29:03

THoC Episode #83

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #83 !!! Don't let the monsters get to you! Just open the wings of your mind & go CUCKOO! Come on in & let go of your stress, The House will always subdue your depression! Open minds laff light, open love feels right, lafter is the greatest way towards days of darkened paths! Just listen to our show & forget all that political wrath! The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #83 recorded LIVE & uncut!!! You need a break... Come complain with us! .

THoC Episode #82

You are what you is when you stop trying to be what you never thought you would be & simply let your inner Cuckoo fly thru you into the dawn of a free people of lafter & peace! At least while you listen to The House of Cuckoos! The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #82 !!! A wild blend of live & rerun material! Join us in the story-time that will keep you awake all nite as we read some classic Cuckoos performance writings & try to figure out where Dr. Antonio is at after his brief jaunt down a...

THoC Episode #81

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #81 !!! The 2017 Cuckoo Season begins as we discuss everything & anything that the New Year brings! Casual talk, casual minds, & casual dress as you hear us engage each other with stubborn attitudes & odd discussions of the most absurdist kind! Join us as we jump into the new world order of the America culture & skewer it the best we can! The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #81 ! Set your mind free & your Cuckoo will follow! .

Duration: 01:48:24

THoC Episode #80

Happy New Year from The House of Cuckoos! And what a coincidence! This happens to be The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #80 New Year's Eve Bash ! Join in the fun as we celebrate the New Year! Tune in as we remember what a crappy year 2016 was & all the great celebrities we lost! We also analyze & question why we mourn celebrity deaths anyways! Or maybe we just make you think about it while we ramble on about everything else absurd & strange! Refresh your self with our New Years banter...

Duration: 01:38:29

THoC Episode #79

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #79: Our 7th Annual Anti-Xmas Holiday Xmas Special!!! Don't let your bells just jingle... Let us help you jingle them ALL the way! A live recording of our Xmas extravaganza that we can't believe we accomplished without destroying the entire universe! We make off-the-wall talk about the holidays, happiness, & all the weirdness that we do our best to make believe in! That's the magic of the holidays & the gastric responses of The Cuckoos that you're sensing!...

Duration: 02:19:57

THoC Episode #78

Did you get your holiday shopping done early? Neither did we! The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #78 ! A dance of Cuckoo craziness as we banter about every little crazy thing that can be bantered about in a random episode with no direction! You'll be happily lost with us, The House of Cuckoos, as we balance reality with the holidays & beg for gifts from anyone & everyone! It's the cookie without the calories! It's The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #78 ! Get your treats baked with us! .

Duration: 01:43:26

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