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Episode 090 (The 2017 Hungry Awards)

Coming at you for the last time in 2017, Ally, Brendan & Saleem sit back and reflect on what was one of the biggest years in video gaming history. They also award their winners across five categories in the 2017 Hungry Awards! Categories are: - Indie Darling of the Year - Underdog/Surprise of the Year - Best Christmas Gift Idea - Most Anticipated Game of 2018 - Game of the Year There is also the usual sprinkling of gaming related banter and chaos thrown in. ------- A massive thank...

Duration: 01:29:51

Episode 089 (Dispensing Pez One Last Time)

For the second last time in 2017, Ally, Brendan & Saleem are joined by very special guest, Adam "Pez" Perry to talk gaming, life as well as his big career change taking up a role at 2K. They also discuss: - PUBG debuting their new desert map at the Gaming Awards - PUGB potentially coming to mobile devices - Bluehole's next game, Ascent: Infinite Realm, a steampunk inspired MMO has been announced - Final Fantasy XV announcing multiple DLC packs for 2018 - Geese debuting in Tekken...

Duration: 01:38:32

Episode 088 (Festivus 2017)

It's that time again ATEBIT Nation - Ally, Brendan & Saleem return to the Nameless Table to air their grievances on the legendary holiday known as Festivus. On this special episode they cover off on: - Biggest gaming grievances of 2017 - Biggest grievances within the gaming industry - Biggest grievances within the gaming community - Biggest grievances within ATEBIT/The Hungry Gamers Brendan also takes time to dive (probably far too deep) on his recent trip to Thailand, taking...

Duration: 01:42:36

Episode 087 (Star Wars - The Microtransaction Menace)

Stumbling into the ATEBIT HQ for an eighty seventh time, Ally, Brendan & Saleem dive deep into microtransactions, the topic that will not go away. On this episode they also get into: - Destiny 2 on PC - Video game overload in 2017 - Is there a right or wrong way to play a video game? - The Justice League, DC coming back strong? - Saleem watching The Disaster Artist - PUBG getting nominated for Game of the Year, is it deserving? - Twitch streamer controversy - Sexy chainsaws in...

Duration: 01:46:15

Episode 086 (Killing Nazis & Making Fart Jokes)

Stumbling into the ATEBIT HQ for an eighty sixth time, Ally, Brendan & Saleem gush over the latest Marvel film, Thor Ragnarok. Seriously watch it immediately, it's amazing. On this episode they dive into: - South Park: The Fractured But Hole, one of the best games of 2017 - Wolfenstein II, also one of the best games of 2017 - A new Star Wars trilogy is on the way (yay?) - EA purchasing Respawn for a boatload of money - Legacy eSports pushing into sports science with thanks to the...

Duration: 01:20:30

Episode 085 (One Heart & One Dream)

Coming at you like a two headed snake drunk on moonshine, Ally & Saleem combine to form what might possibly be the best duo podcast The Hungry Gamers have ever seen. On this episode they talk: - PAX Australia additional recap - Animal Crossing Pocket Camp - Final Fantasy XII - Sony at Paris Games Week - The latest & greatest from Blizzcon - Razer's new smartphone - Steam blocking "adult" game developers Plus lots more gaming related banter! ------ Find more gaming related...

Duration: 01:25:02


Coming at you directly from the PAX Australia show floor, Ally, Ben, Brendan, Nato (from 4 Yanks 1 Aussie fame) and Saleem give you the hottest of takes during their time in Melbourne. The team are also joined by the lovely Kardplays as they interview the hottest content creator on the market, Orange Ocelot. On this special PAX episode they also dive into: - Brendan finally getting them PUBG chicken dinners! - South Park: The Fractured But Whole - Divinity Original Sin 2 - WWE...

Duration: 01:26:57

Episode 083 (Fright Night 2017)

Rising from the grave for an eighty third time - Ally, Brendan & Reece gather their pitchforks to do battle with the scary side of video games. On this episode they dive into: - Moments that scared them (that shouldn't) - Franchises you would like to see translated into a horror game - Which iconic horror character would you like to chat to - The history of the horror genre - This Week in Gaming (horror edition) Plus lots more gaming related banter! ------ Find more gaming related...

Duration: 01:34:25

Episode 082 (Ode to Our Comrades)

Coming at you like a gambling debt to the devil, Ally, Reece & Saleem return to ATEBIT Studios to run the asylum as Brendan is away, creating what could be the best podcast episode ever. They also talk some: - Cuphead selling 1 million copies - Epic going legal - Pay-to-win concerns regarding Star Wars Battlefront II - Controversy surrounding Telltale Batman - The Russians meddling with Pokemon GO Plus lots more gaming related banter! Shout out to TVasquez_ for being our iTunes...

Duration: 01:12:31

Episode 081 (Global Shortage on Chicken Dinners)

Coming at you like a distant shot from a KAR98K, Ally, Brendan & Reece return to ATEBIT Studios to share their testing experiences with MDHR's indie hit, Cuphead. They also talk some: - Hands on with the Destiny 2 raid - The latest trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 - The insane costs on cosmetic items in gaming - Survival Mode making it's way to Skyrim - More celebrities & icons getting involved in eSports - This Week in Gaming Plus lots more gaming related banter! Shout out to...

Duration: 01:19:42

Episode 080 (Cross Platform Conspiracies)

Coming at you like a Titan's shield throw, Ally, Brendan & Saleem return to ATEBIT Studios to cover off on the latest cross platform drama between Sony and Microsoft courtesy of Epic Games' Fortnite. They also talk some: - Blue Hole potentially taking action against Epic due to PUBG battle royale clashes - Dragon Ball Fighter Z story mode unveiled - The Duke returning to the Microsoft stable - Final Fantasy XV Comrades gets a release date - Flappy Bird finally flying away from the...

Duration: 01:18:18

Episode 079 (PewDiePie is Far Worse Than the Destiny 2 Final Boss Battle)

Coming at you like a Titan's shield throw, Ally, Brendan & Saleem return to ATEBIT Studios to dive deep on the controversial YouTube phenom known as PewDiePie. They also talk some: - Destiny 2 news as well as unpacking the games story (beware spoilers) - Shirtless Mario causing a stir - Rockstar returning to a Nintendo console for the first time in nearly 10 years - AAA third party support for the Nintendo Switch - Fallout Shelter tops 100,000,000 downloads Plus lots more gaming...

Duration: 01:29:29

Episode 078 (Destiny 2 Good)

Returning for the seventy eighth time, Ally, Brendan & Saleem sit down to openly gush about their love for Destiny 2, arm up Guardians this episode is a war. They also talk some: - Player Unknown Battlegrounds, taking over the world - IT, a return to form for Stephen King - Battleborn still having some fight left? - Hearthstone getting further nerfs - South Park: The Fractured But Whole and their difficulty slider - Mario is no longer a plumber Plus lots more gaming related...

Duration: 01:41:35

Episode 077 (Late to the Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Party)

Returning for a world first seventy seventh time, Ally, Brendan & Saleem barely contain their love for Battlegrounds, the game currently dominating world wide. They also discuss: - The Riot Hackathon - Ornn making his way to League of Legends - Kel'Thuzad announced as the next hero in Heroes of the Storm - Sea of Thieves going cross platform between Xbox and Windows - EB Games announcing "Swap n Play" - Final Fantasy XV / Assassins Creed crossover? - Mercy getting a massive...

Duration: 01:33:31

Episode 076 (The Dark Tower Sucks)

Returning for the seventy sixth time, Brendan, Reece & Saleem sit down to discuss the delay of Crackdown 3 and what it means for Microsoft. They also talk through: - The disappointment that is The Dark Tower movie - The Defenders - Elder Scrolls Online - The PAX Australia Indie Showcase winners - Microsoft's new Creator Program - Junk Rat getting buffed in Overwatch Plus lots more gaming related banter! Shout out to Psynapssss for being our iTunes Listener of the Week!! Be sure...

Duration: 01:28:12

Episode 075 (Roo Teeth Cares)

Coming at you after a brief alcohol induced hiatus Saleem, Reece, Brendan & a returning Ally are back to talk all things gaming as well as recap their time spent streaming for charity in conjunction with Roo Teeth. They also cover off on: - Daniel Craig, James Douche - Ubisoft opening a new studio - Overwatch Summer skins & Lucio Ball - Josh Brolin as Cable - Disney announcing a new streaming service - 2024 Paris Olympics potentially having eSports - Take-Two still just printing...

Duration: 01:21:49

Episode 074 (I Don't Wanna be the Boshy)

Rolling in slightly hungover for the seventy fourth time, Brendan & Saleem are joined by an extremely special guest host - You Game Bro? himself, Adam "Pez" Perry combining to create what might be the best episode to date! On this episode the guys talk: - I Wanna Be The Boshy, the abstinence challenge - Revisiting Resident Evil - Doomfist slamming his way into Overwatch - Matt Groening's Disenchantment questing it's way to Netflix - Final Fantasy XV: Comrades - Player Unknown's...

Duration: 01:39:31

Episode 073 (The Overwatch World Cup)

Returning for a seventy third time, Saleem, Reece & Brendan regroup to talk about their experiences at the Overwatch World Cup event this past weekend. They also discuss: - The joys (and nightmares) of flying - Legendaries (finally) coming to Pokemon Go - All the big news coming out of San Diego Comic Con - Geese Howard making his way to Tekken 7 Plus lots more gaming related banter! Shout out to Starkraver for being our iTunes Listener of the Week!! Be sure to follow the team on...

Duration: 01:28:09

Episode 072 (Captain Holiday vs The Samburglar)

Coming at you for a world first seventy second episode, Brendan and Reece are here to deliver another weekly serving of gaming goodness while also pulling back the curtain on the (not so) famous CWF. The boys talk some: - Jackbox Party Games - Ni No Kuni 2 getting delayed until 2018 - Oculus rumored to be releasing a sub $200.00USD VR headset next year - WWE 2k18 and the glory days of professional wrestling - Steve Whitmire getting his marching orders from The Muppets - Steam...

Duration: 01:19:32

Episode 071 (Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse)

Coming at you for the first ever seventy first episode, Saleem, Reece & Brendan recap their time at Zedtown, Australia's largest zombie tag event. Who lived? Who died? Tune in to see who had their BRAAAIINNNNSSSS devoured. The boys also talk some: - Steam Summer Sale success stories - The latest Nintendo Switch release, GoNNER - Valkyria Revolution, a worthy ARPG? - The one year anniversary of Pokemon-Go - Doomfist (finally) making his way to Overwatch, and without Terry Crews in...

Duration: 01:34:08

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