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Episode 080 (Cross Platform Conspiracies)

Coming at you like a Titan's shield throw, Ally, Brendan & Saleem return to ATEBIT Studios to cover off on the latest cross platform drama between Sony and Microsoft courtesy of Epic Games' Fortnite. They also talk some: - Blue Hole potentially taking action against Epic due to PUBG battle royale clashes - Dragon Ball Fighter Z story mode unveiled - The Duke returning to the Microsoft stable - Final Fantasy XV Comrades gets a release date - Flappy Bird finally flying away from the iOS...

Duration: 01:18:18

Episode 079 (PewDiePie is Far Worse Than the Destiny 2 Final Boss Battle)

Coming at you like a Titan's shield throw, Ally, Brendan & Saleem return to ATEBIT Studios to dive deep on the controversial YouTube phenom known as PewDiePie. They also talk some: - Destiny 2 news as well as unpacking the games story (beware spoilers) - Shirtless Mario causing a stir - Rockstar returning to a Nintendo console for the first time in nearly 10 years - AAA third party support for the Nintendo Switch - Fallout Shelter tops 100,000,000 downloads Plus lots more gaming...

Duration: 01:29:29

Episode 078 (Destiny 2 Good)

Returning for the seventy eighth time, Ally, Brendan & Saleem sit down to openly gush about their love for Destiny 2, arm up Guardians this episode is a war. They also talk some: - Player Unknown Battlegrounds, taking over the world - IT, a return to form for Stephen King - Battleborn still having some fight left? - Hearthstone getting further nerfs - South Park: The Fractured But Whole and their difficulty slider - Mario is no longer a plumber Plus lots more gaming related...

Duration: 01:41:35

Episode 077 (Late to the Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Party)

Returning for a world first seventy seventh time, Ally, Brendan & Saleem barely contain their love for Battlegrounds, the game currently dominating world wide. They also discuss: - The Riot Hackathon - Ornn making his way to League of Legends - Kel'Thuzad announced as the next hero in Heroes of the Storm - Sea of Thieves going cross platform between Xbox and Windows - EB Games announcing "Swap n Play" - Final Fantasy XV / Assassins Creed crossover? - Mercy getting a massive...

Duration: 01:33:31

Episode 076 (The Dark Tower Sucks)

Returning for the seventy sixth time, Brendan, Reece & Saleem sit down to discuss the delay of Crackdown 3 and what it means for Microsoft. They also talk through: - The disappointment that is The Dark Tower movie - The Defenders - Elder Scrolls Online - The PAX Australia Indie Showcase winners - Microsoft's new Creator Program - Junk Rat getting buffed in Overwatch Plus lots more gaming related banter! Shout out to Psynapssss for being our iTunes Listener of the Week!! Be sure...

Duration: 01:28:12

Episode 075 (Roo Teeth Cares)

Coming at you after a brief alcohol induced hiatus Saleem, Reece, Brendan & a returning Ally are back to talk all things gaming as well as recap their time spent streaming for charity in conjunction with Roo Teeth. They also cover off on: - Daniel Craig, James Douche - Ubisoft opening a new studio - Overwatch Summer skins & Lucio Ball - Josh Brolin as Cable - Disney announcing a new streaming service - 2024 Paris Olympics potentially having eSports - Take-Two still just printing...

Duration: 01:21:49

Episode 074 (I Don't Wanna be the Boshy)

Rolling in slightly hungover for the seventy fourth time, Brendan & Saleem are joined by an extremely special guest host - You Game Bro? himself, Adam "Pez" Perry combining to create what might be the best episode to date! On this episode the guys talk: - I Wanna Be The Boshy, the abstinence challenge - Revisiting Resident Evil - Doomfist slamming his way into Overwatch - Matt Groening's Disenchantment questing it's way to Netflix - Final Fantasy XV: Comrades - Player Unknown's...

Duration: 01:39:31

Episode 073 (The Overwatch World Cup)

Returning for a seventy third time, Saleem, Reece & Brendan regroup to talk about their experiences at the Overwatch World Cup event this past weekend. They also discuss: - The joys (and nightmares) of flying - Legendaries (finally) coming to Pokemon Go - All the big news coming out of San Diego Comic Con - Geese Howard making his way to Tekken 7 Plus lots more gaming related banter! Shout out to Starkraver for being our iTunes Listener of the Week!! Be sure to follow the team on...

Duration: 01:28:09

Episode 072 (Captain Holiday vs The Samburglar)

Coming at you for a world first seventy second episode, Brendan and Reece are here to deliver another weekly serving of gaming goodness while also pulling back the curtain on the (not so) famous CWF. The boys talk some: - Jackbox Party Games - Ni No Kuni 2 getting delayed until 2018 - Oculus rumored to be releasing a sub $200.00USD VR headset next year - WWE 2k18 and the glory days of professional wrestling - Steve Whitmire getting his marching orders from The Muppets - Steam...

Duration: 01:19:32

Episode 071 (Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse)

Coming at you for the first ever seventy first episode, Saleem, Reece & Brendan recap their time at Zedtown, Australia's largest zombie tag event. Who lived? Who died? Tune in to see who had their BRAAAIINNNNSSSS devoured. The boys also talk some: - Steam Summer Sale success stories - The latest Nintendo Switch release, GoNNER - Valkyria Revolution, a worthy ARPG? - The one year anniversary of Pokemon-Go - Doomfist (finally) making his way to Overwatch, and without Terry Crews in...

Duration: 01:34:08

Episode 070 (An Ode to Super Mario Odyssey)

Coming at you for the seventieth time, the boys decide to dissect the hands on time Brendan had with Super Mario Odyssey at E3 2017, diving into the game from all angles. Saleem & Brendan also talk some: - American Gods & GLOW, must watch television from 2017 - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe & Tekken 7 consuming their lives - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare now available as a standalone purchase - EB Games Crash Bandicoot purchase hacks - The Steam Summer Sale - The debut Jumanji film trailer -...

Duration: 01:13:36

Episode 069 (Why Hello There SexE3)

The long awaited return of the (former?) not so humble host, Brendan sees a full recap of his time at E3 2017. You won't find hands on experience and factoids like this anywhere else in the podcast realm. *Note: you may in fact get similar podcasts recapping their time spent at E3, but certainly not with that trademark Australian banter attached. #stayhungry

Duration: 01:43:46

Episode 068 (Pre-3)

Reece & Saleem are back for a second "Kirbo & The Six Percenter" special, with Brendan at E3 and Ally taking some time off the boys are here to talk a lot of video games. On today's docket: - New Pokemon games announced (sadly not for the Switch) - 2K offering Battleborn as a "free trial"...indefinitely - The Death of Cowboy Beebop - Bubsy getting a reboot - Twitch & Bethesda's partnership *Plus lots more gaming & geeky related banter!! Shout out to Ben Slinger, mrskullduggery,...

Duration: 01:10:14

Episode 067 (Kirbo & The Six Percenter)

In a dramatic turn of events, the third ever duo only podcast in Hungry Gamers history is here. In what might be the best/worst episode of all time Reece Kirby (aka Kirbo) and Sam Abraham (aka The Six Percenter) unite to deliver the latest takes on the video game world. You have been warned! On this episode the guys discuss: - Fast & the Furious: The Game aka The Latest Need for Speed announced - Who doesn't want a Gold Playstation 4? - PS Plus June freebees - Overwatch taking us to...

Duration: 01:03:59

Episode 066 (Far Cry Me a River)

Coming together for what may or may not be the last time ever, Ally, Brendan, Reece and Sam unite to tackle the hard hitting news doing the rounds from within the video game world; like Magikarp Jump... The Fantastic Four also discuss: - The return of Twin Peaks - The Overwatch 12 month anniversary - King Arthur: Legend of the Sword actually being good - Red Dead Redemption 2 getting delayed until 2018 - Far Cry 5 tackling doomsday cultists - Xbox Game Pass going live - Beam now...

Duration: 01:21:57

Episode 065 (Living in Your Mothers Basement)

Invading your ears for a record sixty fifth time, Ally, Brendan and Sam unite amid the hype of Destiny 2 making it's way to PC thanks to Blizzard. They also talk about: - Player Unknowns Battlegrounds - Alien: Covenant, where does it stack up in the franchise? - The Alien & Predator universes, the good & bad of it all - Get Out, one of the best films of 2017 - Ubisoft confirming 4 AAA titles within the current fiscal year - The Witcher getting it's own Netflix series - Tom Hardy...

Duration: 01:26:57

Episode 064 (Frasier Has Left the Building)

The entire band is back just in time for the sixty fourth episode, full of that back and forth you know and love. They also cover off: - Fighting the red demon - Secret porn hacks on SBS (look for that S+N) - John Wick: Chapter Two, more Wick more awesome - Keanu Reeves and Pharell Williams playing vampire detectives - Shadowverse, yet another CCG challenger? - Paying for "friends" to play video games with you - Hellboy getting a reboot and going "darker" - Square Enix cutting IO...

Duration: 01:28:05

Episode 063 (Prey for Mashed Potatoes)

Coming at you for a sixty third time Ally, Brendan & Reece return to engage in one of the most heated battles of all time - mashed potato, friend of foe? They Also cover off: - Dawn of War III, potentially missing the mark? - Tales of Grindea - Paladins landing on console (and STILL free!!) - Darksiders 3 being announced out of nowhere - The debut trailer for The Dark Tower film drops - Burnie Burns confirmed as PAX Australia 2017 keynote speaker - Bob Ross coming to SMITE Plus...

Duration: 01:14:05

Episode 062 (Chris Pratt Loves Wendys Hotdogs)

Coming at you like Starlord himself, Ally, Brendan & Reece return for the sixty second time to fill your ears with gaming and geek related goodness. On this episode they talk some: - Guardians of the Galaxy 2 - Dawn of War 3, pwnin Orcs is life - Nacho man hats, yay or nay? - Drinking straws, do they have a place in liquid society? - Wonderboy: The Dragon's Trap, nostalgic gold - The weekly Persona 5 update, HINT adults are still evil - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the best selling game...

Duration: 01:13:20

Episode 061 (Fashionably Late to Meet Harada)

Coming at you for a record sixty first time, Brendan and a slightly broken Sam are back to talk video games. They reflect on the Victorian podcast meetup, working with our BFFs at Reset and also talk about Sam's experience meeting the man behind Tekken They also discuss: - Persona 5, stranger danger - Snake Pass, a sleeper title on the Nintendo Switch - Call of Duty: WW2 - Friday the 13th: The Game slashing its way to a platform near you - The death of the NES Classic - The...

Duration: 01:06:19

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