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Backcountry hunters talking backcountry hunting. Join us for lively discussion on a variety of topics related to backcountry, big game hunting. We'll be talking tactics, sharing lessons learned, swapping stories, interviewing individuals from the hunting industry, and getting into the nitty-gritty of our gear lists and bow/rifle setups.

Backcountry hunters talking backcountry hunting. Join us for lively discussion on a variety of topics related to backcountry, big game hunting. We'll be talking tactics, sharing lessons learned, swapping stories, interviewing individuals from the hunting industry, and getting into the nitty-gritty of our gear lists and bow/rifle setups.
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Backcountry hunters talking backcountry hunting. Join us for lively discussion on a variety of topics related to backcountry, big game hunting. We'll be talking tactics, sharing lessons learned, swapping stories, interviewing individuals from the hunting industry, and getting into the nitty-gritty of our gear lists and bow/rifle setups.




112 | The Right & Wrong Way to Use Vehicles for Hunting

Our guest on this episode is Scott Bodle, a Wildlife Biologist and Forest Protection Officer with the US Forest Service. We draw on Scott's expertise to understand how vehicles can be used on public lands for hunting, and how they should NOT be used. We also discuss what we should do if we observe illegal off-road vehicle use in restricted areas. But it is not all about vehicles, Scott also helps us understand how to use Wildlife Biologists to gain good information on hunting areas, and...


111 | Getting Wild in the Northwest

The crew from Pacific North Wild joins us on this episode to talk about hunting the Northwest. Hear about their wild adventures hunting elk in the state of Washington; why they capture their hunts on film; how they utilize trail cameras in the backcountry — and much more! Be sure sure to give them a follow on Instagram (@PNWild_) and view their hunting films on YouTube. For more information about the #HuntBackcountry podcast, please visit


110 | Rocky Mountain Bighorn...It Takes A Team

Our guest, Justin Shaffer (@justinshaffer1115), is an Army Ranger Sniper, a hunting guide, a taxidermist, and somehow still managed to fill a seemingly countless number of tags in 2017 — including a grizzly, a Chugach Dall Ram, a Colorado Big Horn, and numerous other species. We speak with Justin about a variety of topics, and dive deep into the team effort that went into filling his Colorado Big Horn tag on a wonderful ram. The story is incredible. Although many of you, like me, won’t be...


109 | New Gear from ATA, Simplicity, and Answers to Your Questions

Steve and Mark are back from the ATA (Archery Trade Association) Show, where they got a chance to shoot all of the new bows for 2018 and see the latest and greatest in bowhunting gear. They talk about their highlights from the show, trends developing in the industry, and much more. Steve and Mark also answer several listener questions that cover the topics of efficiency in packing and re-packing camp, finding trailheads using mapping resources, tents vs. hammocks, and water bladders vs....


108 | I Killed My First Bull, Thanks To This Show

We've always wanted this show to be about you, the listener, and connecting you guys with valuable guests. It is not about us — we are simply the "men in the middle". That philosophy is highlighted in this episode, where we feature the story of one of you — our listeners — and how the podcast resulted in a successful first elk hunt. We talk with Brian Oden, and hear how this "regular guy" from Arkansas drove all the way out to Idaho and tagged-out on a bull during his first hunt. Brian...


107 | What I Learned Hiking 2,650 Miles

We are all constantly trying to improve. We learn from each and every day spent in the field, pursuing what we love. Imagine if you could take several consecutive months and spend it "out there". How much could you learn? Imagine how real, concrete, and true the lessons would be. In this episode, we get to learn from someone that has had this experience. Emory Ronald ( hiked the Pacific Crest Trail this past year, and he joins us to share some of the lessons he learned on his...


106 | Training for the Backcountry (And a free plan to do it...)

We always want this podcast to be a resource that helps you be a more capable, confident, and successful backcountry hunter. And now we have a plan to help you be more physically capable and confident, which will lead to more success. Best of all, this plan is 100% free and requires minimal equipment. This plan was programmed by our guest from this episode, Coach Jake Saenz of Atomic Athlete. Tune in to learn about the unique physical demands of backcountry hunting, and how to be prepare...


105 | Food For Off-Grid Adventures

We are always looking to ensure that we properly fuel our bodies for the physical demands of backcountry hunts. Nutrition is clearly a critical element of performance, but we also want to enjoy what we eat. Thankfully, we don't have to decide between what's good for us and what tastes good — thanks to product like those from Off Grid Food Company. In this episode we talk to Off Grid's founder, Spencer Trippe, about the origins of Off Grid, the products he chose to develop and release, why...


104 | I Was Rescued By Helicopter, A Listener Story

"It will never happen to me." That's what most of us think. But all it takes is one wrong step. One careless move. One thing to go wrong. And then, you are in trouble. You are miles-deep into the backcountry. You are severely injured, maybe immobile. What do you do then? In this episode we hear the story from one of you — our listeners. What happened to Steve Wolfe? How did he respond when he found himself immobilized in the mountains? How did such a simple hunt, turn into a serious...


103 | $200 vs $2,000 — What makes an optic great?

What makes an optic great? What are the differences between a $200 dollar optic and a $2,000 optic? And what about all of those terms and numbers — objective, exit pupil, field-of-view, eye relief, interpupillary distance — what does all of that mean, and how does it affect us, as hunters? Our guest for this episode, Colby Kroff, helps us understand the anatomy of optics, what details and specifications matter to hunters, and how to best use and care for optics. If you want to learn more...


102 | Stealth, Stalking, and Shooting Lessons from a Special Operator

Our guest for this episode, Eddie Edmondson, is a 20+ year veteran of Special Operations in the United States military. Eddie continues to work as a trainer and shooting instructor, while also pursuing his passion of big game hunting. Eddie's combined experience in the military and in hunting endeavors has given him incredible insight that he shares with us on this episode, as we discuss topics like stealth, stalking, shooting, mindset, and much more. Also, don't forget to enter the 100th...


101 | Building Your Best Bow Sight

Dustin Wardell from Black Gold Bow Sights joins us to discuss all aspects of selecting or building the best bow sight for your needs. We cover pin selection (number of pins, color of pins, size of pins, etc), discuss the pros and cons of choosing a fixed vs a moveable bow sight, the advantages and disadvantages of micro-adjust, and so much more. If you want to learn more about bow sights, this deep-dive discussion is just for you! Also, don't forget to enter the 100th Episode Giveaway to...


100 | Giveaway Celebration

We want to celebrate Episode 100 of the podcast by thanking you — our listeners. We are giving away an Exo Mountain Gear 3500 pack system and many of our previous podcasts guests have also stepped-up to offer you more than a dozen additional prizes. Listen to the show to get all of the details and complete the giveaway entry form at Winners will be selected on December 1, 2017.


099 | Laughs & Lessons From Colorado

If you caught Episode 95, you heard about a 5-state, 45-day elk hunting project that the Born and Raised Outdoors crew embarked upon this fall. Well, they are back, and in this episode, they join us to recap their Colorado elk hunt with Exo Mountain Gear co-founders, Steve and Lenny, as well as Jason and Tyler from Pure Elevation Productions. We always try to bring value in each and every episode we publish, and there are certainly many insightful lessons shared in this one, but there is...


098 | Long-Range Hunting: Why, What, and How

This episode on Long-Range Hunting is a continuation of our Building a Backcountry Rifle series. Our guest is the President of Gunwerks, Aaron Davidson. Aaron helps us understand why some hunters pursue long-range hunting, what misconceptions exists around the idea of long-range hunting, and for those of you interested — he helps us understand the gear and skills necessary to begin a journey in pursuing effective long-range shooting. Steve and I learned a lot in this discussion, and I'm...


096 | Stories from September

Mark, Steve, and Lenny return to the podcast to share their stories from September. You'll hear the good, bad, and ugly from their elk and mule deer hunts in Idaho and Colorado. Tactics, strategies, and gear that worked well, as well as what didn't work. We hope you had a great September and would love to hear about it, so be sure to share your stories and field photos with us. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast and catch the 100th Episode giveaway coming soon......


095 | 5 States, 45 Days, How many elk tags filled?

What would it be like to experience 45 days of back-to-back elk hunts in Oregon, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, and Montana. You're about to find out. This epic adventure is happening right now and will be filmed and released beginning November 1st on the Born and Raised Outdoors YouTube channel. We chatted with Kody and Trent from the BRO crew before they started this hunting marathon to hear how they've prepared for it, how they'll pull it off, and why they're documenting every step of the...


094 | Alaskan Caribou Adventure

Steve and Lenny just returned from their first Caribou hunt in Alaska and tell us all about their trip. Learn what worked well, what didn’t, and what they would do differently next time. More than just lessons learned, we also hear some great stories — such as why they slept in a shipping container, how caribou were shot out from under them, and how Lenny ended up face-down in a river. We hope your September is going well! Be sure to share your field photos and hunting stories with us by...


093 | Last-Minute Elk Hunting Advice from the "Elk Nut"

Paul “the Elk Nut” Medel returns to share some last-minute advice that might help you fill your elk tag in the coming weeks. Paul was previously a guest way back on Episode 36, which has been one of our most popular shows. Paul has a decades-long track record of successfully killing bulls on public land with over-the-counter tags. Paul encounters the same situations and problems that you and I do on these tough hunts. This episode is a special opportunity to hear some of what has made Paul...


092 | Learn the Language of Elk with Chris Roe

Sometimes you call at a bull and he comes charging-in, giving you a shot opportunity. Sometimes that happens, but not often enough. Other times our calls go without a response. Or, worse yet, our calls seem to have a negative effect on the elk we are after. Why is that? Do we really sound that bad? Maybe that answer isn’t in how we sounded, but what we “said” to the elk. Maybe our call meant something we didn’t intend. Think about it, elk don’t make noise for no reason. They are...


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