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Bonus show - Stephen on the The Outdoors Hour

Rebrodcast of Stephen on the The Outdoors Hour “The Outdoors Hour” celebrates our love of nature with host, Peter Elliott and friends talking to everyday Kiwis about their personal experiences, both good and bad, with plenty of disasters, lots of humour and lessons learned.

Duration: 00:14:46

Stephen and Mark Sainsbury on Radio Live

Stephen was the one at the other ned of the icrophone this week!! The Newsmakers, The Issues and… The Music! That’s what you get when Mark Sainsbury casts a critical but entertaining eye over the week’s events, gives listeners the chance to explore the stories behind the headlines and talk to the people who make them.

Duration: 00:14:08

EP99 - Geting Youth Out Doors With Scouuting

Scouts is all about fun, challenges and adventure. We are New Zealand's biggest mixed youth organisation. We change lives by offering 6- to 26-year-olds fun and challenging activities, unique experiences, everyday adventure and the chance to help others so that we make a positive impact in our communities. Scouts helps children and young adults reach their full potential. Scouts develop skills including teamwork, time management, leadership, initiative, planning, communication,...

Duration: 00:25:23

EP98 - We talk to Javier Borrero about the Hunters Tool App

We talk to Javier Borrero about the Hunters Tool App, and find out how it works Hunters Tool allows you to have access to all the information you need to know about your hunting terrain, local wildlife and customized group preparations to maximize the success and safety of your days in the field. And remember most of the functionality is available offline!

Duration: 00:26:41

EP97 - Hunting after having Kids and social media with Kerry From the Bloke

The Bloke is about getting you up and away from your electronic device and into the great outdoors. However, before you do so, we hope to also impart some knowledge and skills that we have learnt during our travels. Getting out is great. Getting out with the proper skillset to be safe and have fun, is even better. While the older bushmen needed to do it the hard way, modern technology fused with time-tested knowledge allows for a much more comfortable and productive experience....

Duration: 00:42:32

EP85 -Duck Quacks don't echo - Calling Ducks with Marc and Mike

This week we get tips on calling, we even find out what Mike and Marc think about Duck Shooting and realionships. There is also some great prizes up for grabe, including a UFO cooker and Some great Wing Cammo gear from Hunters Element. Find us on Facebook for ways to win.

Duration: 00:29:29

EP84 - The Ducks, The Ducks - Find out how you can win with The Hunting Show

This week we talk about duck shooting, what to look for when building your MaiMai and our plans for the upcoming season. Find out how you can win A UFO cooker worth over $700 and Some great clothing from Hunters Element About Desolve Wing Camouflage A bird’s eye view is very different to ours, camouflage patterns designed to mimic the horizontal picture we see of reeds and grasses look foreign to a bird flying high above. The Desolve® Wing™ pattern disrupts the bird’s vision of you and...

Duration: 00:33:41

EP59 - JETBOIL with James Bell, audio is not great!

This week we talk jet boil, (at a pub again) Sorry the audio is a little off (SHIT IN OTHER WORDS), somthing was not working as well as it should!!! Compact, fast and efficient outdoor stoves and cooking accessories. Award winning technology in personal and group cooking systems, with Flux-Ring technology for superior fuel efficiency and reduced boil time

Duration: 00:27:51

EP56 - Interview Kerry Adams Founder of The Bloke

This week find out What The Bloke is about, Stephen Also talks about his roar and whats comming up in NZ outdoor mag this month. Fundamentally, the bloke is a place for me to document Kerrys outdooradventuresand share a little about how, why and where. Kerry is a quality Dynamic Implementation Orchestrator (yes, he makes up his own job titles)for Allproof Industries, a plumbing & drainage company. On the weekend, he tends to go bush, with a specific interest in bushcraft and survival. When...

Duration: 00:39:13

EP55 - Stephen talkes about why the hunting show is like it is

This week Stephen talks about why the show is how it is and plays a strange song.... Stephen tells you why he plays unedited interviews and why you dont hear reviews on the show. Not the best show ever but a chance to know a little bit about why we do things the way we do, Stephen also plays some random audio.

Duration: 00:20:37

EP54 - Stephen and Mike Felton Duck Shooting and an interview

Stephen and Mike talk about duck shooting, the what to do and the what not to do. Find out how Stephen went on his first time out (in a very long time) and some advice from Mike. Thank you to Mike for a great day out, see you opening weekend next year!

Duration: 00:33:07

EP53 - Interview with Andrew the Kiwi Poacher

This week Stephen talks to Andrew(not his real name) a active poacher and they have it out, tune in to find out what Stephen thinks and see what Andrew has to say about it. Stephen even gets andrew to see his point of view - audio quility not great in this interview.

Duration: 00:33:53

EP52 - Interview with Lisa about the Mangakino Hunting, Fishing & Outdoors

This week we talk to Lisa De Thiery about the Mangakino Hunting, Fishing & Outdoors Expo and THE BIG THREE COMPETITION 30th ANNIVERSARY!! Mangakino Hunting & Fishing Club In conjuction with Mangakino Hotel Present THE BIG THREE COMPETITION 30th ANNIVERSARY & Mangakino Hunting, Fishing & Outdoors Expo. 29 - 31 May 2015

Duration: 00:20:55

EP51 - Night Vision, Daylight Optics and Thermal Imagers what you need to k

We interview Anthony Corke from Yukon Optics about Night Vision, Daylight Optics, Thermal Imagers. A big thank you to Christine (Anthony's wife) who keep the boys organised and said a few words. If you are thinking about buying Night Vision, Daylight Optics or Thermal Imagers this show is for you. Yukon Optics New Zealand is a trading name of Archetype Precision Systems Limited, the exclusive territorial distributor for Yukon Advanced Optics, and Pulsar Optics in New Zealand and the South...

Duration: 00:39:39

EP50 - (EXTRA LONG SHOW) interview with Ronald Boehme From The Hunting Dog

This weeks interview is a extra long show withRonald Boehme from The Hunting Dog Podcast, great for any one planing to hunt in the USA. We talk about Game Bird Hunting and just hunting as a topic. The Hunting Dog Show is a series of interviews with friends, family and industry professionals all related to the world of hunting with dogs. Expect minimal good information, lots of stories of past hunts and opinions that are not necessarily those of the management....

Duration: 00:54:51

Bonus Show -(off topic) Stephen and Christion talk read some Anti Hunting T

If you are offended do not tune in! VERY OFF TOPIC - Stephen and Christion talk read some Anti Hunting Tweets - Just a piss take really, two guys having a laugh! We really did take it a little to far.... and go on a little to long.

Duration: 00:47:36

EP49 - Interview with Ken Watson from Opatcho Lake Outfitters

This Wekk Stephen talkes to Ken from Opatcho Lake Outfitters about hunting in British Columbia(Canada) . Opatcho Lake Outfitters offers big game hunting adventures in the heart of BC’s prime wilderness. Specializing in quality Canadian Moose hunting, Black Bear hunts, Grizzly Bear, Mule Deer, White Tail Deer and Wolf hunts.We also book Winter Predator hunts for Cougar and Lynx. Your hosts: Ken and Crystal Watson 12105 Wilan Road Prince George, BC Canada...

Duration: 00:27:08

EP48 - Interview with Craig from Stag Point New Zealand

This week we talk to Craig Co-Founder of Stag Point about what they do and why they do it that way. Stephen talks to Craig about his background, and how Stag point got started. Stag Point is located 30minutes from Wellington's CBD, and is the only registered hunting/game estate in the region catering for all ages and abilites. Call Stag point on - 021 885 209

Duration: 00:26:20

EP47 - Duck Shooting and reloading with Mike Felton

Recorded from a MaiMai somwhere in the king country Tune in to find out mikes thoughts on Duck Shooting and Reloading. Being born in Rural King Country,MIke grew up in the 70's around the Kuratau region. At a very young age he was introduced to the pursuits of Fishing and Hunting, both of which he is still mad keen on. Now in his early 40's (he says) he own my own business and started Reloading as favours for mates, but as the word soon grew about the results, especially with 12g Steel ammo,...

EP46 - Marc Clinch and Stephen try an Early Sika Roar

Recorded from the Kaimanawas Marc Clinch and Stephen try an Early Sika Roar, although nothing was shot tune in to see what happens. You will hear Marc Roar and some great tips on hunting Sika. Sika are now the second most common deer in New Zealand and are distributed across about 6000-7000 sq km of the central North Island in the Kaimanawas.

Duration: 00:16:21

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