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The Hustle Culture podcast features interviews with entrepreneurs and hustlers from all walks of life going through the climb and trying to make a difference simultaneously. These hustlers share tips and ways they overcame difficult situations.




Fear of Success: Haters, Marketers, and Serendipity

Our listeners said that they want(ed) to hear more from us, the “real talk” around our own personal journeys, struggles, and everything in between. On last week’s episode of Hustle Culture we stepped from behind the curtain to talk about our own paths and what we are working towards. On this episode, titled “Fear of Success: Haters, Marketers, and Serendipity”, we recorded STRAIGHT FIRE! Show-notes and highlights of this episode: 3:20: Why haters are going to hate 6:25: The reason why...

Duration: 00:41:52

Acknowledging Your Benchmarks

In this episode, we explain the reason for our long absences and what we've been up to since then. Carlos discusses how he found his confidence in SXSW and I discuss how reaching a certain benchmark while hustling allowed me to sit back and smell be roses for once. We close out the show by being more transparent than we have ever been on our goals. Enjoy and stay hustling!

Duration: 00:57:20

A Photographers Dream: Andre Lindo’s Story

André Lindo is also an avid food photographer. His wife, Nazia, is a chef and they have teamed up to create beautiful food photography with simple yet exciting food. You can view their work here: Also, check out Wedding site! You will find more wedding photos, engagement and photo booth examples.

Duration: 01:07:30

18: How to Go From Being Homeless to Building a Six Figure Business with Luis Congdon

A few years ago Luis slept in his car during the cold months of October and November. Unable to hold jobs he was very down and out... He had to change. He quit applying to jobs and started his own online business. In a short period of ten months he has come from no online business experience to earning over $10k a month, all primarily through podcasting, a podcast FB group of 600+ podcasters, and sponsorships from renowned brands. His story of being homeless as a young child in a 3rd world...

Duration: 00:38:44

Best of 2015: Embrace Failure In Order To Become Successful

On this episode, Tayo and Carlos reflect on 2015 and discuss the following: What accomplishments are we most proud of?Thepeople that made a difference in our lives and how they made an impactThe value of relationships and mentorshipsWhat are each of us thankful for?What did 2015 teach us about failure and risksOur goals for 2016 You don't want to miss this! Thank you for making our 2015 that much better. Your support means a lot to us. See you in 2016! Tayo & Carlos About Hustle Culture:...

Duration: 00:59:46