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The International Association of Internet Broadcasters presents this spotlight program to showcase some of today's top Internet Broadcasters. The IAIB Spotlight provides not only educational resources but representation, and networking opportunities to Internet Broadcasting professionals as well as to all of those interested in becoming part of the most rapidly emerging broadcast medium. For more info about the IAIB visit






IAIB Spotlight Ep. 27 – Rob Greenlee Interview 8-8-14

Rob Greenlee joins Andrew Zarian to discuss podcast trends, his new role at the PodcastOne Network managing their podcasts, the new Podcast Movement conference, and offers some advice on what makes a successful podcast.

Duration: 01:02:11

IAIB Spotlight Ep. 26 – Mike Phillips Interview 7-25-14

Mike Phillips joins Andrew Zarian again to discuss audio engineering and misconceptions broadcasters having of audio. Mike also gives tips on best audio practices for broadcasters and podcasts, the best mic is to get if you are just starting out, and Skype alternatives.

Duration: 01:03:40

IAIB Spotlight Ep. 25 – Tom Merritt Interview 2-3-14

Andrew Zarian Interviews Tom Merritt. Tom shares how his career in Journalism and Podcasting began at an early age when he worked at a radio station. Tom also talks about his time at ZD TV, Cnet, Tech TV, and TWiT. How did Buzz Out Loud get it's start at Cnet? Tom gives tips for podcasting and what he's doing now after leaving TWiT. What technical challenges has Tom faced doing Daily Tech News Show on his own? And Tom shares how he is getting support from fans of Cordkillers and DTNS...

Duration: 01:04:07

IAIB Spotlight Ep. 24 – Brian Brushwood Interview 1-17-14

Andrew Zarian interviews host of NSFW and Cordkillers Brian Brushwood. Brian explains how Cordkillers came to be and why it's so successful. He also talks about how he funds Cordkillers through viewers, rather than advertisers. Should podcasters skip the traditional route of funding their podcast through advertising? And Brian also explains how he distributes Cordkillers.

Duration: 01:00:17