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From IVY: The Social University, comes The IVY Podcast — life-changing advice from the most inspiring thought leaders shaping our world today. With exclusive conversations covering entrepreneurship, the arts, policy, social impact, and more, The IVY Podcast is your hub for lifelong education and inspiration. New episodes every Wednesday. For more information about the IVY community, and to attend live events near you, visit




#75: The New Great Game: The U.S., China, and North Korea, Featuring the Founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Fair Observer, Atul Singh

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has said his country’s intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) program puts the United States in striking range. The provocation has sent shock waves around the world, drawing fiery rhetoric and doomsday warnings from U.S. President Donald Trump. What is behind Kim Jong-un’s actions, and why is he fanning the flames of hostility now? Atul Singh, the Founder, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief of Fair Observer, joins The IVY Podcast to shed light on the tense...

Duration: 00:51:20

#74: Can Buying Wine Help End Childhood Hunger? Featuring the Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer of ONEHOPE, Brandon Hall

To help fund a life-saving vaccine or send aid in a natural disaster, all you have to do is buy wine. That’s the idea behind ONEHOPE, the California-based wine brand providing people the opportunity to do more good through everyday actions. Their wine, gourmet coffee, and gift sets each support a charitable cause — every case of pinot funds a pet adoption, while every bottle of sparkling helps fund two meals to help end childhood hunger. No one needed another excuse to pour themselves a...

Duration: 00:47:26

#73: How to Change the World Through Entrepreneurship, Featuring Founder of Moon Express, Naveen Jain

Naveen Jain is driven to solve the world's biggest challenges through innovation. His space company, Moon Express, is the first private enterprise to receive formal government approval to land on the moon this Fall — beating Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. Naveen has also founded the companies Viome, World Innovation Institute, TalentWise, and Infospace, among others. Those companies goals range from making humanity a multi-planetary society, to rethinking the entire healthcare system from an...

Duration: 00:43:02

#72: Iconic DJ & Music Producer Kaskade on How to Command a Global Audience

From the rise of subscription and streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, to the surprising return of LPs, to the continuing decline in sales of CDs and digital tracks — the multi-billion dollar music industry has undergone some massive transformations in the past five years. In light of all this, one wonders: What will the future of music in the 21st century look like? If there’s one man who has an idea, it’s six-time Grammy-nominated DJ, singer, songwriter, and producer,...

Duration: 00:53:05

#71: How to Create Social Impact that Strengthens Communities to Solve Big Problems, featuring President & CEO of United Way Worldwide, Brian Gallagher

Brian Gallagher is the President & CEO of United Way Worldwide, the largest private sector nonprofit in the country, which raises approximately $4 billion dollars annually. It offers leadership support for millions of volunteers and donors and licenses nearly 1800 franchises in 41 countries. In this conversation, Brian describes the successes and struggles he has experienced during his tenure at United Way, explaining how the organization is adapting to engage the next generation of...

Duration: 00:34:19

#71: Fashion Icon Tamara Mellon on How to Turn Setbacks into Success

What do you do when you’re stuck with a broken business model? You dig deep and reach into an inner reserve of resilience, grit, and perseverance to pioneer a new range of solutions to make your struggling business thrive. World-renowned fashion icon Tamara Mellon has become a paragon of such business tenacity and savvy. A co-founder of the luxury shoe brand Jimmy Choo back in 1996, Tamara left the company in 2011 with a reported $135 million payout. In 2013, she started her own...

Duration: 00:23:55

#68: How to Raise Your Series A & B, Featuring Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Tribeca Venture Partners, Brian Hirsch

Trying to raise the serious capital needed to turn your idea into a global company? The process is daunting and complex, to say the least — from identifying sophisticated institutional investors actually willing to back your pitch, to the initial “seed capital” phase, all the way through series A, B, and C funding. Thankfully, Brian Hirsch is here to simplify your entrepreneurial endeavor. The Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Tribeca Venture Partners — a venture capital firm focused...

Duration: 00:48:24

#66: How to Be a Great Leader: 10 Timeless Lessons from the Titans of Classical Literature, Featuring Award-Winning Author and Professor, Joseph Luzzi

Successful entrepreneurs from Steve Jobs to Peter Thiel have obsessively turned to literature for ideas, unpacking canonical texts as "case studies" for effective leadership, concept generation, conflict resolution, and better understanding diverse cultures. Joseph Luzzi, the award-winning author and professor of Italian at Bard College, is a champion of this methodology. Luzzi’s perceptive work analyzes how history’s premier minds — from Dante and Machiavelli to Shakespeare, Tolstoy, and...

Duration: 00:36:19

#65: How to Transform Your Concept Into a Product, Featuring Partner at New Enterprise Associates, Vanessa Larco

Picture this: lightning strikes your dreamscape one unexpected evening, stirring you from your slumber with the almighty power of a flawless idea — an idea that will improve people’s lives and solve society’s problems in previously unimagined ways. Bleary-eyed, you type out the concept on your phone and fall back asleep, grinning at your genius. Morning arrives, and with it a sudden, nagging sense of doubt. Though still confident in the life-altering potential of your idea, the reality of...

Duration: 00:39:57

#64: How to Design a Successful Life and Achieve Your Dreams, Featuring Expert Coach at Handel Group, Laurie Gerber

Many young leaders today know what they want to accomplish — whether it’s creating a company, writing a bestseller, or inventing a new technology. The difficult question is how to accomplish these goals — how to overcome obstacles, strategize exactly what we need to do to accomplish our dreams, and turn that bestseller into a reality. Fortunately, there are people like Laurie Gerber who have dedicated their entire personal and professional lives to teaching people how to realize their...

Duration: 00:34:11

#63: How to Create Transformational Brands, Featuring the 'Friendly Founder' of Hello, Craig Dubitsky

Craig Dubitsky is one of the most creative minds in consumer goods, with a proven track record for identifying and exploiting gaps in competitive markets. He is the "Friendly Founder" of Hello — the “naturally friendly” oral care company whose products are vegan, never tested on animals, and made in the USA. Prior to Hello, Craig cofounded Eos, a women’s personal care brand known for its ubiquitous lip balm. He also served as SVP of Venture Development at Simon Property Group, leading the...

Duration: 00:52:27

How to Build Great Businesses to Solve Hard Problems with the Co-Founder of Aspiration, Joseph Sanberg

Joseph N. Sanberg is an entrepreneur and investor who has devoted his career to helping create businesses that do more than just make money — they also make a difference. He is the Co-Founder of Aspiration, a socially-conscious financial services firm that puts “you and your conscience first” — allowing customers to manage their banking and investing with confidence that the companies Aspiration works with are doing their part to transform the world. In this thought-provoking discussion,...

Duration: 01:08:08

#61: How to Create Value and Build Growth in the Digital Landscape featuring the President of BuzzFeed Entertainment Group, Ze Frank

Ze Frank is the President of BuzzFeed Entertainment Group. After graduating from Brown University in 1995 with a BS in Neuroscience, Frank became an unexpected internet pioneer, driving traffic to his own personal website via short films, animations and video games. Frank won a Webby in 2002 for Best Personal Website and was featured in Time Magazine’s “50 Coolest Websites” in 2005. From there, he launched his Youtube channel with the hugely popular ‘True Facts’ series along with other...

Duration: 00:37:24

#60: How Prime Movers Create Legendary Companies, featuring Forbes Midas List Investor & Entrepreneur, Mike Maples Jr.

Mike is a Founding Partner at Floodgate, a venture capital firm that invests in the extraordinary top ".1%" of companies earlier than anyone else, including Twitter, Lyft,, and Sparefoot. After earning his MBA from Stanford, he went to Silicon Graphics where he was developing CGI that studios such as Industrial Light and Magic used in their feature films. He then joined his college roommate, Joe Liemandt, at Trilogy Software, which soon after went public and was acquired by IBM....

Duration: 00:37:51

#59: The Future of Retail featuring The CEO of MM Luxe Consulting & Former President of Saks, Marigay McKee

Fashion legend Marigay McKee has risen from “lipstick girl” at Harrod’s to a major leader of some of the biggest luxury brands in the world. After working as a retail clerk and teacher for many years, she was offered the opportunity to become an executive at Estee Lauder Europe, and from there, launched a twenty-year career in luxury retailing. She eventually rose to the pinnacle of London’s retail world when she rejoined Harrod’s, this time as a Senior Beauty Buyer, and over a fifteen...

Duration: 00:42:33

#58: Lessons From 20 Years of Entrepreneurship Featuring The Co-CEO of Sun Capital Partners, Marc Leder

Marc Leder is the co-CEO of Sun Capital Partners Since co-founding his global private equity firm in 1995, Marc has helped oversee investment in more than 340 companies worldwide with revenues in excess of $45 billion. Prior to his work at Sun Capital, Marc served as a Senior Vice President of Lehman Brothers in New York. Marc gives insight into how we can each make a stellar career out of entrepreneurship and investing. He also shared how he worked his way up from an analyst at Lehman...

Duration: 00:21:31

#57: How to Fix The World Through Entrepreneurship, featuring the founder of 8VC, Joe Lonsdale

Joe Lonsdale is one of the most successful venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, not to mention a veteran tech entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. In early 2016 he launched 8VC, a San Francisco-based venture capital firm that aims to fix core processes for some of the world's largest industries. Previously Joe was a founding partner of Formation 8, which manages over $2 billion across multiple funds. Prior to Formation 8, he founded Palantir, a multi-billion dollar global software...

Duration: 00:27:06

#56: How to Create a Great Brand & Culture to Build a Scalable Venture featuring the Founder of LAUNCH & CEO of M.Gemi, Ben Fischman

Ben is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience launching and building successful companies, including Rue La La, one of the earliest players in the digital private sale space, and, the off-price e-commerce marketplace. Ben founded his first venture, LIDS Corporation, in 1993 as a junior at Boston University. He eventually sold the company in 2001. Ben was also the first entrepreneur-in-residence at General Catalyst Partners, a premier venture capital firm...

Duration: 00:44:37

#55: How to Live Authentically Featuring Activist & World’s Greatest Athlete, Caitlyn Jenner

In 1976, Caitlyn Jenner broke the world decathlon record at the Olympic Games in Montreal, and earned the title of "World’s Greatest Athlete." Forty years later, she captured the world’s attention again when she revealed that she is a transgender woman during an ABC News special with Diane Sawyer. Caitlyn was named Barbara Walters’ Most Fascinating Person of the Year in 2015, runner-up for the 2015 Person of the Year, Out Magazine’s 2015 Newsmaker of the Year and one of Glamour Magazine’s...

Duration: 00:51:27

#54: Lessons From The Editor-In-Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine, Jason Feifer

Jason Feifer is the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur Magazine. A veteran of the publishing world, he has previously worked as an editor at Fast Company, Men’s Health, Maxim, and Boston, and has written about business and technology for New York, Slate, Popular Mechanics, and others. Jason also hosts a podcast called Pessimists Archive, which deals with the history of our unfounded fear of technology. In this conversation with IVY’s Co-founder, Beri Meric, Jason tells stories from his time...

Duration: 00:39:01

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