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I Love Money Because I Love Myself

Inspired by the book he's currently reading ("You are a badass at making money" by Jen Sincero), George Crews explains in details the importance of money in his life.

Duration: 00:59:30

My Hoeness Is In My iCloud

From losing his virginity to an uncomfortable car ride with the husband of the married woman who he's been sleeping with, George Crews speaks on his life of thottin'. George Crews

Duration: 01:35:56

Take Care Of Yourself First

New music from 3 upcoming artist, the disturbing realization during a cemetery visit, shady co-workers & an instagram friend request denied that confirms a potential "beef"? (Haha!) George Crews chops it up about all of this that went down in the past week & how taking care of yourself first is key. George Crews Songs Played (In Order): Kennis Clark - Think Of You Funktion - Only...

Duration: 01:17:24

WHHR HoodHeatRadio Interview The Idiosyncratic Guy George Crews (2 of 2)

Part 2 of the interview with HoodHeatRadio interviewing The Idiosyncratic Guy. George Crews joins the round table to talk about what men want from women & vice versa. As the topic shifts a bit, & by listeners' request, George talks about his experience at a swingers' party. George Crews HoodHeatRadio DJ Bronson - Buddafuco -

Duration: 01:38:39

WHHR HoodHeatRadio Interview The Idiosyncratic Guy George Crews (1 of 2)

Part 1 of the interview with HoodHeatRadio interviewing The Idiosyncratic Guy. George Crews discuss why he decided to podcast & the inspiration behind it. Also discuss with the round table about terry crews sexual misconduct, homosexuality in the industry & more George Crews HoodHeatRadio DJ Bronson - Buddafuco -

Duration: 02:09:25

My Truth Is My Biggest Weakness & My Strongest Weapon

George Crews turns on the mic, with no guest appearance, & speaks on what's on his mind while thanking the supporters, listeners & commentators alike. He's recapping his past few episodes, guest & topics. Also talks on what's to come in the future & addressing the "questionable" comments & opinions.

Duration: 01:04:55

The Rap Game

Chopped it up with upcoming rappers 100 geez, drones & flow about the music industry in the present, differences between rappers & entertainers & etc. Recommend all artist to give it a listen & take notes. George Crews 100 Geez Drones

Duration: 02:02:42

Definition Of Loyalty

Whats your definition of loyalty? Kenneka Jenkins situation, hov vs ye & supporting cardi b's music all are based around loyalty. George Crews & donna chop it up about the definition & examples of loyalty. Due pull up on CP time as usual... George Crews: Donna: Due Gotit:

Duration: 02:11:59

11th Episode: Wifey, Boo, B*tches & Hoes

With the outbreak of titles among women, The Idiosyncratic Guy, joined by a couple of his peoples, revive material from an old song "Wifey/Boo/B*tches/Hoes" by Storm P & breakdown the meaning behind these titles.

Duration: 01:36:37

10th Episode: Im Not A Snack. Im An Hors D'oeuvre feat Irene

Relationships, situationships & lituationships nowadays are complicated..or are they? Irene chop it up with George Crews about relationships & how they are viewed in this era. Personal experiences, views on marriage & the upbringings of a not-so-ordinary household are added into the mix. Do you agree with what either or are saying? Comment your opinions. George Crews: @george_crews | Irene: @lookpretty__playdirty

Duration: 02:39:37

9th Episode: Women Crush Everyday feat. Arric, Brandon Lamar & Sweeney

" It's Wednesday right? ". The line that pops up on every dude's ( & sometimes female's) caption every wed. But are these females these people are posting worth posting? On this episode of The Idiosyncratic Guy, the discussion of the women crushes come forth as the fellas Arric, Brandon Lamar & Sweeney joins George Crews to namedrop the baddest of the baddest from the top celebs to the lowkey baddies. George Crews: @george_crews | Arric: @_swankaveli_ | Brandon Lamar: @lamar_andretti |...

Duration: 01:20:57

8th Episode: R&B Wise feat. Asia Renae, Eddie Kyler & Tyla

Upcoming singer Asia Renae speaks on her music, her views on R&B music nowadays & much more with The Idiosyncratic Guy. Eddie kyler & tyla also joins the convo as well.

Duration: 01:53:29

7th Episode: Real Friends feat. Rebellion Clothing

By definition, a friend is a person whom one knows & with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations. But is a friend define just by that? Joined by the guys of Rebellion Clothing, The Idiosyncratic Guy discuss the echelons of friendship. Like, share, subscribe!

Duration: 03:30:30

6th Episode: The System Dont Want Us (Black People) To Win feat. Tanasia & Sarayaniq

The effects incarceration have on blacks before, during & after has never been talked about in the youth community really..up until now. The idiosyncratic guy sits with tanasia & sarayaniq in a very controversial & much needed discussion on how "the system" affect blacks, the struggles that it comes with & etc.

Duration: 01:44:26

5th Episode: B*tch You Raped Me feat. Due & Frag

These days, women accuse men of raping them very often. But what if he didn't do it? What if the roles were change? What if the man got raped? The idiosyncratic guy discuss his personal experience of being accused of this with guest Due & Frag as they play judge & juror.

Duration: 02:42:26

4th Episode: Yo! You're Gay feat. Eddie Kyler

With all the talk of LGBT & revealing sexual orientations, George Crews speaks on the an uncomfortable moment of his life when he was propositioned by someone of the same sex. Eddie kyler joins the conversation to give his insight on the situation & speak on his personal experiences as a homosexual man. Identify homosexuality, how to handle situations with DLs & more are talked about on this episode. Follow George Crews on instagram @george_crews + twitter @george__crews Follow eddie kyler...

Duration: 01:47:34

3rd Episode: It's On Sight Off Site feat. Sarayaniq

Blogger Sarayaniq joins George Crews on this episode of The Idiosyncratic Guy. Touching on the influences of social media & how it can & should affect people from the average joes & plain janes to celebrities. Like. Subscribe. Comment. Hate. Do whatever you feel! Follow George Crews on instagram @george_crews + twitter @george__crews Follow blogger sarayaniq on instagram/twitter @sarayaniq

Duration: 01:39:44

2nd Episode: Im Not Traditional feat. Maleik & MaSe God

Joined by cousins mase & maleik, we touch on mainly things in our lives from career decisions to relationships. The good, the bad & the ugly..

Duration: 01:18:34