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Talk • Music • Entertainment Entertaining talk and Indie Music for new school seekers of old school radio.

Talk • Music • Entertainment Entertaining talk and Indie Music for new school seekers of old school radio.
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Talk • Music • Entertainment Entertaining talk and Indie Music for new school seekers of old school radio.






EP10-16-Tantra?! I Hardly KNOW Her!-February 20, 2018 [241]

On this episode: dinos doing the deed, Space-X's super satellite scheme, spooky sizzling soft serve, awesome autism advances, and a beery bobsled boost! Plus we say "Hooray music!" with Admiral Contempt, A Victim A Target, Blocked Bones, Stewart Clawson, and Tear of the Red Eye!


EP10-15-Fassbender?! I Hardly Fass KNOW Her!-February 16, 2018 [240]

On this episode: pee pee on the po po, spooky sex tox stalking, Del Toro's Doug denies dildo dedication, Kung Fury's greater with Magneto and Terminator, Swiss make wager on a yodeling major, and Brazilian bandido booster shots! Plus we enjoy the sound of music from Slip & the Spinouts, Sight Set, Raspberry Pie, The Holstered, and Cobra Ramone!


EP10-14-Mayor Baals?! I Hardly KNOW Your Baals!-February 13, 2018 [239]

On this episode: SoFlo dumb dumb spikes some yum yum, bad building breaks for big Baals, an iPhone leak geek freak, dropping the dime with a downvote doo-dad, Chinese cops cop facial props, and a lion lunch with karmic crunch! Plus, we poach some killer music from The White Dominos, The Super Fuzz, Starve Marve, Gold From Grief, and Deena!


EP10-13-Hamster?! I Hardly KNOW Her!-February 9, 2018 [238]

On this episode: Florida femmes flushing furry friends, po-po posting up for perpetrator poo-poo, torrent tutor taken to the tank, CW pitches rebooted witches, GoT dudes ditch dragons to do Death Stars, prestigious postage praises PBS paragon and freaky fish phallus fun! Plus we get charmed by music from Beginners, Byrdsol, Fire (The Unstoppable Force), Steve Minotti, and Radio Caroline!


EP10-12-Citronella?! I Hardly Citro KNOW Her!-February 6, 2018 [237]

On this episode: a TV Papa says a sad ta-ta, Hunt for Del Rey falls short of its prey, Ozzy and Paul are done with it all, Mr. Hanks teaches us to say please and thanks, stinging swarms avoid swinging arms, and a good deed for denizens of the dark! Plus we feed our sweet tooth with music from: Aura the Band, Burn It Up, Del Pelson, the Killing Floor, and Whiskey in the Pines!


EP10-11-Flamethrower?! I Hardly KNOW Her!-February 2, 2018 [236]

On this episode: billionaire barters bargain burners, fool fouls up famous field, trucker tears up timeless terra, malignant mice maligned by lice, beehive breaking brats busted, and bank breaking Black Panther buzz! Plus we hog some ground with music from Analog, Benjamin R, Harness Flux, Jahfe, and Juke!


EP10-10-Armageddon?! You Hardly KNOW Ma Geddon!-January 30, 2018 [235]

On this episode: the Doomsday clock takes another tick-tock, a surprise Skynyrd "so-long," a really long John "so long," a multiple moon milestone, an adverse autopilot affair, a daylight debate for the Sunshine State, a passionate pooch's prolonged people pursuit! Plus we celebrate the End Times with music from: Convey, Cool Guys, Indogen, New Morning Blues, and Rick Moon!


EP10-09-Italia Spider?! I Hardly Italia KNOW Her!-January 26, 2018 [234]

On this episode: a Florida man Ferrari faux pas, what "whys" gets wondered about where, a stately cyber stand, multiplying medical macaques, and a legislative leap for the London lonely. Plus we monkey around with music from Snowmoon, Masha Qrella, Oigo, Mummula, and Paula Marfil!


EP10-08-Slayer?! I Hardly KNOW Her!-January 23, 2018 [233]

On this episode: a Cook's corporate comeuppance, a Dude's dirty deluge, a downer Diamond diganosis, a sad Slayer so long, a second Seth season for science, a do-gooder drone down under, and the Green Mountain State gets greener! Plus we cross some bridges with music from The Brand, Counting Coins, The Hoy Polloy, Julianna McDuffie, and Nishe!


EP10-07-Glider Possum?! I Hardly KNOW Her Possum!-January 19, 2018 [232]

On this episode: a bogus bomb bust, a Delta dog denial, a camera killing cop, a big bug boiling ban, a cursed Kardashian kid, and a papal plane pairing! Plus we get emotional support music from Sister Crowley, Johnny Two Chords, Inna Sense, Hola Chica, and Boxwood!


EP10-06-Median Jumper?! I Hardly Median KNOW Her!-January 16, 2018 [231]

On this episode: a major median mistake, a millennial mega-millionaire, a messy missile mishap, a frosty fourth planet find, a wayward wallaby, and a side of fries! Plus we ride high with music from New Politicians, Motherwhore, Lavola, Drawing Bored, and Daniel Feinberg!


EP10-05-Killer Monkey Herpes?! I Hardly KNOW Her Monkey Herpes!-January 12, 2018 [230]

On this episode: monkey mouth sore mania, big green for Black Panther, Diet Coke diversity, a funky water freakout, a baby bio bug boost, and a darling Doctor Who deed! Plus we savor zero calorie flavor with music from Tear of the Red Eye, Jackie Got Lemons, Hirsh, The Deadly Blank, and Above the Skyline!


EP10-04-Deal With Mike for Some Pot?! I Thought You Said Steal a Bike From the Cops!-January 9, 2018 [229]

On this episode: a burgled biker burgles his bike back from the brass, a bauble-y booze bottle gets boosted from a bar, the boss of Intel makes a sneaky stock sell, Iron Mike quits face harming to take up weed farming, and a Baby New Year greets her new world in high gear! Plus we get a legal high with music from The White Dominos, New Mayans, Hazel Iris, Death Lottery, and Dama Vicke!


EP10-03-Apocalypse?! I Hardly KNOW Her Lips!-January 5, 2018 [228]

On this episode: a Florida woman gets partial personal time with her poor impounded pony, a Florida man gets pinched for prowling to pet a prohibited pussy, and we keep the Florida flowing by helping launch our latest local label with a visit from Miami music scene master impresario, Oski Gonzalez and Mariano Aponte and Jay Gee of Apocalypse Records! Plus we get horse with music from Revolution, and Kenny Howes, a LIVE IN-STUDIO performance from A Victim A Target, and a WORLD PREMIERE from...


EP10-02-New ZeaLANDer?! I Hardly New Zea KNOW Her!-January 2, 2018 [227]

On this episode: some bold Kiwis build a bonafide sand bar to bypass a booze ban, a Florida man's cash back leads to an ATM attack, the Pharma Bro's barrister gets busted for bad business, the need to always game might mean your mental health is maimed, moviemaker Miller gets mad about missing Mad Max money, and some vandalized hives keep the spirit of giving alive! Plus we satisfy our musical addiction with tunes from The Valium, Starve Marve, Stanley, Snowmoon, and The Hostiles!


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