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How Low Episode 1: Eat Shit

In the coming weeks due to the hiatus of The Important Questions, we just so happen to have a handful of episodes of a sideshow we created called How Low to bridge the gap a bit. These episodes are short and present one issue. What's the minimum amount of money you'd accept to take on a certain task? We hope this bridges the gap for all the fans who miss us so dearly. Episode 1: What's the minimum amount of money you'd accept to eat a nugget of your own feces? Comment and let us know how low...

Duration: 00:11:37

The Important Questions Episode 33

Stick around to the end of this week's show for an important announcement that we'll expand upon later. But for now, here's episode 33 in all of its glory. 1) What type of events would be held in the fat-people Olympics? 2) Will advertising, marketing, and pyramid schemes from "friends" eventually ruin social media? 3) When are jeans dirty? 4) Who decided it was unacceptable to drink before 5pm? Oh, and keep submitting questions regardless of our announcement at the end. Keep. Submitting....

Duration: 01:01:03

The Listener Special Volume 3

We hope you enjoyed this week featuring a compilation of our funniest moments, a revisit of questions from the first year, and finally this new listener special! Please go back and check those out if you fell behind this week. For those ready for this episode - here's the questions submitted by you, the fans! 1) What's the proper way to react to finding your dad's porn stash? 2) What is the worst theme for a mini golf course? 3) What would fetuses be like if we could find psychological...

Duration: 00:51:02

The Year 1 Revisit

As our 2nd gift you all on TIQ's glorious birthday week - please enjoy this new original episode consisting of questions we've had in our first year that you all thought we should try to speak more to. 1) How can we create The Oregon Trail again tailored to space travel? 2) How can we make the fortunes in fortune cookies better? 3) Who would be on Satan's reindeer team? 4) Where is the line between a big dick being a gift or curse? Lightning Round: Are traps gay? Lightning Round 2: Why...

Duration: 00:50:48

Best Moments of Year 1

Thank you for being our fan through the first year of our shit show! As our gift to you, please enjoy 3 releases this week - the first of which is this lovely compilation of the funniest moments of our first year as a podcast! Stay tuned, more dropping later this week!

Duration: 01:25:03

The Important Questions Episode 32

Welcome to episode 32, the last episode leading up to the anniversary week! We hope you're all as excited as we are! This week you can expect something like this - 1) What defines a sandwich? 2) How can fast food restaurants improve waiting in line at the drive-thru? 3) Who decided adults didn't want their books illustrated? 4) If you knew you'd be homeless tomorrow, how would you prepare? Be ready for lots of content next week! Until then dudes.........

Duration: 00:46:44

The Important Questions Episode 31

Hi there and welcome to the description portion of your show. This is where the topics are for the week so you have a better sense of how the next hour of your life will pan out. 1) What would ghost hauntings be like if the ghosts that haunted places were from the modern technological age? 2) Why do people that smoke weed only ever talk about smoking weed? 3) Would it be a good idea for a movie to try and switch genres midway through the film? 4) How would humans live in a world where...

Duration: 01:06:17

The Important Questions Episode 30

Visit @ImpQuestionsPDC on Twitter and go vote in our 3 active polls for our revisit episode coming in a few weeks to celebrate 1 year of the podcast! Anyways, welcome to episode 30 and here is what you can expect: 1) Is there any bumper stickers that are worthwhile and won't make you appear super douchey? 2) Why did train robberies die? 3) If aliens kept humans as pets, what would the basic care and maintenance for their humans be? 4)What would be the worst part of a true opposite day?...

Duration: 00:58:15

The Important Questions Episode 29

Welcome to the Important Questions Podcast, the only show featuring 29 episodes worth of steaming shit piles that keeps you coming back week after week. Here's what you can expect: 1) What would our human history be like if we always had cell phones? 2) What is the white people equivalent of fried chicken and watermelon? 3) Why are we now expected to take pictures of every uninteresting thing? Also, how many selfies are too many selfies? 4) What professions would it be beneficial to be...

Duration: 01:04:38

The Important Questions Episode 28

Welcome to episode 28 and let me start by saying PLEASE GO TO OUR SITE AND CONTACT US! LET US KNOW WHICH QUESTION FROM OUR ENTIRE FIRST YEAR YOU WANT TO HEAR US REVISIT FOR OUR 1ST BIRTHDAY SHOW! Other than that, here's what you'll find in episode 28. 1) What jobs would be better performed if intoxicated? 2) How would a quadruple amputee (aka a nugget) get a lapdance? 3) Why the fuck can't people just talk to each other. Social anxiety is stupid. 4) What jobs would have a skill set that...

Duration: 00:57:52

The Important Questions Episode 27

Episode 27 is here and so are you, so I'll assume you're here for the questions. But first - make sure you visit our site for the fun activities there. And please submit a question you'd like for a listener episode or our upcoming revisit episode! 1) When is it acceptable to speak to somebody in a public restroom? 2) How soon is too soon for making fun of tragedy? 3)What is the worst idea for a scented candle? 4) How will homeless beggars adapt to a world that no longer carries cash?

Duration: 01:00:40

The Important Questions Episode 26

Hello and welcome to episode 26, we've passed our 1/4 mark to 100 episodes of important nothingness! This week's questions are: 1) What other sports would be made more interesting by a little league version? 2) What would it be like if every minor holiday were celebrated like Christmas or Halloween? 3) What household cures such as "holding your breath for hiccups" can be applied to serious diseases like cancer, aids, and injuries? 4) Because there is crime happening at any time during the...

Duration: 01:01:53

The Lightning Round Volume 3

Hi All - In preparation for the weeks to come leading to our 1st anniversary, please enjoy the 3rd lightning round episode featuring 8 questions timed at 5 minutes a piece, and a taste test of the world's worst liquor at the end of the show - Jeppson's Malort! This week's 8 questions: 1) Why do small dogs feel invincible? 2) Do transgender people have to resubmit their job history on resumes? 3) Why don't horse owners have to pick up the shit after their large animals? 4) Who would win -...

Duration: 00:58:05

The Important Questions Episode 25

Hello listeners, we are approaching the end of our first year producing this show and want to do something special! Stay in touch, there's some news coming that we want all of your to be a part of! Anyways, welcome to episode 25 featuring the very first time Dave tries to do art. Visit our website for that! I'll link that towards the bottom. This week's questions: 1) (our first would you rather) Would you rather know how you would die but not when, or when you would die but not how? 2) How...

Duration: 01:00:40

The Important Questions Episode 24

Hi all, welcome to episode 24 of our show. Deepest apologies for a week off, but it happens. Anyways, do us a favor and submit a question to us on our site - we're very close to doing another listener episode! This week's questions: 1) What's the actual deal with airline food? 2) Since being hipster is becoming mainstream, what would a new and modern hipster look like? (Sorry, goes off topic AF) 3) Why are some car mods considered illegal because they're distracting, yet a ton of...

Duration: 01:06:08

The Important Questions Episode 23

Just like we've advertised all week, episode 23 is here and Smitty is about to eat the world's 2nd hottest pepper - the Trinidad Scorpion! But before he may or may not die, our questions for the week are: 1) Why did picking our own food victim only make its way into lobster tanks? 2) Considering today's robots only include automatic paper towel dispensers and sinks, what would the robot uprising look like today? 3) What would it be like if we had pubic and armpit dandruff? 4) What won't we...

Duration: 00:53:36

The Important Questions Episode 22

Make sure you interact with us this week. It'll make us feel good inside. Week 22's questions: 1) Which animal, if kept as a pet, would serve absolutely no benefit at all? 2)What is the worst genre of film or TV to be the cameraman for? 3)What keeps standalone mattress stores going when people rarely need mattresses? 4) Should they create a Law and Order style TV program aimed at stupid and petty crimes? Be sure to join us next week! Smitty will be doing something potentially life...

Duration: 00:58:00

The Important Questions Episode 21

Welcome to our 21st episode! Please visit us at our site and you can get fun show notes, artwork, and downloadable content including our various genres of theme song! This week's questions: 1) What will be the court case that ultimately brings humanity into the "age of the bitch"? 2) Is there anything that can bring the Hitler Mustache AKA toothbrush mustache back into fashion, or is it dead forever? 3) Why does Smitty love his own farts but hate...

Duration: 01:00:14

The Important Questions Episode 20

EPISODE 20 - SMITTY BREAKS A WORLD RECORD Anyone who has seen the longest "yeah boy" knows that pathetic kid could only hold out his phrase for 30 seconds. Smitty shatters it with 39 seconds in this lovely episode. As for the questions: 1) Will Google and Youtube begin offering education degrees due to their limitless bounds of knowledge at our fingertips? 2) Is there anything dynamite can't fix? 3) Why do our farts fascinate us while others' farts disgust us? 4) What would be the worst...

Duration: 00:54:26

The Important Questions Episode 19

Episode 19 - our shortest normal episode since episode 7. Sorry you all only get 45 minutes of us this week. Special thanks to the great Myk O'Connor from "Can I Get A Ride" for the great intro this week. This week's questions: 1) The top conspiracy about automatic urinals is that they capture pictures of your penises. In reality, what could you do with a database of every penis around the world? 2) How does stepmom porn get differentiated from MILF porn? 3)Why do animals jump out in front...

Duration: 00:45:44

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