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Indie Star Insider: Hemmit

Say you join a band..Say you are the drummer of this awesome band..Say life happens and other bandmates are unable to complete the next record..What do you do? Well, if you are Keith Fleming, you take the mantle with songs you've written, and get it done! We discuss the journey of Keith Flemming through his years in Hemmit, and how the drummer of the band, through their latest record "One Ultra" became the band. Be inspired by my brother in sticks Keith Flemming of Hemmit!


Its Time To Celebrate!

Tonights show is dedicated to all of the artists who've recently experienced achievements or been a part of major events recently. Also, its a night to play the tunes of some of our most adamant supporters. Lots of Original Indie Star Nation Citizens being celebrated tonight! Tonights Playlist: 00:39 Griffin Tucker - Believe It 09:18 Always With You Danielle Haskell (2) 13:05 Danielle Haskell - New Day 16:21 Danielle Haskell - Forget 21:31 HOSS - Somebody's Girl 24:44 HOSS - Pair of Queens...


Now and Then a Little Rain Must Fall..

Its a cold and rainy night at Stately Wayne Manor, but tonights countdown is sure to drive the chills away..We have a brand new Number 1! We have 5 newcomers to the countdown! And premieres, debuts, and all the usual good stuff. Baby, its cold outside, but the music is running hot on Indie Star Saturday!


The Bandcamp Sessions Volume 1

This evenings broadcast is dedicated to all the Indie Artists chasing their dreams on Bandcamp. Thank you for allowing me to showcase your talents! Playlist for this evening: 00:02 The Midnight - Crystalline 10:19 The Sunpilots - Prologue: 3 Minutes to Midnight 17:01 Color Theory - Slot Machine 23:52 Bleached - Flipside 26:51 Bleached - Can You Deal? 32:01 Social Norms - I Miss You 37:46 Short Stories - Wishful Thinking 40:04 Short Stories - Silly Things 43:06 Short Stories - Death by a...


Indie Star Insider: No Service

This weeks guests are members of the band No Service from Oceanside California. As usual, my first real experience speaking to the gents was when I picked up the phone and called for this interview and, as usual, I was pleasantly surprised from listening to their stories. There is so much more than meets the eye to many of these artists, and the fellows from No Service are turly no exception. Their lives and craft are dedicated to making a difference, and it shines through in this...


Better Late Than Never!

The Indie Star Nation Top 21 is back! Plus tons of new music! And this is the first show to be uploaded to iHeart Radio right after broadcast! Huge Night! Playlist for Tonights Show: 04:06 Blue Helix - Anti Social Butterfly 10:27 Madison Mueller - Breath Of Air 15:06 Up Your Alley- Hold On 20:40 Ronnie Run - Enough(Bully Track) 25:49 Robbie Ansley - One foot in the grave 30:19 shawn adam williams_motor city woman (1) 35:09 Danielle Haskell - New Day 40:00 Airside -Periscope 43:45 Blackwater...


Back in The Saddle!

A lot can and has happened in two weeks! Like..this is going on iHeart radio..And A bunch of new music has come my way!


Indie Star Insider: Jimena Arroyo SPECIAL RE-RELEASE!

Jimena Arroyo is one of the most talented artists and fervent supporters of the Indie Star Nation! So it only stands to reason that her interview with me gets deleted by mistake! Well, here is the interview with the siren from Buenos Aries who has recorded with musicians from around the world, lending her vocal talents that combine sultry and sensual notes with amazing range! Learn more of her story here on this special RE-RELEASE of my interview with Jimena Arroyo on Indie Star Insider!


Indie Star Insider: Eric Lee

"Want to know the real Eric Lee?" - Eric Lee from the song "Drifter" Then this is the program to turn on! Get to know Eric Lee on a deeper level! Find out when Eric first started to sing, whether or not he plays a mean guitar, about his time serving our country and the especially funny way he was asked to perform the National Anthem! All this and more on this edition of Indie Star Insider!


Indie Star Insider: Jessie Lynn

Everyone who has heard Jessie Lynn sing knows what kind of musical talent she possesses. A voice equal parts sassy and sweet give the Alabama Singing Cowgirl a sound thats inviting and warm, yet powerful, poignant, and beautiful. Though it was her music that led me to this interview, I learned that theres a lot more to Jessie Lynn than music. Join me on this intriguing journey through the life, times, and interests of Jessie Lynn, on this weeks Indie Star Insider!



The title says it all! The latest crop of new artist submissions has been AMAZING! Tonight, you get to hear some of the best unsigned talent make their debut on Indie Star Nation, plus established Indie Star Nation bands! Also, I have a message for the non believers tonight, a message of hope and harmony. To top it all off, there will be tracks from your Indie Star favorites! SO MUCH EPIC! Playlist for The Show! #BeIndie 00:38 Kings Harem - Shake It Up! 12:52 Coco Scott - Obsession 23:06...


Indie Star Insider: Cheryl Nye

One of the magical qualities of music is that it can sweep you away to another place. Cheryl Nye's hit "Eyes of a Stranger" takes the listener into a world of love and intrigue, masterfully recorded and sung to maximize the fantasy factor. Tonight, we go behind the music to get to know more about Indie Music's Femme Fatale, the one and only Cheryl Nye!


Tonights The Night!

A world Premiere by Jerry Hull, another by Scott Brandt, and so much more!


Indie Star Insider: Shari Rowe

If you've heard "Southern Spells", you would be safe to assume this weeks guest was Born on the Bayou. But this young lady hails from the picturesque deserts of the American Southwest. Learn about her musical journey and whats next for the enchanting Shari Rowe here on Indie Star Insider!


Indie Star Insider: Nitty Gritty Greg Roberts

Imagine write a song with some of your friends about something you love. You share it with a select few, and they say its really good..Then, before you know it, your song goes VIRAL! Thats what happened to Greg Roberts, aka Nitty Gritty! Find out how his love for the Racking Horse community has led him to pursue another love of his, music!


Indie Star Insider Presents: The promoter for Up Your Alley and Codie Prevost..Ash!

How important is a promoter to an indie artist? Promoters allow the artist to reach a new group of fans, ascend to greater heights, or have more time to devote to their craft. Tonight, we celebrate one of these promoters Ash on Indie Star Insider!


Indie Star Insider with Alan Wayne: Tonights Guest: Scott Brandt!

With a sound as diverse as America, a country twang all his own, and a very unique style, Scott Brandt has impressed many with his talent and flair. We find out when he started on his musical journey, and get his thoughts on the music business, his own success, and have a few laughs along the way! This was the most wild interview I've done so far..Find out why!


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