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Sable and Dave talk about living fulfilled creative lives. And more

Sable and Dave talk about living fulfilled creative lives. And more
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Sable and Dave talk about living fulfilled creative lives. And more




77 – Just “Plane” Crazy

Ripped from the headlines – Harrison Ford is just “plane” crazy, Kareem Abdul Jabbar makes a stunning and unique charge against an Oscar nominated movie, a jew who loves Jesus, and sex strikers withhold the goods. Also, force multipliers. @SableAndDave

Duration: 00:46:56

76 – The Spirit of ’76 – The Thursday Show Redux

Join Sable and Dave for a brand new, long-awaited, episode of the Thursday Show. Dave eats at Clifton’s Cafeteria (and jizzes all over the Tiki Bar). Sable doesn’t understand liberal intolerance and hate. Our thanks to the Flatus Noise Generator App for sponsoring this weeks show. Get your copy now on Blackberry World or in … Continue reading "76 – The Spirit of ’76 – The Thursday Show Redux"

Duration: 00:49:21

74 – The Final Show

It’s the FINAL SHOW. No really. Thanks for listening both these years. We are retooling and will be back with a different yet-to-be-determined new show. But tonight we talked about the self-hating gay Muslim Orlando murderer, Brexit, the great 2Pac meltdown and Game of Thrones slash Rome. Also The Red Pyramid and a healthy discussion … Continue reading "74 – The Final Show"

Duration: 01:21:59

73 – The Self-Actualizing Cross-Dressing Cowboy

Transgenders should man-up. Para Bailar La Raza. Undocumented Teenage Mutants. Twenty Six tumors meet their demise. The First French Dip in LA. Sable and Dave speak jive, but Dave doesn’t vote. And Marty fights on. 657-206-0777 @SableAndDave

Duration: 01:16:39

72 – The Boy and the Dead Gorilla

Snoop Dog protests. Trump insults. Mayor Garcetti dumbfounds. Sable dials it in. Dave gets saved by crickets. And Marty fights: 657-206-0777 @SableAndDave

Duration: 01:30:38

71 – Elizabethan Steampunk Load

Dave’s visit to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. Sable‘s visit to Joshua Tree and Palm Springs. We talk Captain America: Civil War and Game of Thrones The Door. Million dollar homes for homeless people. Oh, and Jesus Christ is our nigga. @SableAndDave 657-202-0777

Duration: 01:35:25

70 – The Tao of Dollemore

Special surprise guest Jesse Dollemore sat in with us for spirited and lively discourse touching on pick-up artistry, bankrupt Puerto Ricans, and African-Americanized Killer Bees. @SableAndDave 657-202-0777

Duration: 01:49:53

69 – The Blue Ribbon Episode

Hey, this IS your grandad’s podcast. This week, follow us to the Mexican Jungle, Las Vegas, melanin-free campsites, and doggie heaven. @SableAndDave 657-206-0777

Duration: 01:22:53

68 – Cruz Out

America needs a spanking and Trump is the one to give it. Notebooks don’t crash. Obama’s sad economic legacy. “Yo Barry you did it my Niggah!” Not one word of coffee talk. @SableAndDave

Duration: 01:20:39

65 – The Parent Trigger, Give Blood, “Scales is Dead”

Dave worries about self -driving cars and drive-thru’s, hyper-loops and minimum wages, and “Scales” is dead, but Trump lives. Apologies to Garden Gnomes everywhere. @SableAndDave

Duration: 00:39:27

64 – Batman V Superman Yawn of Justice Review with Gordon Miller

Special guest Gordon Miller from joins us for this week for the show. Follow him on twitter @Elbicho_CS The death of Merle Haggard. The gayest cell phone ever. Batman V Superman. @SableAndDave

Duration: 01:30:51

63 – Superman, Israel, Trump, and the KKK

Why Trump did not denounce the KKK on CNN, Superman addresses the United Nations, and in-studio “faux” guest Neil Diamond comes in to promote his new Frozen Spectacular at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. @SableAndDave

Duration: 00:46:33

62 – Homeschool Talk, Ladies’ Bags, and Hamentashen with Laurie Cantus

When the cats away, Sable will play! (Laurie’s edit: Whatever. his wife was sitting there). This week Dave was too busy working and making money to join us. So we, special guest Laurie Cantus, and Sable took time to talk about the very important topic of Homeschooling. Don’t worry, there were plenty of Coda’s farts … Continue reading "62 – Homeschool Talk, Ladies’ Bags, and Hamentashen with Laurie Cantus"

Duration: 01:18:58

61 – Game of Thrones, Porn Parodies, and Procrastination Life Hacks

Procrastination Life Hacks.Sabletries to talk about coffee and is disemboweled by Dave. Trump’s Tremendous Tax Plan. The LA Clippers new bizarre mascot. Porn Parodies. Chris Morrison world premiere music.Sablediscusses Moral Self-Licensing. America is over. @SableAndDave

Duration: 01:12:07

60 – Robb English Talks Deadpool and Corpse Brides

Topics that dropped out of our pie-holes this week include Carl Sagan’s Baloney, diddling priests, misdemeanor parking lot sex, dead Chinese newlyweds, the delicate snowflakes at USC, and we have two new fake sponsors! Many thanks to Robb English for joining us this week. He thinks this episode is especially offensive. @SableAndDave

Duration: 01:27:08

58 – Oscars So Whiny with Gordon Miller

Movies! The Oscars are coming this Sunday so what the hell else are we supposed to talk about? Gordon Miller fromCinemaSentries.comsits in to chat about the nominated movies, we make some picks, and we do some trivia. The question arises: is the feature film narrative giving way to long-form TV shows? Find out what we … Continue reading "58 – Oscars So Whiny with Gordon Miller"

Duration: 01:19:28

54 – Hot Buttered Man Buns

Man-bun suicide bombers, Grizzly rapists, NAM Flashbacks, a dose of Vitamin “N,” the “tabtrum” enters the lexicon, and a fetus gets strapped to a tiny electric chair. @SableAndDave

Duration: 01:11:50

53 – Feeling the Bern? Try Desitin.

How Desitin doused the flames, how the Oscars snubbed the blacks, how Trump will get schlonged, how Dave pissed off Andy Kindler, and howSablegrinds his beans. @SableAndDave (Dave says “You’re welcome”)

Duration: 01:01:35

52 – Pipe Dreams Big Shorts

Sableand Dave answer 24 questions black people have for white people, Dave explains why The Big Short is a movie you should see. Other things mentioned wereSable‘s kid’s tantalizing locks, a new sponsor that may kill you, and training bras. (Here are the questions: @SableAndDave

Duration: 01:04:01

51 – Avatar is Dead – The Force Awakens

It was the best of pod, it was the worst of pod.Sableand Dave are finally back with the first show of 2016. We talked about just why it is that Star Wars has a hold on so many people, Dave included, also the old pencil-cleavage trick, Jewish Christmas traditions, DWD – don’t wake daddy, and … Continue reading "51 – Avatar is Dead – The Force Awakens"

Duration: 01:01:49

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