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British Wrestling Spotlight: Progress Chase The Sun Review, Pro Wrestling EVE, Bram and OTT...

Hosts Benno, Joe and JP return for another British Wrestling Spotlight to discuss feedback to their last show and with the dust settled, review the big Progress September show Chapter 55: Chase The Sun at Alexander Palace. The guys also give their views on the OTT/Bram situation and JP gives a live report of EVE – We Do Right Not Nice at the Resistance Gallery, with some broader talk of Pro Wrestling EVE and their place in British Wrestling. SHOWNOTES: 02:48 – Feedback to Progress discussion...

Duration: 02:38:42

British Wrestling Spotlight: Progress Wrestling – The Road To Ally Pally

Progress Wrestling– The Road To Ally Pally In a Progress heavy edition of British Wrestling Spotlight, hosts Benno, Joe and JP discuss their thoughts on the company going into their big Ally Pally Show, Chapter 55: Chase The Sun and give their views on the build so far, discussing Chapter 54 and the promotion's visit to the USA. The guys also briefly discuss the shows they've visited in the last month, taking in OTT, Chikara and Fight Club Pro. You can find the hosts on Twitter Joe...

Duration: 02:29:57

PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2017 Nights 2 & 3 Review

Brian Da Brain (@BrianDaBrain) returns with a combined review of PWG's BOLA 2017 Nights 2 & 3. Please give it a listen and share on your social media outlets.

Duration: 00:19:04

PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2017 Night 1 Review

We welcome back to The Indy Corner, Brian D Brain, give him a follow on twitter @BrianDaBrain, and for this first of 3 times this weekend, he is here to review PWG's iconic Battle Of Los Angeles show starting here with the first night of 3.

Duration: 00:11:38

British Wrestling Spotlight - Rev Pro J Cup, Progress Chapter 51, Good Wrestling

In a July edition of British Wrestling Spotlight, hosts Benno, Joe and JP discuss their live experience at the Rev Pro J-Cup and Progress Chapter 51 in Birmingham, as well as notes from a trip to Milton Keynes for the return of Good Wrestling. SHOWNOTES: What We’ve Been Watching Revolution Pro – British J-Cup (3:35) Progress Wrestling - Chapter 51: Screaming For Progress (1:00:55) Good Wrestling – Back For Good (1:28:00) You can find the hosts on Twitter Benno (@BensonRichardE) Joe...

Duration: 05:08:36

The Indy Corner - Omari Interview

Hi guys I was able to catch up with Omari (@OmariM4x2)for a little chat, he has been making waves in Fight Club: PRO & Lucha Forever and had a GREAT night last week at FCP. That will be talked about in the interview. Also, some of you may recall he was seen in pictures at the last run of WWE try-outs here in the UK, but he didn't actually try out, find out why during our chat. Again, we were on location, please bear this in mind when listening, apologies in advances if you struggle to hear...

Duration: 00:27:43

#CCK Interview

Hey guys! So this is my interview with the CZW, Attack! Pro Wrestling and PROGRESS Tag Teams Champions and all around #bestboys, Chris Brookes and Kid Lykos a.k.a, CCK. This was recorded prior to Fight Club: PRO's Stranger Than Fixxion show on 23/6/17. We talk Fixxion, inspirations outside of wrestling and how Lykos really loves Bowlarama. They really are just great boys! I hope you really enjoy it! You can find me on twitter @Miss_Zelda_Zonk and of course, Chris is @OBEYBrookes & Lykos is...

Duration: 00:25:01

British Wrestling Spotlight - What We've Been Watching

In a June edition of British Wrestling Spotlight, hosts Benno, Joe and JP catch up with a bumper “What We’ve Been Watching” episode discussing shows from Rev Pro, Attack and Fight Club Pro, as well as re-visiting Progress Super Strong Style 16. The guys also discuss each promotion's fortunes thus far in the year, Lucha Forever’s latest show cancellation and WCPW crowd woes. Joe and JP’s full review’s of Progress Super Strong Style 16 can be found here:...

Duration: 02:28:38

PROGRESS Super Strong Style Day 3 Review

And here we have the final day's review of the 2017 PROGRESS SSS16 - JP (@JPJipee) & Joe (@Lemsipppp)give you guys their thoughts on the final day of this EPIC weekend in the London based promotions' calendar. The guys recorded while travelling back in the car on the motorway so please take that into account, in saying that, please give us a rating/review on iTunes we'd really appreciate it. Give the guys a follow, they've been stars this weekend. With JP tweeting results for the followers...

Duration: 00:17:59

PROGRESS SSS16 2017 Day 1 & 2 Review

Hi all, thanks to Joe (@Lemsipppp) & JP (@JPJipeee)we have a review from day's 1 & 2 of this years PROGRESS Super Strong Style 16 2017 tournament. Joe made day 2 while JP was present on both days and of course tweeted out the results as they happened on the @TheIndyCorner account for all you good people who follow that couldn't make the the shows. Enjoy and share, give the guys a follow and keep on checking back for a day 3 review. If you listen via iTunes, please leave us a rating/review...

Duration: 00:17:28

PROGRESS SSS16 2017 Preview

Welcome guys to a new episode of The Indy Corner, it's been too long. This episode will be a preview of the PROGRESS Wrestling Super Strong Style 16 tournament that is upcoming this weekend over 3 days. Joining me from The British Wrestling Spotlight show which is also here on the Indy Corner Network is JP Houlihan (Find/FOLLOW him on twitter @JPJipeee) Follow us on twitter@TheIndyCorner LIKE us on fb - Check out And PLEASE leave...

Duration: 01:05:21

Flying Solo - Q&A Episode.

Stu was flying solo this week, he gave his thoughts on the Elite Friday show from 2 weeks ago and then got into the questions from the followers on twitter. Please rate/review us on iTunes, would be MUCH appreciated.

Duration: 00:31:12

British Wrestling Spotlight - Fight Club Pro Elite Friday

This month on British Wrestling Spotlight, Benno, Joe and JP were live at Fight Club Pro's Elite Friday which kicked off their Dream Tag Team Invitational. The guys talk that, as well as Day 2 in Manchester, the debut of Lucha Forever and Rev Pro Epic Encounter. SHOWNOTES: What We've Been Watching (2:20) JP - Lucha Forever: Dawning Of Forever Joe - Rev Pro: Epic Encounter Featured Review: Fight Club Pro Elite Friday (1:17:40) You can find the hosts on Twitter Benno (@BensonRichardE) Joe...

Duration: 03:01:43

Independent Empire Episode 2 - wXw & Fight Club: PRO

We are back with another episode of the Independent Empire with myself Arnold Furious and Stu from The Indy Corner. I have seen quite a bit of wrestling since the last epsiode and this saw me travel to Germany for the prestigious wXw 16 Carat Gold Tournament so I talk about that adventure and this past Friday & Saturday I ventured back to the Fixxion Warehouse in Wolverhampton to watch two nights of Fight Club: PRO action which saw the debuts of Wolfang, Candice LeRae and Will Ospreay oh...

Duration: 01:22:49

The Indy Corner Presents... British Wrestling Spotlight - Attack! Kris Travis Tag Team Invitational

British Wrestling Spotlight takes a look each month at a show from a different UK promotion, whilst also monitoring the wider world of British Wrestling in 2017. In this episode, hosts Benno, Joe and JP, take a look at Attack! Pro Wrestling and their Kris Travis Tag Team Invitational and discuss what they've been watching since the last episode, with shows from Progress, Rev Pro, WCPW and ICW. SHOWNOTES: What We've Been Watching (01:43) Joe - Progress Chapter 44, RevPro Cockpit 14 JP -...

Duration: 03:04:28

Independent Empire Episode #1

Join Arnold Furious and Stu Rodgers from The Indy Corner for the first Independent Empire podcast. In the first episode Arn and Stu talk about their collective wrestling history. It’s a trip down memory lane discussing everything from World of Sport to tape trading to road trips to modern wrestling. Discover which one of the Indy wrestling fans likes Hulk Hogan and which of them hated Big Daddy as a child. All this and more on the Independent Empire #1.

Duration: 01:05:59

The Indy Corner Presents... British Wrestling Spotlight - Rev Pro High Stakes 2017

A new addition to the Indy Corner podcast network, British Wrestling Spotlight will take an in-depth look each month at a show from a different UK promotion, whilst also monitoring the wider world of British Wrestling in 2017. In the debut show, hosts Benno, Joe and JP, take a look at the much anticipated Rev Pro High Stakes 2017 and discuss what they've been watching in January, with shows from 4FW, PCW, Progress and Attack/FCP. SHOWNOTES: What We've Been Watching (08:45) JP - 4FW Price...

Duration: 02:28:41

Kenny Omega To Rev-Pro, PROGRESS Review and MORE With Mr LARIATO

Joining me on the show this week in his FIRST ever podcast appearence is Twitter legend Richard who is more famously known as @MrLARIATO. We discuss Kenny Omega being announced for Rev-Pro Epic Encounter and who he may face on the show. Richard as ever was LIVE at PROGRESS Chapter 43 this pas Sunday and he gives us his thoughts on the show. All this and MORE. Follow us on twitter @TheIndyCorner, LIKE the facebook page, just search for theIndyCorner, check out the website...

Duration: 00:39:03

Looking Towards PROGRESS Presenting wXw And Chapter 43 'Tropic Thunderbastard'

This week on The Indy Corner, Stu is joined by longtime fan and FSM DVD reviewer Martin Bentley (@themib) - We spoke about this past weekends IPW-UK Supershow 6 that was aired LIVE on Flo Slam. We then talk about the upcoming shows this weekend, PROGRESS present wXw and then on Sunday they have they have their own show, Chapter 43 'Tropic Thunderbastard' back at The Electric Ballroom. In between all of this we go off in different directions and chat about other stuff too. Please spread the...

Duration: 00:46:57

High Stakes On the Horizon

Joining Stu this week is Dave Green (@dagreeno) Dave of course is the guy who supplies all the followers of the twitter account (@TheIndyCorner) with results/happenings from the London PROGRESS shows. We started the show this week chatting about the shows and some of the high points Dave saw at shows in 2016. From there we had a look forward to this weekends big shows here in the UK, first off Rev-Pro at The York Hall and their High Stakes show and we went over the IPW-UK Supershow VI...

Duration: 01:17:26