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Indykast S4:E29 - Aspyn Rose

Hey #12sOfDozens! This week we have "The Midnight Mermaid" Aspyn Rose! On this episode we discuss: - The evolution from sweet to psycho - Being hypnotized by Ophidian - Spamming the stunner - A weird choice for favorite christmas movie - Dueling with Claptrap And much more!

Duration: 00:42:57

Indykast S4:E28 - Spoiled Brats

Hey #12sOfDozens! This week on the Indykast we talk to Salina De La Renta and Aria Blake, The Spoiled Brats! On this episode we discuss starting in the biz, Scaring Mom with the Boogieman, Disney rides, favorite Christmas movies, what to order them at Starbucks, their new calendars, creepy wrestling fans, and much more! #WrestlingNerdsRadioNetwork #wrestlingpodcast #wrestling #AriaBlake #SalinaDeLaRenta #SpoiledBrats #Bootymonster #Starbucks

Duration: 00:44:54

Indykast S4:E27 - Kastgiving

Happy Turkey Day #12sOfDozens! We are celebrating #Kastgiving where a fully formed Voltron gushes over all the things we are #Thankful for in 2017 including: Awesome new and expanding independent companies! Fully Gimmicked turns 2! Leva Bates and Jason Momoa love! Favorite Thanksgiving foods! Much much more!!

Duration: 00:39:51

Wrestle Crush Whenever by Team HAMMA FIST S3:E4

THF is here to drop some thoughts on this weekend's big events, NXT War Games and WWE Survivor Series, and the big news leading up to them. Also this week Jesse gets attacked by a kitten! If you like the show, please show some love in any of the following ways: HAMMA FIST that subscribe button Follow us on twitter @TeamHAMMAFIST, @TheReadPile, and @JesseTHF Like us on Join the discussion and become a Professional Wrestling Nerd at Buy some...

Duration: 01:06:47

IndyKast S4:E26 Hemmingway After Dark

Hey #12sOfDozens! This week on the Indykast it's a Hemmingway After Dark! Chad got to cross off a big item on his bucket list as he got to commentate the ACW Proving Ground show, while Zac got to make a trip to Walker Stalker in Atlanta, and both share their experiences! Who did Chad think could be a star? Did Zac's friend give oral pleasure to a B Movie actor? Find out this and more NOW! #Indykast #podcast #WrestlingNerdsRadioNetwork #ACW #Groovy #WalkerStalker #Horror

Duration: 00:47:45

IndyKast S4:E25 Saieve Al Sabah

Hey #12sOfDozens! This week we chat it up with SAIEVE AL SABAH (@XthDay) On this episode we discuss: - His wrestling origin story - Comparisons between himself and the Ultimate Warrior - Is his message of peace and love misunderstood? - The #GYSI match from Punk Pro - Saieve calls out Chad hard for saying he can't beat Jon Davis! Plus more! #Indykast #podcast #wrestlingpodcast #WrestlingNerdsRadioNetwork #SaieveAlSabah

Duration: 00:38:20

S3E3 - Wrestle Crush Whenever by Team HAMMA FIST

Jesse's Note: As documented many a time on THFWCW, my computer is an old pile of hot garbage. At about the 18 minute mark, GarageBand crashed and wipe all of the audio we had recorded up to that point. So this week's podcast is the audio from our Facebook Live stream. Apologies for the loss of audio quality and lack of awesome intro song. Fingers crossed I'll have it fixed by the next episode. HOT TAKES! GET YOUR HOT TAKES HERE! THF is back to bring you their thoughts on the wrestling...

Duration: 01:06:37

IndyKast S4:E24 Kim Artlip

Hey #12sOfDozens! This week on the Indykast we talk to the BOSS of Ignite Wrestling, Kim Artlip! We chat about: The origin story of Ignite Wrestling Chair overkill with Aaron Epic and Gary Jay Favorite matches Using Twitch as a tool for growth of the company Plus the Final 2 questions and much more!! #wrestling #wrestlingpodcast #IgniteWrestling #WeAreIgnite #WrestlingNerdsRadioNetwork

Duration: 00:35:18

IndyKast S4:E23 Matt Kenway

The current reigning Get Your Sh*t In Champion of Punk Pro, Matt Kenway sits down with Chad to discuss his origin story, answer the famous last 2 questions, as well as discuss wrestling in the south.

Duration: 00:38:54

IndyKast S4:E22 HOT TAKES

This week on the Indykast we give our Hot Takes with the OG Indykast Krew! We discuss people leaving WWE, and what that means for the indy scene. Is WWE being petty about #TooSweet and the Young Bucks? Plus Luna brings the matches and gasoline when talking about possible WWN troubles!! All this and more on this weeks Indykast!! #Wrestling #WrestlingNerdsRadioNetwork #Wrestlingpodcast #BulletClub #TooSweet #OneSweetMe #WWE #WWN #BingBong

Duration: 00:45:11

Wrestle Crush Whenever by Team HAMMA FIST S3E2

EPISODE TWO ON THE WRESTLING NERDS RADIO NETWORK IS HERE! Tired of us yet? Yes? Uh....well...sorry about that. For those of you NOT tired of us yet, THF is here to rundown the hot goings on in the world of professional wrestling. This week Ric & Jesse talk about: - The return of War Games - The heel turn of Sami Zayn, proving that friendship is real - Hell In A Cell, because hey, it was pretty good - The Bullet Club Invasion/Cease & Desist/Jimmy Jacobs Situation - Alberto El Patron's...

Duration: 01:04:02

IndyKast S4:E21 Punk Pro Wrestling

Chad and Zac go over the entire Punk Pro Wrestling WALK AMONG US show from Oct. 7th. There's genuine criticism, stories from the crowd, and even a few moments where you'll get some behind the scenes discussion. Also, hear the saga of the biggest reaction of the night, and how Zac's dad is involved...

Duration: 00:41:18

IndyKast S4:E20 Chad at HHN

Hey #12sOfDozens! This week it is an extra SPOOPY episode of the Indykast as Chad and Zac discuss Chad's first trip to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando! We discuss favorite Haunted Houses and Scares zones, trade stories of drunks we've met, a REALLY wild name for the Men In Black ride, Jon Davis themed haunted house, and MUCH MUCH MORE! #WooWooMountain

Duration: 00:57:33

IndyKast S4:E19 Scene Nick

Hey #12sOfDozens! This week on the Indykast we talk to Scene Nick aka Sleazy Nick aka Pistol Nick! We discuss being a little Stinger, hyping talent online, the Sleazy Nick Podcast and Challenge, a big opportunity to wonderful talents in Andrew Duckworth and Torque, plus one of the most interesting answers to the Final 2 questions!

Duration: 00:44:03

Wrestle Crush Whenever by Team HAMMA FIST S3E1

IT'S FINALLY HERE! Team HAMMA FIST's long awaited(?) debut on the Wrestling Nerds Radio Network! On this grandest of re-debuts, Mayor of NXT Ric "The Sus-Man" Susman and "The American Dadass" Jesse Long are BOTH SICK! In addition to lots of sniffling and coughing, Ric & Jesse discuss: - The new prospective Network show concepts that WWE was surveying this past week - STARRCADE'S BACK! Also maybe CODY'S BACK?! - The ongoing saga that is TNAGFWIMPACTANTHEMOWL - The WhatCulture Exodus - The...

Duration: 01:03:28


After the explosive interview with Effy Gibbs about #WhippedCreamGate in IWA Deep South, White Mike from the Gymnasty Boys comes onto the program to defend his honor, his gangster cred, and bring up some new factors to the most controversial moment in Independent Wrestling in 2017.

Duration: 00:29:31

IndyKast S4:E16 EFFY GIBBS

4 Years the Indykast has been in existence in some form or another. This episode stands out as completely different than anything else we've done. No final 2 questions, no zany conversations. Effy Gibbs, airing his grievances, and talking about how one whipped cream wrestling spot ruined his career and life forever.

Duration: 00:38:49

IndyKast S4:E15 Whipped Cream And Sexy Star

This week on the Indykast Chad and Zac go After Dark to discuss a few of the hot takes on the wrestling scene! The Sexy Star/Rosemary incident When is it a legit shoot and when is it an IWC shoot? White Mike, Effy, and a can of whipped cream makes the wrestling world lose its collective minds Plus, we possibly have set a world #BingBong record!

Duration: 00:38:03

IndyKast S4:E15 Team Hamma Fist Crossover

WHAT'S ALL THIS? The Soundcloud channel shifts to welcome new members of the family, TEAM HAMMA FIST. So IndyKast crosses over with Jesse from THF and blow the BeachBallMania controversy wide open. ENJOY THE FIRST CHAPTER IN THE NEW ERA OF INDYKAST AND TEAM HAMMA FIST.

Duration: 00:50:39

IndyKast S4:E14 - Milo Beasley

This week on the Indykast we talk to the host of The Milo Beasley Show, Milo Beasley!! On this episode we discuss the creation of the Milo Beasley Show, Michael Jackson music, We Want The Redhead, plus much more!

Duration: 00:46:59

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