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What, black people can't protest?

It appears that when people of color want to protest, some people have issues with it. Back in day, people said whatever they wanted about President Obama; now when people tell the truth about Trump, he and his supporters get their panties twisted. We will discuss the latest dustup and talk about why some have problems when we protest. The weekly Trumpdiss will set this up. Your calls and the chatroom will be open.

Duration: 02:02:37

Marriage/Relationship Advice

Powerful relationship advice for married couples and those waiting on the right one from Bishop TD Jakes and Pastor Toure Roberts. I really enjoy listening to these two and I hope you will too!

Duration: 01:56:03

Nation of Islam Southwest Regional Student Min. Abdul Haleem Muhammad

The Initiative Radio Network /Pam-Allah Palace Enlightenment is delighted to welcome our Beloved Brother Southwest Regional student Minister Abdul Haleem Muhammad.

Duration: 01:29:42

19 Year -Old Kenneka Jenkins Found Dead in a Hotel Freezer

Kenneka Jenkins 19 year found dead in hotel freezer why so many of my students never read Malcolm X Autobiography- Dr Jones, Why is it crucial that we support Prairie View A&M University in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey-Dr Jones South Carolina Police Handcuffed 9 Year Old for Playing NH Police Refuse to Release 8-Year old Biracial Boy Neatly Lynched

Duration: 01:50:22

The Story of Sally Hemings

We will discuss the relationship of Sally Hemings and President Thomas Jefferson and the impact that it still has to this day. We will also talk about the hurricanes that have hit the US and the weekly Trumpdiss. The chat room will be open for questions and comments.

Duration: 02:04:56

Are You Making The Grass Look Greener?

There is a common saying that goes "the grass isn't greener on the other side". This saying is often connected to relationships when one of the partner "strays" away or goes outside of the relationship. But is this saying true or is it something that is used as a cruch to keep one of the parties from pulling their weight. Is the grass greener on the other side or are you making the grass look greener on the other side? What can you do to keep your yard green? Free talk Friday.......Let's...

Duration: 01:54:03

Hurricanes Harvey , Irma Updates and Devos ,Headline News

Preparation for Hurricanes Harvey, Irma Special guest; Donna Shannon her book is entitled Mis-Education Education Secretary Devos launches Formal Reviw of Federal Guidelines for Handling Campus Sexual Assualts Trump says taled with congressional leadings about ending debt ceiling

Duration: 02:00:19

Hurricane Katrina-12 Years Later

Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans 12 years ago. We will talk about what happened and what we can do to not let it happen again. Also we will talk about Hurricane Harvey and this week's Trumpdiss. All of this and your phone calls and open chat room.

Duration: 01:38:23

He Who Finds A Wife: Are You Worthy of Her

The Honorable Min Louis Farrakhan said in his lecture "The Divine Value of the Woman" when a man gets down on his knee and proposes to a woman in that act he recognizes a womans supreme value. The woman is so valuable that a man should never have a woman just to have her, he must be worthy of her or he's not worth having her. Do WE recognize the supreme value of the woman? Women what are we expecting out of men today? Men are you preparing now to be a husband? Let's talk about it! "If you...

Duration: 02:01:08

Black Economics Part Two

This week we will discuss the importance of black economics and what the community needs to do. Also if any listener to the program is an owner of a black business, please call in and tell everyone your story.We will have the weekly Trumpdiss and many clips filled with valuable information. All of this and your phone calls.

Duration: 01:57:44

The battle in the sky: HAARP's weather manipulation program

What if I told you that every rainstorm, hurricane, earthquake & tsunami etc WAS NOT God's will or doing? What if I told you that the synagogue of Satan has machinary capable of manufacturing weather conditions? Tune in tonight to learn more

Duration: 01:29:43

Donna Shannon is the Author of 'Beyond Mis-Education'

Donna Shannon considers herself a public school survivor, and her son a public school escapee. Her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Southern California enabled her to homeschool in Virginia without needing approval for her methods. From being a classroom volunteer when her son was little, to being a substitute teacher after he grew up, Donna continually observed that public schools didn't seem to be making meaningful changes in the best interest of students....

Duration: 02:01:01

The Legacy and Life of Civil Rights Activist Dick Gregory

Tonight we will give honor /respect to our late Brother Dick Gregory the Civil Rights Leader who recently passed August 19, 2017. There are many questions leading to his death What are your thoughts? Comedian , Civil Rights Activist Dick Gregory Dies A Day To Remembering with Brother Dick Gregory -Dr Jones. Democratic Senator Who Called For Trumps Assassination Just Got Really Bad News For Her Career (Ruston,La ) A man charged with 2 others. Civil Rights Activist Dick Gregory Dies Black...

Duration: 01:59:42

History Of Hate

In this week's episode, we will talk about the history of the KKK, nazis and the Alt-Right. With all of the turmoil going on in the country, we will talk about the truth of these hate groups. We will also have the weekly Trumpdiss, the friend of these groups who is now in the White House. Please join me for this important program.

Duration: 02:08:13

Business as usual. The REAL reason why America wants war with North Korea

America's issue with North Korea isn't personal. It is just business. The international bankers who control America are sicking this country on North Korea to meet their end. We will expose why

Duration: 01:59:45

Masculine vs Feminine: The Law of Gender

Accodring to metaphysicist there are seven laws in the universe. Two of these laws are the law of attraction and the law of gender. Is feminine and masculine energy tied to your gender? How important is it to find balance between these energies? What is the difference between the two? How can you tell which one is more dominant? Free talk Friday! Let's talk about it!

Duration: 02:01:13

Lessons to Be Learned From Charlottesville

Have you no shame? Why' ESPN owes Black American an Immediate Apology for Auctioning Off Odell Beckman Jr. Dr jones Man Beaten At Protest Says Police Was Indifferent to Attack Donald Trump the Dog Whistle Politics, by Dr Jones Harsh Facts about the FBI Counter Intelligence Program Operations Against the Black Panther Party by Dr Jones Why is the White Male Supremacists so Angry;Lessons To Be Learn From Charolettesville

Duration: 02:23:08

Another year older, Another year wiser

In this week's episode, we will take a break from all of the mess going on in the world and celebrate the birthday of a great and wise! This is my present to my loyal listeners, two hours of jamming to old school music mixed together for you to get your groove on!

Duration: 02:25:13


The NFL boycott is without a doubt the most important of our time. The NFL's blacklisting of Colin Kaepernick must not go uncontested

Duration: 01:59:22

You Just Like Ya Mama/You Just Like Ya Daddy

Are you trying so hard not to be like what you've seen that you are subconsciously being the person you are trying not to be? Have you forgiven yourself for the mistakes that you may have made out of immaturity or lack of knowledege? Have you ever heard your significant other say "you're just like ya mama or you're just like ya daddy"? Let's talk about it!

Duration: 02:04:32

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