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Accept your own and Be yourself.....Truth has come to you~

Accept your own and Be yourself.....Truth has come to you~
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Accept your own and Be yourself.....Truth has come to you~








Minister Farrakhan Press Conference and Your Thoughts?

Join us tonight to discuss today Minister Farrakhan's Press Conference to President Trump! Your Thoughts?

Duration: 01:59:48

Minister Farrakhan is Scheduled to Deliver a Press Conference to President Trump

The Honorable Minister Farrakhan is scheduled to deliver a press conference to president Trump Thursday November 16th 10 :00 a.m. eastern time. Should we forgive Chrisette Michelle for singing at Donald Trump's inauguration or is the black community not being fair? Army lifts ban on cutters ,mentally ill and drug dealers to recruiting goals, Judge removes fatal shooting of unharmed black man from ex- Tulsa officer's record . Kalief Browder Story/ Solidary confinement research paper, new...

Duration: 02:00:42

John Brown's Raid on Harper's Ferry

This week we will talk about American abolitionist? John Brown and his raid on Harper's Ferry. Some people thought he was a hero while others thought he was a terrorist. We will have the weekly Trumpdiss and the chat room will be open for questions and comments.

Duration: 02:16:38



Duration: 01:21:48

He Motions Review Part 2: A Man's Relationship With Himself and Time

Join me tonight as we delve deeper into the book He Motions: Even Strong Men Struggle by best selling author Bishop TD Jakes. We will be discussing a man's relationship with himself and time. Bishop Jakes encourages men to explore what is holding them down and keeping them from birthing their dreams. For the women Bishop Jakes offers ways for women to questions themselves on how deeply they know the dreams and ambitions of the men in their lives. Free Talk Friday, let's talk about the king...

Duration: 02:03:41

Student Min. Nuri Muhammad

We will listen to our brother nuri Muhammad and discuss the top at Pam-Allah Palace Enlightenment Program.

Duration: 01:51:36

What is America Coming to?

A true meance to society: why the domestic terrorism that occurred in Sutherland Springs Texas Church, Springs, Texas will have no impact oh how American views White males Dr Jones, Twenty six years after magic Johnson's announcement that he was HIV+ Black men remain at the forefront of this unfortunate club Dr Jones, Donna Brazile unleashes another bombshell and fans Hillary Clinton's supporters reeling, black man saves elderly white woman's life and her husband tells him get the F away...

Duration: 01:59:16

What is Terrorism?

In this weeks episode, we will talk about terrorism and what can we do to keep from getting killed. We will talk about the incident in New York and the mass killing in Texas this past Sunday. This week's Trumpdiss will be played and your calls will be answered and the chat room will be opened.

Duration: 02:05:38

Heads or Tails?

Heads it Tails

Duration: 02:04:18

He Motions: The Relationship Between A Man and His Woman

Join me tonight as I take a real time review of Part Five from Bishop TD Jakes best seller "He Motions: Even Strong Men Struggle". My guest and I will highlight the male perspective on how this book has given him a new perspective regarding male/female relationships in the Black commununity. As I have said before you wouldn't ask a fish how to fly or a bird how to deep sea swim so why aren't we getting our information straight "from the horses mouth" well tonight we will!

Duration: 02:00:34

Are Black Fathers Being Treat Fairly by Mothers\ The Courts

Tonight on the Initiative Radio Network /Pamallah Palace Enlightment. We will discuss Black Fathers and their children are they being treated fairly by thir child's Mother and the court system , Mental health in Black men, Trump possibly impeachment, The Opioid, Black on Black Must Crime

Duration: 01:03:43

Unharm Your Sons: A Therapist Suicide Attempt and Survivor Plea ...

Unharm your sons: A Therapist suicide attempt and survivor plea to Black Fathers about the culture of Black Masculinity -Dr Jones, South Africa farmers convicted of attempted murder for forcing Blackman into a coffin - Dr Jones, Former gun squad officers say they only robbed citizens 'working', Woman killed while 12 year old boy jumps from overpass in an allenged sucidual attempt, Cam Newtons

Duration: 02:01:41

Black Horror Movies

Since it is Halloween, we will get the real story about it and talk about classic black horror movies. And speaking of horror movies, we will have the weekly Trumpdiss. Your phone calls are welcomed and the chat room will be open for questions and comments

Duration: 01:17:17

Part II - Offensive vs. Defensive

What is the difference

Duration: 01:24:32

Is the "opioid crisis" chickens coming home to roost for white america?

What goes around comes around. Whites put crack into the black community & now their community is being riddled with drugs

Duration: 01:28:42

The Breaking of the Black Woman

A dynamic audio message by the dauughter of the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan, Sis Donna Muhammad!

Duration: 02:00:24

Headline News that Effect Us!

Welcome to the initiative Radio tonight we we will discuss many topics that influence our community at the Pamallah Palace Enlightenment Program! To ask questions/ comment text 318-732-4573.

Duration: 01:56:48

Why Has Black America Remained Silent About the Sexual Predators in the Midst?

Mary J. Blige Ex-husband is demanding that she pay him more alimony because of defamation of character. #Me too: Why has Black America remain silent about the sexual predators in the midst- Dr Jones, Why did FBI director J Edgar Hoover order his men to attack the Black Panther Party in self-defense? - Dr Jones, NAACP warns Black passengers traveling with American Airlines, man dies of flesh eating bacteria after Harvey cleanup? Police Harassment 1st Florida Black State Attorney Aramis...

Duration: 02:00:50

The CDC. Center for disease control or center for disease CREATION?

Minister Farrakhan, Student Minister Tony Muhammad & Robert Kennedy Jr have been leading the charge against the CDC for their intentional production & distribution of lethal vaccines

Duration: 00:20:22

Happy Anniversary To The Black Panther Party

Happy Anniversary to Black Party J. Edgar Hoover Responds to Division Five's Heestiation to Attack The Black Panther Party Dr Jones, Happy Anniversary to the Black Panther: Why did FBI J Edgar Hoover order men to attack the Black Panther Party for self-defense? Dr Jones, Two highschool Students for protesting, Colin Kapernik- has filed grievance against NFL's Owners, Family said Trump showed disrespect to a slain seargent

Duration: 01:37:10

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