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TICM 186 | Steve Sims | The Art Of Doing The Impossible

As the founder of Bluefish, one of the top personal concierge services, and an expert marketer within the luxury industry Steve has been quoted in various publications including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, London’s Sunday Times, South China Morning Post and many more. He has been on TV and has been a speaker at a variety of networks, groups and associations as well as the Pentagon and Harvard - twice! Want to sing with your favorite rock star, be serenaded by Andre Bocelli, walk the...


TICM 185 | How To Do Create Infinite Content Framework (Airport Story)

How To Create Infinite Content (Framework Secrets REVEALED) This is the story of how I came back from Italy, the chaotic scene at the airport, the next 24 hours, and a reminder of the power of podcasting. I also give away my SECRET content creation formula. Hopefully, it resonates with you and helps you create content that not only humanizes your brand but also creates a trust for NEW buyers. Podcast Training: Join the Legacy Driven...


TICM 184 | Evan Carmichael | Top 10 Rules For Success

Evan Carmichael is one of Forbes’ Top 40 Social-Marketing Masters. He’s ‘YouTube Famous’, with more than 1 Million+ subscribers. Inc Magazine named him one of the Top 100 Great Leadership Speakers. More importantly, Evan believes in people, even more than they believe in themselves! He is my mentor and friend and in this episode, we talked about his 2nd book, The Top 10 Rules For Success! Evan's Amazing YouTube channel: Join the Legacy...


TICM 183 | When Life Is Against You...Choose Who You Are

It's just past midnight here in Italy and I couldn't sleep with all of these thoughts going through my mind. I see messages every day of people are that trying to figure it out and there are even some days, where you best, is simply not enough. This is what I personally do when I feel overwhelmed and/or life is kicking my butt. It's simple but effective. And hope you can find the value for it in your life and adventure. Join the Legacy Driven Entrepreneurs Community (it’s FREE):...


TICM 182 | Jay Fiset | The Power Of Joint Ventures And Masterminds

Jay Fiset has over 30+ years of experience with live events and trainings and is a speaker, author and more importantly, considered by many the "millionaire mastermind mentor." Had the pleasure of having him on the podcast to discuss joint ventures and what makes a profitable partnership. Are you enjoying the podcast? Listen to the episode here and leave us a review: Apple: Android:...


TICM 181 | Naveen Jain | How To Become A Billionaire

How To Become A Billionaire with Naveen Jain. He is a business executive, billionaire entrepreneur, philanthropist, and founder and former CEO of Infospace, Viome, Bluedot, TalentWise, Intelius and many other successful ventures. He is one of the co-founders of Moon Express, a company that is building rockets and spacescraft to go to the moon and harvest precious metals from the moon’s surface. He is projected to be the world's 1st trillionaire and he is a VERY humble...


TICM 180 | Advice From A Billionaire

About 2 months ago... I had the chance of interviewing another billionaire on my top-rated podcast This was exciting!! Beyond my own expectations of what would happen when I launched a couple of years ago... My guest was no other than Naveen Jain And I will be releasing our episode in the coming days #eekk We had a game-changing conversation RIGHT BEFORE the actual interview... Wanted to share with everyone in case it helps you too in building the business and legacy you are striving...


TICM 179 | Secrets Revealed | The Business Of Podcasting And Email Marketing

This was originally a private interview with Aweber; a premier email marketing tool used by business owners around the world. I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to peel back the curtain to my entire business. From how to leverage a podcast for your brand, to how to build an email list around your products and services, to how to use a podcast to put a voice behind your movement, this episode is SUPER geeky and SUPER relevant for any modern-day marketer. Want Advanced Podcast...


TICM 178 | Choose To Be Overflowing

Here is a clip that I shared in my private "Start A Speaker Business Challenge last weekend that I thought would bring value to all speakers, creators, and leaders around the world. Take in this short episodes and then go outside to fill your cup ;) Apply to join the Changemaker Tribe at Are you enjoying the podcast? Listen to the episode here and leave us a review: Apple: Android: TuneIn:...


TICM 177 | Dave Lukas | The Gift Of Being A Misfit

Dave Lukas is the Vice President and CSO at Grasp Technologies. Grasp is the leading provider of data management, and payment solutions in the T&E industry. His company has enjoyed growth in excess of 50% per year for over a decade with back-to-back spots on the INC 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies in 2015 and 2016. He is also the host of the highly acclaimed podcast; The Misfit Entrepreneur. It is a weekly podcast devoted to giving our audience access and actionable insight from...


TICM 176 | Julia Waller | Discovering Unique Ability

There are ONLY a few concepts in personal development that really matter. Unique Ability is one of them. When looking at business, leaving a legacy, high performance, no other principle is more important than discovering one's unique ability. In this episode, we will walk you through how to discover your own unique-ability (With exercises) as well as clarify why all great leaders in history have done the same. My guest is a dear friend and literally wrote the book on the topic. Julia...


TICM 175 | The Secret Of Landing Speaking Gigs Is Easier Than You Think

One of the questions I get asked ALL the time is "How did you actually BEGIN landing speaking engagements...especially since you started in your parent's living room, was in debt, and had no connections to the industry?" It's a valid one. And one that seems to elude a lot of creators and entrepreneurs that want to share their story, their message and ultimately their insights to a receptive audience. I thought it would be only fitting that I share with you all a never released -...


The Truth Behind This Podcast - The Inner Changemaker

"First youtube video. Took me 50 takes First landing page. Gave up First speaking gig. Practiced a couple days and gave it for free in a room of 5 people. I needed a website - never built one before. I need a product, um does an ebook count? 6 months down the line, I was about 10,000 dollars in debt, (from a line of credit) and literally have made no money." This is one of the most honest episodes I have ever created. It's meant to pull back the curtain on what's transpire the LAST 2...


TICM 173 | Jay Papasan | How To Focus On The One Thing

What if there was a way to 10x your productivity by letting go of everything except THIS one thing? This is the interview where we deep dive into "The One Thing" and show changemakers how to eliminate inefficiency within their lives once and for all. My guest is no other than Jay Papasan; co-author of the International bestseller "The One Thing" Jay Papasan is a bestselling author who serves as Vice President and Executive Editor at Keller Williams Realty International, the fastest...


TICM 172 | Stop Using Your Parents As An Excuse

One of most common questions I get asked when I speak around the world is "how did you explain to your parents what you are currently?" "How did you get them on board?" The answer - I never got them "on board" One has to understand the difference between loving one's parents and listening to every single request they have. Here is the answer on HOW you can stop using your parent's love and limitations as an excuse for you pursuing your dreams. Warning: might offend you. Hope it triggers...


New Years Disaster | The Story Of Matteo

It was New Years ever a few days ago and we had a MASSIVE plan for a successful day. We had it all mapped out. Then, a phone call changed it all and our plan became an afterthought. From an execution point of view, the day was a disaster. But life has a funny thing about timing. And in the disaster, a VERY important lesson was discovered and internalized. Apply to join the Changemaker Tribe at Are you enjoying the podcast? Listen to the episode...


TICM 171 | The 1 Thing You Need For A Killer 2018

In this episode, Jay discussed his BIGGEST failures and some of the lessons you need to be considering as you make your goals and cast your vision for 2018 and beyond. There is 1 state that we all must tap into to be successful. Listen to the episode to discover what it is. Jay's biggest failures of 2017 - not playing at a big enough level - not committing to his gifts - no community :( Let's fix the last one... Apply to join the Changemaker Tribe at...


TICM 170 | Victoria Labalme | How To Discover Your True Talent

Victoria Labalme is an expert in helping people discover their TRUE talents She is infamous by helping some of the very best entrepreneur's craft winning presentations such as JJ Virgin, Stu Mclaren, Jeff Walker, and people like Jayson Gaignard and Alex Charfen (who have both been on the show before) can be found gushing over her work. She has done PBS specials and is considered in the speaker hall of fame Her infamous TEDx talk Risk Forward: the Rewards of Not Knowing was very well...


TICM 169 | Quantity Matters

We all have heard the saying "Quality over quantity" but if you break down the lessons of the MOST successful, you will find that quantity is what actually lead to the quality in the first place. Here is an update on what's happening behind the scenes, but also a few reminders on how to be GREAT with the current knowledge and resources you have available to you. Are you enjoying the podcast? Leave us a review: Apple: Android: Want to grab my...


TICM 168 | Lisa Nichols | How To Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams

Lisa Nichols is a world-class author, life coach, and motivational speaker. She's the founder and CEO of Motivating the Masses, Inc where she has built a global platform has reached and served nearly 30 million people. Lisa also runs a non-profit foundation Motivating the Teen Spirit, she has touched the lives of 211,650 teens, prevented over 3,800 teen suicides, supported 2,500 dropouts in returning to school, and has helped thousands reunite with families. She is one of the country’s...


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