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17. Greg Steel

In this episode you’ll hear from Greg Steele, CEO Arcadis Asia Pacific. He is also the Chairman of Engineering Aid Australia and on the board of Roads Australia. He was the Managing Director of Hyder Consulting before the Arcadis takeover. I came across this special man at a mindfulness conference where his authenticity and honesty about the challenge of keeping balance in the corporate world blew the audience away. I couldn’t wait to get him on the show. We cover the importance of...

Duration: 00:54:52

16. Taking The Path Less Travelled

In this episode we will be talking about another pattern that has emerged through many of the CEOs on the show and that is “Taking the Path Less Travelled”. Have you ever found yourself boxed in to a role or industry? Ever felt stuck in your growth or feel like your network and knowledge set is limited to your profession and industry? Ever had the nagging gut feeling that you need to do something drastic to change things up but you find any number of reasons why you shouldn’t? Feel...

Duration: 00:10:00

15. Sue Murphy

In this episode you’ll hear from Sue Murphy, CEO of Water Corp. Sue spent 25 years at Clough engineering after completing an engineering degree where she was one of only two women out of 300 students. She has been the Water Corporation CEO since 2008 and on the board at the Fremantle Dockers for 12 months. She is also a director at Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA). We cover how to be honest, fun and make a difference in your work. Subscribe on iTunes...

Duration: 00:55:56

14. Beating Overwhelm

In this episode we explore the terrible consequence of Overwhelm, the high level neuroscience of the brain, the triggers and a rock solid solution for removing it from your life, Subscribe on iTunes here: Subscribe on Android: Key Points: The top quotes and messages from this episode include: The Triune Brain The consequences of overhwlem: What triggers...

Duration: 00:10:23

13. Daniel Herbert, CEO of SSKB and Former Wallaby

In this episode you’ll hear from Daniel Herbert, CEO of SSKB. We are going to be covering some powerful strategies that he learnt through 67 tests for the Wallabies. He was apart of the glory era of Australian Rugby, won the RWC in 1999, the Bledisloe Cup and beat the British and Irish Lions in 2001. He Captained the QLD Reds and was world player of the year in 1999. Critically he has now gone to a successful corporate career with the commercial side of the QLD Reds and is now CEO of...

Duration: 00:52:59

Creating and Seizing Opportunity

In this episode I cover a key point that all of the CEOs have made on the show, ‘How to Create and Seize Opportunities’. “You have to create opportunities, they are the lifeblood of your track record” The top of the business world is fiercely competitive. Getting the chance at new opportunities can be rare and when they do come you have to make the most of it. Often you’ll see other executives getting golden opportunities that you thought should go to you and not understand why. This is...

Duration: 00:07:22

Nicky Sparshott - Global CEO, T2 Tea

In this episode I catch up with Nicky Sparshott, Global Chief Executive of T2 Tea - a global luxury retailer offering the broadest and most imaginative range of teas and teawares from around the world. Nicky also serves as Vice President on the Global Leadership Team for Unilever's Refreshment Category, playing a lead role in M&A & E-Commerce. She also has experience on the agency side as a Partner at Y&R George Patterson (WPP Group). Key Points: “Be brave, because I...

Duration: 01:00:55

Jim Soorley - Legend of Brisbane

In this episode you’ll hear from Jim Soorley, Former Mayor of Brisbane and Chairman of CS energy and Unity Water. Jim has left an almost unrivalled legacy in Brisbane through his tireless work at Lord Mayor. He led the introduction of CityCats, A/C on buses, RiverFire, RiverWalk and brought a business and commercial approach to the running of the council. Key Points: Jim outlines the importance of energy, getting connected to the people on the ground and role modelling the behaviour you...

Duration: 00:59:47

Trevor Matthews – Insurance Transformation Titan

In this episode you’ll hear from Trevor Matthews former MD/CEO of Legal & General Australia, ManuLife, Friends Provident PLC, Aviva UK and Standard Life UK. He is currently a non-executive director of AMP, Tokio Marine, FNZ and BUPA. He is also Chair of the State Industry Regulatory Authority and 1stAvailable Ltd. Key Points: Trevor tells the story of his remarkable career from actuary to CEO and President of some of the world’s biggest insurance companies. He outlines that a leaders is...

Duration: 00:55:42

Jennifer Holland - Inventor, Innovator and Inspiration to Entrepreneurs

In this episode you’ll hear from Jennifer Holland, Founder and CEO of Throat Scope. Jennifer’s passion lies in inventing, designing and developing medical products that will revolutionise the healthcare industry. Her first invention was Throat Scope, which has had outstanding success across the globe and began as the foundation of Holland Healthcare. Throat Scope was the recipient of ‘What’s Your Big Idea Queensland?’ in 2011, which included a $50,000 prize money from the Queensland...

Duration: 00:36:10

Episode 7 Todd Hunter

In this episode you’ll hear from Todd Hunter, CEO and Turners Limited. Key Points: Todd outlines that there will be times that you are scared shitless about what you're being ask to do but - pressure is a privilege - and someone believes you can do this Todd’s top messages include: Questions like: Nominated Charity: Todd’s nominated charity is SDAA – Students Against Dangerous Driving - Listen on iTunes here: Listen on...

Duration: 00:44:38

Jonathan Ling - How a little Chinese boy rose to top of the corporate world and succeeded in tackling the most difficult challenges in business

In this episode you’ll hear from Jonathan Ling, CEO and MD of GUD Holdings Limited. Jonathan is also the former CEO of Fletcher Building and Visy Recycling. He is the Chairman of Melbourne Rebels Advisory Board and has previously held a number of other board roles including ASB bank and Pacific Brands. During his time as CEO of GUD the market capitalisation has grown from $360 million to $1.2 billion and the share price from around $5 to in excess of $13. And during his time as CEO...

Duration: 01:00:22

Vivek Bhatia, CEO of iCare and former CEO of Wesfarmers Insurance

In this episode you’ll hear from Vivek Bhatia. At age 26, Vivek was a Indian migrant watching the big businessmen in their expensive suits walk around Sydney. This inspiring story is how he rose above the pack to become a CEO in just 10 years. Vivek is now CEO and MD of iCare which delivers insurance and care services to the people of New South Wales. Whether a person is severely injured in the workplace or on the road, iCare supports their long-term care needs to improve quality of life...

Duration: 00:55:15

Paul Broad, The Reformer and CEO of 7 companies over 28 years

In this episode you'll hear from Paul Broad. Paul is one of the great reformers of modern Australian business. He has been a CEO for 28 years leading major reform in Hunter Water, Sydney Water, Powertel, AAPT, Infrastructure NSW and Snowy Hydro. He has led many of these companies through corporatization and user pays representing the biggest change in their organisational history. Key Points: Paul outlines how important it is to dream and believe in yourself, how as leader sometimes you...

Duration: 00:51:43

Daniel Hunter, CEO, HealthShare NSW

Dan outlines how important it is to stay the course, keep at it, leverage your networks and be grateful for what is around you. Dan covers 10 key topics throughout the podcast: 1.Stop spending all your time just working on your division and work on the organisation with the CEO 2.You have to demonstrate that you work for the betterment of the entire organisation 3.If you get down into the detail, you'll just annoy your people and hold them back 4.The role of the leader is to get a good...

Duration: 00:52:48

Mike Pratt, Vice-Chancellor UWS, Customer Service Commissioner NSW, CEO NAB, BNZ, Bank of Melbourne, Standard & Chartered North Asia

In this episode you'll hear from Mike Pratt. Mike is the Commissioner for Service, NSW Government, leading major service reform across the NSW Government. He is also Deputy Chancellor of Western Sydney University, Chairman of Bennelong Funds Management and a Non-Executive Director of Credit Union Australia. Mike was CEO of Consumer and SME Banking, North East Asia, with Standard Chartered Bank. He is a former President of the Australian Institute of Banking & Finance.He was also Group...

Duration: 00:54:58

Kevin Young, MD Sydney Water

In this episode Kevin outlines how to seize the future, be proactive and take risks and will help you be successful in the modern business world. We discuss many topics like: - A manager is someone who achieves things through others. - Be humble and maintain fierce resolve - Deciding who is on the bus. And you've got to decide before you know where the bus is - going. To pick the people that are going to be with you on the journey. And decide where you're going together. - When...

Duration: 00:52:39