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23. Black Lightning-S1E1-The Ressurection

I nerd out about the greatness of Black Lightning, celebrate all of the beautiful black women that populate the cast and advise parents to put tracking devices on their teenagers. Follow me Twitter: @TINerdPod and @TheMsIntrovert Instagram: @TheIntrovertedNerd email:

Duration: 00:59:05

22. Saved By The Bell- S3E5- Drivers Education

I talk about the introduction of my favorite teacher Mr. Tuttle, Zack's weird promise Ring, and how I thought Zack tried to murder Slater to be with Kelly. Follow

Duration: 00:43:20

21. Save The Max

In this episode, The Introverted Nerd Watches S3E3 of Saved By The Bell "Save The Max". The gang starts a radio station, Slater is boring, and Mr. Belding's ass is archived. Please Subscribe and leave a 5 star review Follow:

Duration: 00:46:06

20. Zack's War

On this episode The Introverted Nerd Watches S3E2 of Save By The Bell "Zack's War". As usual Zack is a Jerk, Belding is now Beldo, and Lisa has questionable taste in men. Subscribe and Leave a 5 Star review! Twitter: @TINerdPod Instagram: @TheIntrovertedNerd email:

Duration: 00:39:55

19. The Prom

The Introverted Nerd Watches S3 E1 of Saved by the Bell The Prom. We made it to season 3 everybody!!! and I'm so exited to to get in to what I consider the classic episodes of SBTB and it all begins with The Prom wher we finally see the Zack and Kelly ship set sail. Subscribe to the podcast and leave a 5 Star review on iTunes

Duration: 00:53:40

18. Save That Tiger

We made it to the season two finale of Saved By The Bell and it's all about Prankster Princes, Stinky Principals, 40-year-old Valley students. Twitter:@TINerdPod @TheMsIntrovert Instagram: @TheIntrovertedNerd

Duration: 00:50:11

17. King Of The Hill

The episode about the pilot that wasn't the pilot, and the start of Zack's stalker behavior. Subscribe and Leave a 5 star review! Twitter: @TINerdPod, @TheIntrovertedNerd Instagram:@TheIntrovertedNerd, @TheMsIntrovert Email:

Duration: 00:52:44

16. Stranger Things S1 E 3&4

Stranger Things season one refresher covering Chapters 3 and 4 Holly Jolly and The Body. Subscribe and Leave a 5 Star review on iTunes and Stitcher. Follow Twitter @TINerdPod, @theMsIntrovert Instagram @TheIntrovertedNerd, @theMsIntrovert Email

Duration: 01:17:55

15.Stranger Things S1 E 2&3

I'm covering Stranger Things and the is the first episode of my season 1 refresher all about The Vanishing of Will Byers and The Weirdo on Maple Street. Subscribe and Leave a 5 Star review. Twitter: @TINerdPod, @TheMsIntrovert Instagram: @TheIntrovertedNerd, @theMsIntrovert Email:

Duration: 01:04:20

15. The Zack Tapes

Zack discovers subliminal messaging and finds a way to use them to creep on Kelly. Follow Twitter: @TINerdPod, @TheMsIntrovert Instagram: @TheIntrovertedNerd, @TheMsIntrovert Email:

Duration: 00:38:47

13. The Election

Zack runs for class president against his best friend all so he can go on a week-long trip to Washington DC with Mr. Belding and Mr. Dewey. to support the podcast subscribe and leave a 5 star review on iTunes. Follow me

Duration: 00:50:15

12. The Mamas & Papas

The gang gets married, Zack gets creepy, and Lisa found a medical reason to stay far away from Screech in S2 E12 of Saved By the Bell. Don't forget to leave a 5 Star review and Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. Follow on: Twitter: @TINerdPod for podcast updates and @TheMsIntrovert for live tweets of new shows. Instagram: @TheIntrovertedNerd Like and Share

Duration: 00:43:28

11. The Friendship Business

Friendship bracelets are bracelets are a million dollar idea and Zack and Jessie compete to see who can take the title of the biggest asshole in this episode of Saved by the Bell. please Subscribe, Rate, and leave a FIVE STAR Review on iTunes and Stitcher. Follow Me:

Duration: 00:42:40

10. Beauty and the Screech

The Introverted Nerd Watches S2 E10 of Saved by the Bell where we finally meet Kevin the robot and see a great love story develope between Kelly and Screech. Leave a FIVE STAR review on iTunes and Stitcher. Email: Blog: Twitter: @theMsIntrovert Instagram: @theintrovertednerd

Duration: 01:01:12

9. Pinned to the Mat

S.2 E.9 of Saved by the Bell Zack might have a gambling problem, Slater stops being sexist long enough to find out he's a pretty good cook, and career week is serious business at Bayside. Please subscribe and leave a 5 Star review on iTunes and Stitcher. Follow me: Twitter: @TheMsIntrovert Instagram: @TheIntrovertedNerd Tumblr: @The IntrovertedNerd

Duration: 00:47:22

8. Cream for a Day

The Introverted Nerd Watches S2 E8 of Saved by the Bell Cream for A Day.

Duration: 00:49:18

7. The Substitute

The Introverted Nerd Watches s.2 e.7 of Saved by the Bell: The Substitute. Follow me: Twitter:

Duration: 00:53:50

The Introverted Nerd Watches Aloha Slater

in this episode, Lisa has the best style, Zack and Slater treat Kelly like crap, and I celebrate a big moment in Saved By the Bell history. please subscribe and leave a review on Itunes and Stitcher.

Duration: 00:45:31

Screech's Woman

This is a weird episode of Saved by the Bell, but I enjoyed it anyway.I get grossed out by Mr. Belding's bathroom habits, I call extra attention to Jessie's pancake butt, and I still hate screech.

Duration: 00:48:34

Fatal Distraction

I point and laugh at season 2 episode 4 of Saved By The Bell Fatal Distraction. Follow me Twitter: @TheMsIntrovert Instagram: @TheIntrovertedNerd

Duration: 01:00:05

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