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Episode 216 - Hurricane Harvey Hits Hollywood Hard!

This week Eric reviews Blade Runner, tells you why pop music is complete shit, and proves what Equifax did to him was way worse than what Harvey Weinstein did to those women. We break down the sexual assault scandal and discuss what worse could be happening in Hollywood.

Duration: 01:21:52

Episode 215 - We’re back , baby!

After 5 year of excellence in podcasting we decided to take a break, but we’re back! We catch up on current events, discuss some upcoming tweaks to the show, and see if we have it in us to do this thing for another 215 episodes… or more.

Duration: 01:16:12

Episode 214 - Who’s A Good Lil’ Nazi Sympathizer?

We’re back, and with shitty audio. Get ready for delays and echoes. Michael tells tales of hospital fun with his new addition. We catch up on the events of the past couple of weeks, and finish off with some Game of Thrones talk. Enjoy MOFOs!

Duration: 01:14:22

Episode 213 - The Mooch, We Hardly Knew Ye

Survivor: White House Edition claims 2 more victims this week as Reince Penis and The Mooch got voted of the island. We discuss the three-ringed circus in DC, bring back an old segment, and then touch on conspiracy talk. Game of Thrones talk finishes this masterpiece, so check out early unless you like spoilers.

Duration: 01:23:36

Episode 212 - Healthcare You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

We spend the first few minutes bitching about our failed political system and the slow demise of democracy, but then it’s all goodness. Michael discusses his idea to survive the end of Obamacare, and it starts with eating a bowl of fucking salad. Then we finish with some Game of Thrones talk. It’s at the end if you don’t want spoilers.

Duration: 01:04:46

Episode 211 - Flying Cars My Ass

Are people dumber now than at any other time in history, or is it all an illusion created by Mark Zuckerberg? We go through some polling that may prove the former, and as “Rome burns” around us, Michael tells you where you can go. And why yes, that is a sword in my pocket, but I’m still glad to see you.

Duration: 01:10:32

Episode 210 - Anyone Want To Adopt A Russian Collusion Baby?

I think it’s a solid show for you the good clean listener. We learn not to play a music gig why baked out of your mind. We discuss why eating meat is fine even if it is killing the planet, but fucking the meat will get you 2-20 years in the pokey. Then we finish with some Trump collusion talk… Trump Jr that is. Ut oh, someone is in trouble.

Duration: 01:08:44

Episode 207 - Pride And P̶r̶e̶j̶u̶d̶i̶c̶e̶… Privilege

Enough with the political correctness and social justice warrior bullshit. People are terrible and fuck up a lot! Either we stop pointing fingers and being whiny bitches or there will be more Trumps. America, and us as a people, may not survive it. Also, got any money for dick pics?

Duration: 01:20:06

Episode 206 - The Jolly Rogers (Cunts Of The Right)

I don’t want to brag, but this is a pretty good show. We give you so much solid information that we should probably charge a fee. We discuss Roger Stone and a new Netflix doc about him, we shit on Roger Ailes grave, and have fun with Facebook. Get some!

Duration: 01:15:46

Episode 205 - There’s Comey All Over My Trump

Guess what we’re talking about this time… more fucking Trump! It appears the Russia investigation was going a little too well for the Great Orange Menace. What’s the next chapter of this saga? Only fictional baby Jesus fucking knows! #Nixonian

Duration: 01:08:24

Episode 204 - Cinco De Drinko My Pisso

I’m not going to lie, this motherfucker was all over the road. It’s got a little of everything you desire and more than you can handle, and honestly it is super tight. But yea, we do talk a little Trump. Open those earholes and get some!

Duration: 01:11:47

Episode 202 - Syria’sly, Whose Putin Chemicals In My Pepsi?

If you think the title is a beating then wait until you hear the show. Note: There are no Bassoons in marching band, thank fictional Jesus! Pepsi puts out another product that people can’t stomach, Trump gets his Supreme Court Justice, and someone’s Tomahawk bomb aim is fucking terrible.

Duration: 01:08:38

Episode 200 - Obama Wiretapped Our Podcast

In this 200th edition of the greatest fucking political podcast ever, we discuss blowing your brains out on TV, being an asshole during an interview, and wrestling fuck videos. Oh yea, and Trump embarrassed the country another half dozen times. Only 2 months in huh? FUCK!!!

Duration: 01:12:27

Episode 199 - Stripping For Masturbation Money

Step into the Champagne Room with us for about an hour, bring handy wipes. Look, we’re as beaten by Trump and his minions as much as you. We spend half the show talking about every random thing we can… and then we go full Orange Menace.

Duration: 01:06:48

Episode 198 - Democracy In Transition

Yes we talk Trump, but very little considering everyday it’s something else with this fucking guy. Eric breaks down a flick, shits on Youtubers, and doesn’t get shot at work this week. Michael has men in dresses on his mind, so the boys discuss being transgendered and all that implies.

Duration: 01:19:27

Episode 197 - Squeal Like An Orange Pig America!

Listen as we rant and rave like a couple of fucking lunatics, or the President at a press conference. We have no topic and basically air our grievances for an hour. Also, Eric is almost killed by some feuding hillbillys.

Duration: 01:15:03

Episode 196 - Trumpapalooza

It’s only week fucking three of the neverending Trump presidency, and I feel as though I’ve already died inside. We try to lighten the mood this week by talking about what gives us hope. Then we play Russian roulette. Speaking of, anyone want to co-host permanently?

Duration: 01:15:46

Episode 195 - Fascism, American Style

Slight audio difficulty, but enjoy it while you can before Trump shuts us down. We discuss Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, the “not a Muslim” Muslim ban, and finish with rambling nonsense. Come on Calexit, this motherfucker is turning into the Titanic with a quickness.

Duration: 01:18:15

Episode 194 - Building A Movement, Not A Wall

Trump proves that tiny hands equal tiny crowds, while women show that size does matter. We talk about what Trump has done during his first few days, and celebrate the show of strength by the women of the USA and around the globe. Dark times are ahead, but we will fight back with real facts! #AlternativeFacts

Duration: 01:11:19

Episode 193 - Pissing On Trump’s Inauguration

This is the last show before Trump is offically sworn in as our President. It still feels like the worst fucking nightmare ever, or a David Blaine trick gone horribly wrong. We discuss hookers pissing on stuff and a bunch of other terrible shit. Also, fuck the Green Bay Packers and Nintendo!

Duration: 01:10:24

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