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Conversations about the global energy transformation The Interchange is a weekly podcast on the global energy transformation, hosted by Stephen Lacey and Shayle Kann. Each week, the duo provide deep insights into technology trends, markets, projects, company financials, mergers and acquisitions, policy changes, and market data. Join us as we go deep on the forces disrupting energy markets around the world.

Conversations about the global energy transformation The Interchange is a weekly podcast on the global energy transformation, hosted by Stephen Lacey and Shayle Kann. Each week, the duo provide deep insights into technology trends, markets, projects, company financials, mergers and acquisitions, policy changes, and market data. Join us as we go deep on the forces disrupting energy markets around the world.
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Conversations about the global energy transformation The Interchange is a weekly podcast on the global energy transformation, hosted by Stephen Lacey and Shayle Kann. Each week, the duo provide deep insights into technology trends, markets, projects, company financials, mergers and acquisitions, policy changes, and market data. Join us as we go deep on the forces disrupting energy markets around the world.






Why US Solar Had a Down Year

Last year was a tough one for many U.S. solar companies. For the first time, America's solar market saw a decline in growth and solar employment. What gives? In this podcast, we're going to walk through the sector-specific factors that threw solar off its axis in 2017. Some of the questions we address in this episode: Don't forget to come to our 11th annual Solar Summit in San Diego, where we'll be dissecting data in the top solar markets around the world. This podcast is brought to you...


Google and Microsoft Are Shaping Energy Markets

Since 2015, large corporations have signed deals for more than 7 gigawatts of renewable energy. As activity picks up, these companies are grappling with increasingly complex deals. They're no longer just thinking about renewable energy credits or average consumption over the year; they're now looking at matching wind, solar and hydro supply directly with their on-site demand in a more granular way. Consequently, energy storage is becoming more attractive. This week, we're talking with two...


A Blueprint for the Distributed, Transactive Grid

Ryan Hanley is convinced that the distributed electric grid will create vastly more economic, security and societal value than today's centralized system. Over the course of his career as a civil engineer -- working at Pacific Gas & Electric, SolarCity, Tesla and now Advanced Microgrid Solutions -- Hanley has worked to understand and extract that value. "A macro theme that I've been tracking in my career is that exchange of value over the grid [that] I'm convinced will only become more...


Don't Like the Solar Buying Process? Start Your Own Company

In 2009, Sara Ross and her husband bought a dilapidated farmhouse in Massachusetts, intending to turn it into a net-zero home. Solar was an important part of the plan. And then came the price tag: $81,000 in cash. Their local solar installer had no financing options at that time. Ross cobbled the money together, but she became obsessed with the buying process: "How are other members of our family going to do this? How are our friends supposed to do this? How is this supposed to work? How...


Can Solar Become the World's Dominant Source of Energy?

Nothing can stop solar's growth trajectory -- except maybe solar itself. This week, we have a deep discussion on the future of solar photovoltaics. Solar is exploding around the world, but have we grappled with the technology and market limitations that could stop the next order of magnitude in growth for PV? On this week's episode of The Interchange, Shayle Kann sits down with Varun Sivaram, author of the new book, Taming the Sun: Innovations to Harness Solar Energy and Power the...


Cleantech's Top Venture Capitalist, Nancy Pfund

Nancy Pfund is perhaps the most recognizable venture capitalist in the clean energy space. Before she raised multi-hundred-million-dollar funds at her firm DBL Partners and made early investments in the likes of Tesla, SolarCity, Off Grid Electric, PowerLight, NEXTracker and Advanced Microgrid Solutions, Pfund had to start somewhere. "In college, I didn't know what a venture capitalist was -- I was an anthropology major," she said at the January recording of Watt It Takes, the live...


Death to Energy Tribalism

The Breakthrough Institute was founded on the idea that traditional environmentalists were wrong about how to protect the planet. Back in 2004, the co-founders called for ending the "politics of limits" pushed by environmental groups. Rather, they saw economic growth, technological innovation, and human ingenuity as the most important tools for environmental progress -- not necessarily regulatory limits. That angered large swaths of the environmental community. Over the last decade, the...


Our Blockchain Explainer Segment: 'Consensus'

Blockchain is coming to the energy industry in a big way. We're at the beginning of a fierce hype cycle, when new startups are emerging weekly to tout their Initial Coin Offerings and tokenization platforms for energy trading. Utility executives are grappling with yet another distributed technology that proponents say will demolish the traditional power delivery business. Still having a hard time understanding why all this matters? Getting lost in the maze of new terminology? We've got...


Trump Issues Solar Tariffs: We Answer Your Questions

The Trump Administration just imposed 30 percent tariffs on imported solar cells and modules. How much will it stunt solar growth in America? Will it spark a broader trade war? There are a lot of questions about the impact. In this podcast, we’re giving you the answers – or, as many answers we have, just a day after the decision. This week, we'll bring together our teams from The Interchange and The Energy Gang together to answer listener questions about the tariffs. We'll also talk with...


What the Grid Really Needs

Grid nerds have spent the last few months whipped into a frenzy over Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s hastily-written plan to prop up aging coal plants in the name of grid resiliency. And then, last week, federal energy regulators rejected it. Secretary Perry’s team couldn’t come up with the basic legal argument needed for FERC to consider the proposal. The door is not fully closed, however. Regulators say they want to revisit the idea of grid resiliency -- and now they’re asking regional...


Is Trump Saving Coal?

When President Trump took office, U.S. coal was in a state of decline. Between 2007 and 2016, coal production and consumption each fell by more than a third, and mining jobs fell from 125,000 to 75,000. Trump promised to reverse that trend. Did his deregulatory agenda work? In 2017, U.S. coal production grew by 6 percent. That increase, however, came from a factor unrelated to Trump Administration policy: demand in foreign markets. Meanwhile, domestic coal consumption fell by 2.4 percent...


Watt It Takes: The Origin Story of Greentech Media

We spend most of our time talking about other companies. For our first podcast of the year, we're turning the tables and reflecting on GTM. In this edition of Watt It Takes, Powerhouse CEO Emily Kirsch interviews GTM Co-Founder Scott Clavenna about the origins of our company, the challenges of being a startup in the cleantech world, and our recent acquisition by Wood Mackenzie. Watt It Takes is a live interview series produced by Powerhouse in partnership with GTM. The conversation was...


Rebuilding Puerto Rico With Solar and Batteries

Three months after Hurricane Maria, there are still large swaths of Puerto Rico that don’t have power. It took two months to get half the island’s residents power again -- and hundreds of thousands of people are still without grid access as the holidays approach. After a slow start, there are mainland crews there working day and night to restore electricity. They've been making progress, but the situation is still dire. In the aftermath of the disaster, we’re finally getting a sense of...


Energy Storage Has Arrived

Energy storage has arrived. This year brought numerous record-breaking battery projects, dozens of acquisitions and partnerships, and over a dozen utility integrated resource plans that factor storage. Within a decade, the U.S. storage market could be 25 times bigger than it is today -- swamping natural gas peaker plants, and enabling a vast array of new grid applications. In this week's episode, we open up our vault of data and describe the state of storage in America: which sectors are...


The Conservative and Progressive View on the Future of Electricity Markets

Something feels different. In the last two years, there’s been a material shift in the way renewable energy and other distributed resources are discussed. For so long, believers of wind, solar, batteries and microgrids have focused on targeted government support. But direct subsidies and mandates are diminishing in importance. One example: utility-scale solar in the U.S., which was once almost exclusively driven by state mandates and tax credits, is now mostly being driven by economics....


Tesla's Giant Battery: Pros and Cons

Tesla built the world's biggest lithium-ion battery ahead of schedule. It's an important milestone for the technology, and Tesla itself. But is it coming at a cost to smaller players in the industry? This week on The Interchange, we'll talk about how Tesla's battery supply constraints are hitting downstream installers and developers. We'll bring GTM Staff Writer Julian Spector on the show to discuss his recent reporting on Tesla's delivery delays. Then, we'll cover some of Spector's...


Dan Shugar, the King Midas of Solar

Dan Shugar lives, breathes and bleeds solar. "If you cut my wrist, pure silicon comes out," he exclaimed in an interview with Powerhouse CEO Emily Kirsch, as part of the Watt It Takes interview series. This week, Shugar steps behind the microphone to talk about turning his passion for PV into deals and acquisitions worth over $1 billion. Shugar has a storied career. Some call him the "King Midas" of solar, because he's turned so many ventures into gold. He's the former president of...


Collision Course: How Wind and Solar Are Disrupting Power Markets

We've spent a lot more time lately looking at the structure of U.S. power markets. Why? Because they're about to get shaken up. It's already begun. In this episode, we'll look at how renewables are upending wholesale power markets today -- and what we can do about it. We'll examine the issue from a few different angles. How the growth of renewables is depressing power prices: Wood Mackenzie's Prajit Gosh describes why low-price events are becoming more common in wholesale markets than...


Watt It Takes: Sungevity CEO Andrew Birch

This week: a conversation with Andrew Birch, the co-founder and CEO of Sungevity. For those who’ve been following the wild ride in solar, you’re going to want to listen to this conversation. Sungevity was once one of the biggest residential solar installers in the U.S. – until it filed for bankruptcy protection at the beginning of the year. In this interview, Andrew Birch talks candidly about how Sungevity was founded, what killed an acquisition deal to save the installer, how market...


Halloween Special: You Should Fear a Cyber Attack on the Grid

Still looking for a scary costume for this Halloween? Here's a terrifying idea: Dress up like an "attack vector" or an "advanced persistent threat." This week's topic of conversation is a combination disaster movie and cat-and-mouse political thriller -- encompassing extreme weather, hacking and political espionage. We're talking security threats to the electric grid with Dr. Paul Stockton, an international security expert based in Washington, DC. Paul is the managing director for...


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