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We love technology! We consume it, depend on it, enrich our lives with it and are slightly obsessive over it. We are just as passionate about Pop Culture, from cinema to music to fashion to the other arts and beyond. Our modern day lifestyles are the intersection of all of these facets, which is why we bring you this Podcast, to 'bant and rant' about the things that we are passionate about, from a British perspective.




EP 021: iPhone Eve

It's iPhone (8) Eve! yet demand seems to be lukewarm! The mobile networks pricing strategies for iPhone X revealed. iPhone X hasn't begun production yet? WTF?! and, cool new features you may have yet to discover about iOS 11. All this and more! --------------- MAIN HOST: Jonathan Wildman SHOW NOTES: iPhone X Pricing: O2 / Vodafone /Carphone Warehouse /EE iOS 11 - What's New Watch OS 4 - What's New iPhone X reportedly suffers another production delay, now slated to start in mid-October

Duration: 01:09:50

EP 020: For The Few, Not The Many

It’s going to get emotional! Jonathan gives his immediate impressions of Apple’s Media Event New Apple Watch Series 3 New Apple TV 4K New iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and what we were all waiting for.. the iPhone X, but at an eyewatering price! Is Apple getting too greedy?!, is this an iPhone only attainable for the few and not the many? --------------- MAIN HOST: Jonathan Wildman SHOW NOTES: Apple Event - Full Keynote Apple Watch Series 3 Apple TV 4K iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus iPhone X

Duration: 01:17:40

EP 019: Conference Clairvoyance

New iPhones , HomePod, new Apple TV and new Apple Watch?! Jonathan gives his predictions on what Apple may have in store for us ahead of their media event at the Steve Jobs Theater scheduled for Tuesday 11th September 2017. --------------- MAIN HOST: Jonathan Wildman SHOW NOTES: Apple's 'Let's meet at our place' event (Fall 2017)

Duration: 00:57:12

EP 018: Panic stations!

It's panic stations at Apple as rumours suggest that the iPhone 8 is not ready for 'prime time' due to issues with its wireless charging and 3D facial scanning features. Also , Samsung to develop a Bixby smart speaker, and Microsoft release amazing software to aid the visually impaired. All this and more! --------------- MAIN HOST: Jonathan Wildman SHOW NOTES: The top products sold across the globe during Amazon Prime Day 'Panic' as Apple works 'feverishly' to fix iPhone 8 bugs ahead of...

Duration: 00:56:22

A Brief Update..

The Intersection Podcast is taking just over a weeklong break while Jonathan is on an early Summer vacation. But fear not! We will be back very soon with more of the latest on the worlds of Tech and Pop Culture!

Duration: 00:00:42

EP 017: HomePod and Chill

It's WWDC 2017! and Apple kick off the Developer's conference announcing WatchOS4 , iOS11, new iMac Pro, new iPad Pros and an entire new product, their Smart Speaker - the HomePod! Jonathan’s impressions of all this and more! --------------- MAIN HOST: Jonathan Wildman SHOW NOTES: Apple Events - WWDC Keynote, June 2017 - Apple iMac Pro - Apple (UK) HomePod - Apple (UK)

EP 016: Farce of the Covenant

Bronson Green joins Jonathan for another episode to discuss the world of cinema… A tribute to the late Sir Roger Moore The pirates of the Internet hold Disney to ransom over ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. Star Wars Episode 8 photoshoot for Vanity Fair Does anyone believe a word that Kathleen Kennedy says?! Thoughts and opinions on Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien: Covenant’. All this and more! --------------- MAIN HOST: Jonathan Wildman GUEST: Bronson Green SHOW NOTES: Cover Story: Star Wars: The Last...

EP 015: We Are NOT Afraid!

Ikea Smart Bulbs to finally support Apple's HomeKit, Alexa and Google Home. BGR publish photos of an actual physical mockup of the next-gen iPhone, and it's the end of the iPad Mini. All this and more! --------------- MAIN HOST: Jonathan Wildman SHOW NOTES: Apple to phase out the iPad mini, no more updates planned Tipping point for Apple Pay as majority of UK tills ... - The Telegraph The world's first look at Apple's final iPhone 8 design in real life - BGR Ikea Smart Lighting

Duration: 00:40:30

EP 014: Stand and Deliver!

Jonathan discusses the official unveiling of Amazon's followup to their Echo, what we know about (and hope for) Apple's forthcoming Siri Speaker and this week's obvious story - the 'ransomware' attack on the NHS. All this and more! --------------- MAIN HOST: Jonathan Wildman SHOW NOTES: Introducing Echo Show | Amazon Nintendo Developing ‘The Legend of Zelda’ Smartphone Game Siri Smart Speaker: Everything We Know | MacRumors Who is to blame for exposing the NHS to cyber-attacks?

Duration: 00:57:12

EP 013: Bringin’ Sexy Back

Jonathan discusses surprising consumer confidence in Samsung after the presales success of the Galaxy S8 -and the Galaxy Note will return?! Microsoft's sexy Surface Laptop to take on Apple's MacBook line, Leaked next-gen iPhone schematics confirm edge to edge display, but where will that Touch ID sensor be?! Forthcoming Apple Siri Speaker to compete with Amazon's Echo, while Echo 2 images leak onto the net, the decline of Apple Watch apps & much more! --------------- MAIN HOST: Jonathan...

Duration: 01:26:08

EP 012: The Fandom Menace

Jonathan returns to the movies and is joined again by resident film aficionado Bronson Green. The pair look forward to Alien Covenant, and review the ’40 Years of Star Wars’ and ‘The Last Jedi ‘panels at LucasFilm’s recent Star Wars Celebration event in Orlando Florida. The two deconstruct the Episode 8 teaser trailer and discuss the state of the franchise and where it seems to be headed. All this and more! --------------- MAIN HOST: Jonathan Wildman GUEST: Bronson Green SHOW NOTES: Alien...

Duration: 01:43:20

Easter 2017

The Intersection Podcast will be taking a short break over the Easter Holiday period. We will be back with the latest in Tech and Pop Culture in just over a week.

Duration: 00:00:22

EP 011: Phone Envy

Jonathan discusses the week’s tech news. The UK Government want more snooping powers following the recent London terror attack and have called a ‘tech summit’. Apple release iOS 10.3 and Mac OS Sierra 10.12.4. Siri to receive contextual intelligence for iOS 11? Samsung launch the Galaxy S8 (woo-hoo!) but plan to refurb the explosive Note 7 (doh!) All this and more! --------------- MAIN HOST: Jonathan Wildman SHOW NOTES: Tech firms prepare for showdown with Government over terrorists' use...

Duration: 01:09:59

EP 010: Cyber Security / Parental Control

Apple release updated iPads and a new Red iPhone 7! Google's 'Uptime' app allows users to watch You Tube videos together while apart. Hackers attempt to extort apple after allegedly compromising millions of iCloud accounts, and Jonathan discusses parental control options in the current generation of gaming consoles. All this and more! --------------- MAIN HOST: Jonathan Wildman SHOW NOTES: Apple iPad (5th Generation) Product RED iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Nintendo Switch Hacked Through Browser...

Duration: 01:09:53

EP 009: It’s Switchmas!

Jonathan gives his impressions after a week with Nintendo Switch. Apple to introduce an iPhone ‘Edition’ model - but it has already been delayed. The CIA are spying on people through their Smart Devices! Disney announce the 5th Indiana Jones movie, IMDB to rate films based on feminist qualities. All of this and more! --------------- All this and more! MAIN HOST: Jonathan Wildman SHOW NOTES: F-rated: IMDb introduces classification system to highlight work by women Netflix to trial...

Duration: 00:55:49

EP 008: Email Lottery

You can now pay for a pint using just your finger at a bar in Camden! - thanks to Brit tech firm Sthaler and FingoPay. Google Home to launch in the UK! Will Apple ditch the lightning port for USB-C in their next generation iPhone? The Nintendo Switch launches in the UK and run an infuriating promotion. --------------- All this and more! MAIN HOST: Jonathan Wildman SHOW NOTES: You can now pay for a pint using just your finger at a bar in Camden Google Home finally has a UK...

Duration: 00:38:49

EP 007: Don’t Call It a Remake

Bronson Green joins Jonathan for this sequel to 'Unnecessary Sequel (E003)' and discusses Hollywood's obsession with endless remakes, reboots and reimaginings of successful films and franchises from our youth. --------------- MAIN HOST: Jonathan Wildman GUEST: Bronson Green SHOW NOTES: Untitled Han Solo Star Wars Story Star Wars Force Friday II Coming September 1, 2017 ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ 2017 CBS TV series: Everything we know so far Eddie Murphy’s ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ TV pilot rejected...

Duration: 01:13:07

EP 006: Rumour Roundup!

Next-Gen iPhone rumours abound!, Apple join Qi Wireless Power Consortium, Caavo’s streaming box to make TV a lot easier, Apple release ‘Planet of the Apps’ and ‘Carpool Karaoke’ trailers - its first original entertainment content., and more Brexit price hikes upon our tech :-( All this and more! (Apologies for the late publication of this episode) --------------- MAIN HOST: Jonathan Wildman SHOW NOTES: Sony Files Patent For New Handheld That Looks A Lot Like A Nintendo Switch Jaguar and...

Duration: 01:32:05

EP 005: While My Wallet Gently Weeps

Jonathan discusses Pinterest’s ‘Lens’ discovery tool, Apple’s new MFI accessory connector, could Apple release an Augmented Reality device this year?, Phone 8 rumours inc iris scanner, facial recognition , a possible £1000 price tag?! Beats X earphones are finally released and could the W1 wireless chip replace Airplay?. All this and more! --------------- MAIN HOST: Jonathan Wildman SHOW NOTES: Search outside the box with new Pinterest visual discovery tools Tim Cook says augmented reality...

Duration: 00:49:58

EP 004: Lost Property

Jonathan loses an AirPod :-( but soldiers on to discuss the Rogue White house staff Twitter account, the #DeleteUber movement and its ramifications, Apple's obscene Q1 2017 profit announced during their Earnings Call, Tim Cook’s very own HomeKit setup and more! --------------- MAIN HOST: Jonathan Wildman SHOW NOTES: Play Nintendo Switch in three UK Cities this February Rogue POTUS Staff (Twitter) Apple earnings call for Q1 2017 Apple Service Pricing for Lost / Damaged AirPods Protection...

Duration: 01:02:51

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