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The Jerusalem Post Frontlines Podcast brings you behind-the-scenes interviews with JPost's top reporters, editors and columnists, as well as special interviews with Israeli experts and politicians to offer insight, commentary and opinion on the biggest stories in Israel.

The Jerusalem Post Frontlines Podcast brings you behind-the-scenes interviews with JPost's top reporters, editors and columnists, as well as special interviews with Israeli experts and politicians to offer insight, commentary and opinion on the biggest stories in Israel.
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The Jerusalem Post Frontlines Podcast brings you behind-the-scenes interviews with JPost's top reporters, editors and columnists, as well as special interviews with Israeli experts and politicians to offer insight, commentary and opinion on the biggest stories in Israel.




Donald Trump and the Jews

In this episode of the JPost Podcast, we talk to the Washington Bureau Chief Michael Wilner about his investigative report on Donald Trump and the Jews. In his article, Wilner sought to resolve the competing narratives of Trump as a Semitophile, whose daughter converted to Judaism and bore him Jewish grandchildren, and Trump as a bigot, who tolerates or even emboldens anti-Semitic voices. Wilner snagged some interesting interviews, including Trump supporter David Duke, a former KKK...

Duration: 00:16:57

Why Starbucks failed in Israel, and only in Israel

It’s an odd point of pride, perhaps, but Israelis take a strange satisfaction in the fact that their country is the only one where Starbucks, the international coffee giant, failed. On social media, when the factoid is raised as part of a clever tourism marketing campaign or even an effort to tempt the company to try its luck in the Holy Land a second time,the reactions are fairly universal. ‘We don’t want you here,’ people seem to say. ‘We make better coffee on our own.’ While the fact...

Duration: 00:16:32

Briefing: King Bibi pulls it together, again

This week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu put an end to a coalition crisis, finding a path to install Avigdor Liberman as his new defense chief. Though the outlines of a deal with Liberman were already in place, Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett threatened to boycott the deal and potentially flee the coalition unless Netanyahu offered him concessions on security-related matters. Bennett had wanted Netanyahu to install a military secretary, who would regularly brief the security...

Duration: 00:03:05

Breifing: Liberman, Trump and fascism

This week, in a dramatic turnaround, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu struck a coalition deal with Yisrael Beytenu, giving its leader Avigdor Liberman the defense portfolio. The serving defense minister, Moshe Ya’alon, resigned even before the deal was finalized, and said he was taking a break from politics altogether, despite Netanyahu offering him the foreign ministry. In his resignation speech, Ya’alon, a former stalwart Netanyahu ally warned of “manifestations of extremism, violence...

Duration: 00:02:47

Briefing: The Democratic showdown on Israel

This past week, Democratic hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders faced off on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in their final debate before Tuesday’s New York primary. Sanders called himself “100 percent pro-Israel,” but also argued that Israel used disproportionate force against the Palestinians, and added that “There comes a time if we are going to pursue justice and peace that we are going to have to say that Netanyahu is not right all of the time.” Clinton responded: “Nobody is...

Duration: 00:03:59

In Trump Vodka’s strange, Israeli afterlife, a kashrut scandal

Over the years, Donald Trump has made an industry of licensing his name to a variety of products, products over which he had no control. Basically, Trump would find a company that already made something and, for a fee or cut of the profits, slap his name on the package. One of those products, Trump Vodka, went out of circulation in 2011 in the US. But the product has had a strange afterlife in Israel. A deal with a local importer, H. Pixel, led to the manufacture and distribution of Trump...

Duration: 00:10:08

Briefing: Nazi Twitter bots, IDF morality, and a secret rescue

This past week, ISIS Terrorists killed 31 people in a shocking, triple attack in Brussels. Belgium’s Jewish community joined the chorus of critics decrying incompetence in the country’s counter-terror apparatus. The community came under attack in May, 2014 in a terrorist shoot-up of the Brussels Jewish museum that killed four, Some Israeli politicians made controversial remarks calling Belgian authorities to task after the attack, which was linked to the Paris shootings in November....

Duration: 00:04:36

Did AIPAC tame the Donald?

If Donald Trump has proved anything this year, it’s that the usual rules of electoral politics don’t apply to him. His uncanny ability to say outrageous things, only to be rewarded at the Republican primary polls, has embarrassed purveyors of conventional political wisdom. But this week, something unusual happened. For some reason, Trump felt compelled to play by the rules—for the most part—when he addressed one organization: The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee. On today’s...

Duration: 00:10:47

Briefing: Nuclear sabotage, and Jews against Trump

This past week, former Mossad chief Meir Dagan passed away. Dagan headed the Mossad from 2002 until 2010. He was best-known for alleged clandestine operations to thwart Iran’s nuclear weapons program. The Mossad under his leadership was also said to have provided the intelligence that led to Israel bombing Syria’s nuclear reactor in 2007 and the assassination of Hezbollah’s Imad Mughniyeh in 2008. In his later years, Dagan became a critic of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying he had...

Duration: 00:03:59

A road by any other name: Umm Kulthum

One way that countries stake out their values and mold their identities is through symbols: monuments, seals, memorials, holidays, and, of course, names. The names we give to cities, the names we give to schools, the names we give to children, and the names we give to our streets. The JPost Podcast is proud to introduce a new segment that looks at the amazing stories, politics, history and identity struggles behind Israel’s street names. We call it “A road by any other name,” and you can...

Duration: 00:12:38

Biden mediating ‘high-stakes game of chicken’ between Obama, Netanyahu

This week, The Veep himself, US Vice President Joe Biden, was in Israel part of a regional trip that includes meetings in the UAE, Jordan, and the Palestinian territories. Against the backdrop of the shaky personal relationship between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama, Biden sought to make headway on a slew of issues such as regional cooperation, enforcing the Iran deal, the battle against ISIS, the fate of the two-state solution and, of course, renewing the...

Duration: 00:07:03

The Spark-up Nation

Israel has developed a reputation around the world as the Start-up Nation, a place where innovation flourishes. But when people talk about Israel’s high-tech, they often overlook that fact that it is quickly becoming a leader in a different kind of “high” tech: Cannabis. The JPost Podcast looks at the latest in the industry.

Duration: 00:08:37

Briefing: Biden, the Oscars and the collapse of the PA

US Vice President Joe Biden will arrive in Israel Tuesday for a two-day visit. Biden will discuss, among other things, the status of a new Memorandum of Understanding spelling out Washington’s security aid to Israel. The current MoU, which expires in 2018, provided some $30 billion worth of military aid, and the final figure for the new MoU is expected to be considerably higher, reportedly near $50 billion. Biden is also expected to discuss how to counter Iran’s destabilizing activities in...

Duration: 00:05:11

Why Iran’s election could (eventually) be a big deal

Last week, Iranians went to the polls, and reportedly elected moderates to represent them in their parliament, the Majlis. But in Iran, nothing is quite as it seems. Moderates may not really be moderates, and bodies such as the Majlis have only limited power. The real power lies with the Supreme Leader. Yet despite the impediments, there’s one reason that the election may end up having an important effect later down the line. Dr. Emily Landau, head of the Arms Control and Regional Security...

Duration: 00:06:09

Weekly Briefing - February 28, 2016

On Wednesday, 30-year-old reserve Captain Eliav Gelman was killed by friendly fire in the midst of a stabbing terror attack at the Gush Etzion junction in the West Bank. The terrorist, who was also shot by Israeli security forces, survived and remained in moderate condition. Palestinian sources identified the assailant as Mamdouh Tousef Amru, a math teacher from the Hebron area. The same day, two Arab food vendors working outside the Old City’s Herod’s Gate were arrested by police after a...

Duration: 00:03:59

Taxicab diplomacy: ‘Soon, we’re going to be the majority’

In today’s episode, we return to Taxicab Diplomacy, the segment in which we talk politics with Israeli cab drivers. Our driver, Oren, is an ultra-Orthodox Jew, and has strong opinions about why the state’s Jewish institutions should adhere to the strictest interpretations. He is also confident that someday, Israel’s democracy will come to adhere more strictly to those rules. Why? Demographics. Today Haredim make up around 10% of the population. By 2059, they’re expected to be over 25%,...

Duration: 00:07:40

Weekly Briefing - February 21, 2016

Introducing the weekly briefing on the JPost Podcast. Each week, the briefing will provide a quick overview of the big stories in Israel to keep you up to date. This past week, Ehud Olmert became the first former Israeli Prime Minister to go to jail. He was convicted on bribery charges in three different cases. One involved issuing permits for the Holyland development in Jerusalem when he was Mayor. Another involved receiving large quantities of cash in envelopes from New York businessman...

Duration: 00:03:41

Who runs the world? Israeli women in tech

The high-tech world has a gender problem. Only 2% of companies listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange have female directors, and just 6% have female CEOs. Israeli women aren’t taking it lying down. At Google’s Campus for Moms, a pre-accelerator for would-be entrepreneurs who recently gave birth, women do course work, refine their business models, learn about fundraising, and sharpen their pitches. The JPost Podcast delves into the problems facing women in tech, and talks about the initiatives...

Duration: 00:07:47

Only in Israel! A Prime Minister Goes to Prison

Ehud Olmert has the dubious honor of becoming Israel’s first Prime Minister to go to prison. Olmert, who was convicted on corruption charges and still has some appeals pending, began a sentence that will last at least 18 months on Monday. In a return of our “Only in Israel” segment, legal affairs correspondent Yonah Jeremy Bob gives us the ins and outs of the case, including a lowdown of the special wing of the prison Olmert will stay in.

Duration: 00:10:09

The Two-state Solution on Life Support

For years, politicians around the world have been warning that the window for achieving a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians was closing, and action was needed. On the right, politicians such as Naftali Bennett have long said the prospects of a two-state solution were finished. Even Thomas Friedman wrote in his most recent New York Times Column that “The peace process is dead” and it was time to “Let the one-state era begin.” This week, Isaac Herzog, the leader of...

Duration: 00:07:52

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