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Jabroni Report E16: The Summer of Slam

We got rumors and news! Who is you favorite masked wrestler? SummerSlam and Take Over card breakdowns. Should their be another SuperStar Shake up?! Check it out now!

Duration: 01:02:46

Jabroni Report E15: Great Balls of Battleground

Tons to catch up on, lots of rumors and news. Who is gonna debut soon? We break down GBOF, and preview BattleGround. What should NJPW do to get more of a western audience? and of course our Question and Jabroni of the week.

Duration: 01:02:11

Jabroni Report E14: MITB Reaction

The guys talk the best wrestler never to a championship. Then go over the rumors and news. They break down the money in the bank card, and complain about the tag division. You also won't guess who the Jabroni of the Week is,

Duration: 00:55:30

Jabroni Report E13: Money in the Bank Prediction Show!

We're back! Talking a little Great Balls of Fire and of course Money in The Bank. Rumors and News! and the question of the week. Don't forget our jabroni of the week, because we totally did.

Duration: 01:02:05

Jabroni Report E12: Extreme Debate

It's been awhile, but the boys are back! So many rumors and so much news! Talking Extreme Rules PPV, Raw Mysteries, and what's WWE's next market? Don't forget about that Jabroni of the week.

Duration: 00:59:22

Jabroni Report E11: BackLash and TakeOver Predictions

Talkin Strowman, Balor, and IC Title! Will and Nathan also go over the Backlash and Takeover cards. Plus the debate the great debate!

Duration: 01:02:51

Jabroni Report E09: Braun Strowman Show (RAW)

The boys are back! The SuperStar Shake Up, and Talking more rumors and news! Braun Strowman is taking over! Who is our Jabroni of the week?

Duration: 00:35:38

Jabroni Report E07: WrestleMania 33 Super Pick Party

Will and Nathan are back! Talking all things WrestleMania 33! Who you got!? Let's go!

Duration: 01:14:33

Jabroni Report E06: March WrestleMadness

Question of the week! News/Rumors Indy card mania weekend guide The upcoming WWE draft and trades Also Nathan picks his Final Four Factions. and don't forget about our Jabroni of the Week!

Duration: 00:43:47

Jabroni Report E04: Fastlane Predictions

Another week, another Jabroni Report! Question of the week, with some C4 talk. The boys go over this week's news and rumors. What is going on with TNA? Fastlane card breakdown, and of the Jabroni of the Week!

Duration: 00:34:44

Jabroni Report E03: Wrestlemania 33 Projecting

Will and Nathan talk wrestle News and Rumors. They go down the projected Wrestlemania 33 card and give their takes on the current storylines going into the event. They also answer the Q of the week! Who is also this week's Jabroni? And much much more!

Duration: 00:45:40

Jabroni Report Ep:01 Debut

Will and Nathan debut a new wrestling podcast! They break down the Rumble and the current storylines that stemmed from that. Get in the conversation now!

Duration: 00:41:35