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Week 11: March 13-March 19, 1993

It's Bodie Week, apparently! Back in 1993, Little Jed mostly talks about the actions and misadventures of Bodie the parakeet. Meanwhile, in 2018, Jedediah & Torrey discuss how the past is prologue, how many orgasms a man can have in his life, and how to keep a secret record of how much you’ve been masturbating. DISCLAIMER: We talk about masturbating in this one.


Week 10: March 6-March 12, 1993

Torrey & Jedediah try to figure out “What’s the point?” by way of Kierkegaard, Quantum Leap, and carpometacarpal arthritis. A voicemail from Josey and a phone call with Matt make Jed truly question his perception of events. Torrey admits to being insufficiently thankful.


Week 09: February 27-March 5, 1993

Get ready for a wide-ranging discussion this week, covering topics as diverse as the birth and death of cells, the creation and loss of teeth, millennials, the Pinewood Derby, self-loathing, the number 13, and a new #1 song in America. A classmate of Jedediah & Torrey’s calls in to shed some light on a question from last week, and Little Jed wastes the rest of his Winter Break before heading back to school and taking a bath.


Week 08: February 20-26, 1993

It’s Winter Break in 1993, and Little Jed isn’t dealing with it well. Torrey’s mom Sandy calls in to corroborate Torrey’s theory, and Jedediah calls his brother Josey to corroborate farts.


Week 07: February 13-19, 1993

We finally make contact with the elusive Mrs. Waring! She gives us some insights into the mind and motivations of a 12-year-old. Joining Jedediah and Torrey for this episode is the oft-mentioned Matt, and together they tackle topics like sleepovers (which there’s a lot of talk about this week), alarm clocks (are red or blue ones more disruptive?), The Incredible Crash Dummies (the toys, not the band), Little Jed’s 12th birthday party (which happened 25 years ago today despite it being...


Week 06: February 6-12, 1993

Another week, another computer game. But first, Lily Sloane of podcast A Therapist Walks Into a Bar calls in with a question regarding imagined audiences, to which Jedediah has an unsatisfying answer. Back in 1993, Little Jed gets a haircut, beats TWO computer games, finishes a book, watches a Spaniel win the Westminster Dog Show, enjoys some friend-penned MacGyver comics, and wears a great (???) t-shirt. Along the way, some surprising and questionable revelations come about regarding the...


Week 05: January 30-February 5, 1993

I hope you like baths as much as Jedediah does, because this episode’s full of them. Along the way, we learn more about Torrey, receive a normal phone call and a mysterious phone call, and watch little Jed beat computer game after computer game (in between baths). Theme song: Marshall York. Artwork: Torrey Paquette. Pizza: House of Pizza.


Week 04: January 23-29, 1993

Torrey takes a whack at introducing the show but Jedediah isn’t having it. After some corrections, clarifications, and education, they dig into the diary, and THIS week, things get… dark. Little Jed engages in some problematic nomenclature, refuses to believe in himself, consumes an unsatisfying dessert, sucks at magic, and levels a troubling accusation at his classmates. Also! We now have a tip-line! Call and leave a message at 802-851-9578, and tell us all your hopes and dreams. Artwork...


Week 03: January 16-22, 1993

This week, Jedediah & Torrey call Matt (the third point in 1993’s tiny friendship triumvirate) and reminisce about icicles and elementary school. A new babysitter enters the arena, and is able to shed some light on a perplexing naming discrepancy. Meanwhile, in the diary, Little Jed beats Loom, but gives up on King’s Quest 6. Little Torrey makes his first appearance; modern day Torrey solves a 25-year-old rebus. And our heroes dig into a few extracurriculars – music and martial arts....


Week 02: January 9-15, 1993

This week, we may close the case of Where Did The Diary Come From, but the diary itself is just beginning to open, and it feels like we’re further than ever from figuring out the WHY. Jedediah & Torrey explore topics from strangulation to secret gardens, and talk to a few more people from little Jed’s little life. Listener, you’re in for a VERY “exelerating” experience. The artwork? Torrey Paquette. That theme song? Marshall York. The best listeners around? Look in a mirror……….. it you.


Week 01: January 2-8, 1993

1993 is off to a thrilling start as Jedediah & Torrey dig into the diary for the very first time. Video games are played, family members are insulted, and absolutely no attention whatsoever is paid to current events. Who is Aunt Edna? What swear-words begin with E? And WHERE did the diary come from? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Questions? Answers?? Email us at or tweet at us at @TheJedediaries on Twitter dot com. Theme song by Marshall York!


Week 0: December 31, 1992

In this brief introductory mini-episode, Jedediah and Torrey explain what The Jedediaries is. (It's a podcast about Jed [who is 37 years old today] reading through his diary from 25 years ago [when he was 12].) So smash that Subscribe button and hold on 2 ur butts. Music: "Colocate" by Podington Bear -


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