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The Real Deal on Charlottesville + Comedian Shang Debates Black Lives Matter vs. Alt-Right

http://jlptalk.com Jesse lays out what really happened in Charlottesville, including reports from Ford Fischer. THEN GUEST: Comedian Shang tells why he’s liberal, discusses “police brutality,” Black Lives Matter, and the Alt-Right.

Duration: 00:53:59

Black Guy Says Trump Is NOT a Good Man Because He Sins, But Can’t Admit He Himself Sins

http://jlptalk.com Black caller Ryan from Connecticut tells Jesse to re-think his belief that President Donald Trump is a good man, because he’s committed adultery, supposedly not paid his debts, and the caller accuses Trump of worshipping money. The caller says everyone sins every day “according to the Bible” (so the caller says), but then says he doesn’t sin on purpose, then says he doesn’t sin, then he says everybody sins.

Duration: 00:11:27

Should Cops Step in to Stop Leftist Violence Even When Told to Stand Down? #Charlottesville

http://jlptalk.com James fills in for Jesse: Caller Rick of Utah is upset at police standing down, he calls it dereliction of duty like in the military, that police should follow their conscience and stop wicked violence of leftist rioters who attack good people and others, and destroy property. Obama, the Dept. of Justice, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and others have all gotten away with destruction, and it’s not just city councils, police chiefs, mayors and governors, but also the people.

Duration: 00:11:36

Feminist Professor Explains to James Franco: Abortion Means the WOMAN is GOD.

http://jlptalk.com Hollywood Updates: Actor James Franco looks at pro-abortion professor like she’s crazy: The woman is god. Taylor Swift wins $1 judgment against DJ who allegedly groped her and tried (and failed) to counter-sue her.

Duration: 00:10:32

Charlottesville Happened Because Whites Never Stood Up As They Should Have

http://jlptalk.com Jesse reports about Charlottesville, VA, riots: Unite the Right rally (Alt-Right, etc.) shut down by police after Antifa and Black Lives Matter attacked them and they fought back. A woman was killed after a white man drove his car into a crowd. President Trump condemned hatred on many sides, and called for love and respect (Obama only called out the right, and white “racism”). Va. Gov. Terry McAuliffe and the media condemned “white supremacists and Nazis” but said nothing...

Duration: 00:11:14

An0maly for Trump: Bernie Was a Letdown; Just No to Hillary. @LegendaryEnergy

http://jlptalk.com Hip hop artist An0maly (http://legendary.vision) joins Jesse to talk about his trap music song for Bernie Sanders (who let him down), his support for President Donald Trump, his vote for Jill Stein, and his lack of support for Hillary. Then Jesse reports about Trump vs. North Korea, and two ladies go after each other about service to the country and being a child of God vs. a heathen.

Duration: 00:53:59

Ashley Judd Is an Unhappy Woman; Don’t Pay Her Any Compliments! #NastyWoman

http://jlptalk.com Ashley Judd went on Facebook Live twice at an airport, insulted that a male employee called her “sweetheart” twice, complimented her nice dress, and TOUCHED her!

Duration: 00:11:26

.@RichardBSpencer Denies 'Identity Politics' Hurt Blacks; Is Christianity the White Man's Religion?

http://jlptalk.com Guest Richard Spencer of http://AltRight.com and http://NPIAmerica.org says that Identity Politics are NOT what hurt the black community. Blacks were doing better under white supremacy, but Jesse calls it Christianity, but Richard says Christianity is today a WHITE version of Christianity. He is an atheist, but culturally Christian. He answers questions about his wife, his father and mother, and mentions the attacks on his family by people who hate him for his beliefs and...

Duration: 00:54:02

If Stereotype of 'Hardworking Hispanics' is Wrong, Is Stereotype of 'Lazy Blacks' Wrong Too? #Racism

Hispanics Blacks Work Lazy Racism Anger Judgment

Duration: 00:10:46

Dirty Woman Maxine Waters Misleads Blacks Through Anger and Lies. #NastyWoman #TRUMP #MAGA

http://jlptalk.com Dirty woman Rep Maxine Waters (D-CA) appeared on The View and defended leaks of the Trump administration because she hates a real man like Donald Trump. She hates truth. She’s misleading blacks like other false black leaders, and doing it through anger and lies. She doesn’t want Trump to Make America Great Again. She hates good.

Duration: 00:08:21

Are Hispanics Hard Workers or Just Faking It?

http://jlptalk.com Caller Esther of AZ identifies with her Hispanic culture and takes great pride in it, she’s bilingual. Jesse says that Hispanics have developed a reputation of, not all, but most, lying, cutting corners, and stealing even from their good, fair employers.

Duration: 00:11:03

Blacks Need FATHERS, Not “Education.”

http://jlptalk.com Caller Justin of St. Louis appreciates Jesse telling the truth. He says blacks need education — then they can become good parents, etc. But Jesse says that’s backwards. Before anything else, black children need their father and mother married in the home, loving them in the right way. Education is important but not number one.

Duration: 00:10:30

Democrats Don’t Want to Make America Great Again, Only TRUMP & His Supporters Do

http://jlptalk.com Jesse reports about BOND Men’s Forum (men are weak and under attack), then points out that Trump is the only one who cares about America enough to make America great again, sending the illegals back, protecting us from the Muslims who want to kill us, bringing back jobs, lowering taxes and restrictions on business, but the Democrats and RINOs don’t want America to be made greater again.

Duration: 00:10:36

Black Liberal @JamesFormanJr Talks Parents, Religion, & His Book on Blacks 'Locking Up Our Own'

http://jlptalk.com Jesse interviews black liberal lawyer & professor James Forman, Jr. (JamesFormanJr.com), son of a late “Civil Rights” leader, about family, parents, anger, Christianity, atheism, and his book “Locking Up Our Own: Crime and Punishment in Black America.” Jesse says racism doesn’t exist, and they disagree. Jesse wants blacks to be moral and return to fathers and family. Forman disagrees that blacks are immoral, then he won’t answer whether America was immoral during...

Duration: 00:54:01

Stephen Miller Calls Out CNN Liberal Jim Acosta: Immigration Hurts Black Americans

http://jlptalk.com live M-F 6-9am PT / 9-noon ET. 888-775-3773 Our immigration policies of the last decades has HURT Black Americans especially. White House advisor Stephen Miller called out CNN’s Jim Acosta for crying about it and pushing liberal policies that hurt blacks.

Duration: 00:11:21

It’s Time for Whites to Stand Up on Their Own and Speak the Truth to Blacks

http://jlptalk.com Caller Vaughn from Philadelphia says that it’s a shame whites only feel emboldened to speak about blacks by standing with other blacks. They should tell the truth on their own and not worry about the false accusations of “racism” (which doesn’t even exist).

Duration: 00:09:53

Black Bachelorette Ushers in Fake Racism and MESS to Destroy Soul of Honest White Man (NAACP=KKK)

http://jlptalk.com Call-in: 888-775-3773 M-F 6-9am PT. Hit TV show The Bachelorette has its first black bachelorette, and of course the liberals use her to create fake “racism” and “misogyny” claims against a white man who generally tells the truth, rightly comparing NAACP to the KKK, and saying most feminists are unattractive, and other things.

Duration: 00:11:01

Black Woman Says It’s Not Your Place to Judge Women Who Get Abortions

http://jlptalk.com Black woman Tatiana of Michigan says it’s not Jesse’s place to judge women who get abortions, who kill their babies in the womb. Jesse points out she’s judging Jesse, and it’s downhill from there.

Duration: 00:10:24

Lockwood: George Soros Pushes Islamic Balkanization of America/Europe. JESSE: THANK GOD I’M AMERICAN

http://jlptalk.com Regular contributor guest Bill Lockwood explains that George Soros and others promote the Balkanization of Europe and America through turning them Muslim via refugees and uncontrolled immigration. The Prime Minister of Hungary said as much and called it treason. Jesse is grateful that he is an AMERICAN. Not “African American” — he’s “black as the Ace of Spades,” born on a plantation, but 100% AMERICAN.

Duration: 00:53:59

Former Democrat Woman Voter Says Liberals Take God Out of Everything

http://jlptalk.com Former Democrat Woman Voter Says Liberals Take God Out of Everything. Caller Roxanne from Houston area relates to Jesse in that she used to be a Democrat and fall for the lies. She had head knowledge but not heart knowledge. She didn’t know God truly before.

Duration: 00:08:11

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