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Jimmy and Luke discuss the week's biggest issues... if they turn up at all!

Jimmy and Luke discuss the week's biggest issues... if they turn up at all!
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Jimmy and Luke discuss the week's biggest issues... if they turn up at all!




JL102: Half Birthday

Jimmy and Luke's 102nd episode is here- but Jimmy is absent! -Cian fills in for ill Jimmy -It's Luke's half-birthday -Luke and Cian are on an airplane (apparently) -Ba+Na Squared -Michael and Johnny and Shane and Pablo and... -Loads more fun stuff! VISIT JIMMYANDLUKE.INFO for more information about the show!

Duration: 00:30:08

JL101: Blocking The Sink

Hey! Hey there! Yes, you! You over there! Yeah! Hey, thanks for downloading our podcast! Yeah, that was really cool! Join us as we discuss the following topics and more: - The Oscars 2014: Ellen hosts, 12 Years wins, Twitter crashes. - Adele Dazheem performs 'Let It Go' - Luke brings us some pretty boring 'funny news stories' - Beware The Horror Ghost premieres to audience appraisal - Late Night with Seth Meyers Reviewed Note: 'Blocking The Sink' is a reference to the original working...

Duration: 00:18:51

JL100: Days of Future Podcast

For their monumental 100th episode, Jimmy & Luke proudly present an epic tale of time travel, vengeance, podcasting, friendship and music. PREVIOUSLY ON THE JIMMY AND LUKE SHOW: Episode 1 was deleted Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 (Update on 6) Episode 8 Episode 9 (our week off) Big Listen Parts 1-6 Episode 16: Katniss If You Can Episode 17: Assembly Time Episode 18: Everybody Wants A Black Widow Episode 19: Nick Furious Episode 20: The Finale (See you in...

Duration: 00:27:08

JL99: Episode One Was Deleted

And so it begins... The 99th episode of The Jimmy & Luke Show has finally arrived, with hilarious recreations of all the Oscar Best Picture nominations, a preview of this year's ceremony, an exclusive interview with Cian in which he discusses his newly invented time machine and the world premiere of the Beware The Horror Ghost theme song. JL100: Days of Future Past will be released in the next few days and is guaranteed to be unforgettable. Stay tuned!

Duration: 00:20:54

JL98: The Last Supper

JL98 is here! Join us for our penultimate double-number episode as we bid a temporary farewell to our table, discuss Valentine's Day two weeks early and talk about loads more fun stuff! We'll be recording Episode 99 on Google Hangouts towards the end of February, and you can find out exactly when (and how to listen) by visiting our Facebook and Twitter pages!

Duration: 00:19:28

JL97: Walkie and Talkie

JL97 is here! Join Jimmy and Luke for a brief episode during which they wander around a University campus and get into all sorts of muddles! Episode 98 will be released the weekend after Valentine's Day, with Episode 99 being a live Google Hangout a few weeks later! Check out our Social Media sites, on Twitter, Faevoobk, Tmbulr and Pniterest!

Duration: 00:16:25

JL96: Batman vs Super Bowl

JL96 is here! Join us for a news-packed episode! - Super Bowl 2014: Seahawks win! - Jesse Eisenberg and Jeremy Irons join 'Batman vs Superman' - Transformers and Cap2n America debut new trailers- Luke reenacts them - RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman - We debut posters and a trailer for JL100! @jimmylukeshow #jimmyandluke

Duration: 00:30:37

JL95: Park Life

JL95 is online! Join us as we discuss RoboCop, Non-Stop, Beware The Horror Ghost posters and much more!

Duration: 00:24:34

JL92: No Oscar For Isaac

JL92 is here! Join us for a fun-filled episode of YOUR favourite podcast! - The Oscar nominations are out! Nom Nom Nom... - FIRE! FIRE! (This time we're prepared) - We take a stroll - Heeeeeeeeere's JOHNNY!

Duration: 00:30:04

JL91: Xtasy

JL91 has arrived! Join us for more podcasting fun! - We're back one day after JL90! - We play F*ck, Marry, Kill - The A-Z of Movies We Can Think Of Fast - The A-Z of Foreign Language Words - We'll be back on Friday!

Duration: 00:22:42

JL90: GoldieLock

JL90 is here! Join us for a special episode in which we discuss Sunday night's Sherlock season finale and Golden Globe awards!

Duration: 00:22:25

JL87: Review of the Year 2013

Finally, the shitty year that was two thousand and thirteen is coming to a close, and what better way to ring in the sure-to-be-even-worse 2014 than by listening to your favourite mediocre podcast?! Join Jimmy, Luke and (for a rare treat) Cian as they count down Luke's list of the best movies, tv, music and books, and the biggest news stories of the year that was. See you all in 2014, and get excited for our 100th Episode- coming soon! Get all the INFO you need about the show at...

Duration: 00:22:09

JL86: Merry Christmas!

Jimmy and Luke's Christmas special for 2013 has arrived! There will be more episodes released on December 27th and New Year's Eve! Merry Christmas!

Duration: 00:37:23

JL85: Oh Magnificent Smaug! Your Greatness Is Undescribable!

JL85 is here! Join us as we discuss The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Christmas and much more! Our next episode will be released on Christmas Day, and there will be more on December 27 and New Year's Eve!

Duration: 00:23:40